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  1. So I have seen in the news a bit lately about the change of fuel in NSW that's happening - replacing 91 with 94? Seems a lot of what I'm hearing is leaning towards a bit of corruption regarding the main supplier or something like that. How will this affect people regarding ethanol in fuels (is that even an issue?) And such things as cars designed for 91 getting too much compression (pre-ignition?) Or is the change not really an issue? Questions questions questions...
  2. Clockwork

    Sport Wagon?

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but.. huh? http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/profiles-datsun-240z-sport-wagon/ Ill just get back into my 2+2 now.. (and pretend it works)
  3. Clockwork

    Fish Oil Before Stoneguard - Unorthodox?

    Yeah similar to Dave, my father in law does a lot of boat stuff and will always spray fish oil, but only inside/cavities etc. If it still let's the stone guard adhere, can't hurt to do both
  4. Clockwork

    Wanted: 260Z 2+2 Fuel Tank

    Yeah my 7/74 2+2 has no reservoir tank.
  5. Clockwork

    Fuel Tank Ventline Nla

    I dunno why eBay slips off my radar sometimes... I ended up finding marine fuel line was the only thing I could get that fitted.
  6. Im Joel, hailing from Hobart. Thought I'd best introduce myself finally, have posted a few posts, but want to become one of the family so to speak. Im also learning a lot as i go, so if i say something stupid or miss something silly, let me know please So, about 15 years ago while in college, when I lived up on the North West coast (Devonport), a few of us went to see my friends dads car. I had no idea what a Z was at that stage, saw this thing and thought - That would be awesome! Anyway, skip forward a decade or so, friends come and go, I always thought about Zeds, but was never really in the position to own one... In recent years I got back in touch with my old school buddy - we were all pretty close back then, so it was nice to rekindle an old friendship. After an unfortunate event (my old and new again friends father passed away ), we were chatting over dinner one night, and she remembers a conversation from 15 years previous - "Do you remember when you first saw the zed, saying if it was ever for sale, to give you a call?" "yesss..." "You still interested?" "Yes?" (brain just fried) "cool!" "&*^$*@" and here we are This is a veeery slow project so bare with me (my partner and I also just bought a 22 foot huon pine boat, so add that to my partners ke38 corolla we just restored plus looking for property to buy (first home), my partner just finishing her Masters and starting work, we have a bit on our plate..) Following are some pictures. The few hours driving it home, we realised the main petrol breather was cracked and had to fix that, at 2pm on a saturday at a sleeeeepy country town, then we hit a slice of metal something on the road and wrecked a brand new tyre (literally less than 200km on it), which lead to meeting this old guy who had some really rare spec XY falcon - after we realised the spare was basically rusted into the spare wheel cavity, got stopped by a bunch of cows, and may have stopped at a winery or two.. Currently: trying to figure out fuel issues :- - i rebuilt the carbs as they were a bit leaky (i think i got two different jets though, one seems to richen twice as quick as the other when i turn each flat - will have to investigate that). - fixed a manifold leak - i think my fuel pump is screwed (in one of the pics, it seems newer, and someone has hacked a couple of the screws so i cant pull it apart easily) - i figure they are only meant to have a one way valve? well, mine goes both ways and im having issues getting fuel to the float bowls - it may be a slight line blockage though. Ill see if the electronic pump im putting in will help. - I also added a regulator, as after rebuilding carbs I was finding they were flooding, so figured getting too much pressure through the lines, whihc seemed to sort that. its had a bit of work done in the past - rust removed and resprayed (Mitsubishi passion red so the can says), and the interior (door cards and seats) are far worse than the pics show.
  7. Not sure if its been put up already... http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/invermay/cars-vans-utes/1965-datsun-fairlady-coupe/1094980369 1965 Datsun Fairlady Coupe $25,000.00 Rare opportunity to purchase this unique vehicle. 1.6L, 4 cylinder with twin carbies. 2 door soft top convertible. sports steeringwheel, custom dash alloy wheels a real head turner! On phone so no pics sorry.
  8. Clockwork

    260Z Head Gasket

    Nah I don't think I know anyone with an Alfa. I'm in Hobart itself, not sure where u are? I was going to take my head in to Phil Young in norchy but your guy sounds pretty good too. If u haven't come across him and aren't going to do any tuning yourself, damian dransfield on gormanston ct is the goto imo. He is the most recommended person I've come across I think. Will probably try and talk u into putting on webers or something tho Also, with your road worthy, if you find it hard to get parts or are a bit worried about something not passing, talk to mick Williams down at the dover bp, he races zeds (business partner rod races escorts and both are into a few other cool rides) and does road worthies too. Actually, another guy on here - wogsrus, may b the person u are thinking of. I remember he mentioned alfas to me once.
  9. Clockwork

    260Z Head Gasket

    Hey, I just bought a VRS gasket set from sparco near KnD in Hobart. Price was reasonable enough I thought. Dunno about quality tho, but they are reputable enough so I'm satisfied
  10. Clockwork

    Su Idle And Tuning Problems

    It looks like u may be having similar issues to me. If the car is dieing when you put the unisyn on the rear carb, then it is too rich (less air flow more fuel, flooding). Looking at your float levels, the rear is quite a bit higher than the front, also indicating flooding (fuel sitting in the jet too high). Try unscrewing the rear richness a bit. That last clip of the float thingy (very correct term...) could be the issue too though. From what I understand, fuel pump should regulate to give consistency between carbs, so one shouldn't get more fuel than the other, but if the pump is putting too much PSI through then it CAN just affect one carb (I'm not sure if a blockage can do the same thing? Maybe blocking off the front forcing more fuel to the rear?)
  11. Clockwork

    Red Back Spiders In Garage

    My latest first aid renewal (a few weeks ago) say the way to deal with snake bites now is to initially bandage the bitten area (an inch or so on either side), then cut that, and start from the bottom of the limb - fingers/toeas and work up as far as possible (if ur bitten on the torso, then good luck). and yes, then minimal movement due to venom travelling up the lymphatic system. you can freak out as much as possible, ur heart can beat at 200bpm (probably resulting in a heart attack, but hey, at least the venom didnt get you), just dont move. you have to be careful with torniquets that you dont apply it too tightly, resulting in build up of other toxins spreading and killing you when its removed. best thing you can get is a snake bandage (around 25-30$), which has a rectangle in another colour every 100mm or so, when you stretch it out, it forms a square, letting you now how tight to make it - worth every cent imo. i always have one with me, but we only have to deal with slow ass tigers and copperheads down here . also use this method for funnel web and mouse spider bites. Red backs = cold compress
  12. Ah, one of my carbs looks like it needs a bit of rekitting, float definitely, started spurting fuel everywhere, couldn't seem to adjust fuel mixture to get it to stop. Noticed a couple of missing springs on one of the chokes to, and a couple of random bitsa screws instead of the real deal. Think I'll send em up to that guy in launnie to get a full work over. Hate the idea of fuel falling directly onto a hot exhaust...
  13. ugh, just sent away for some BCH to test em out, accidentaly ordered BAX, but what turns up - BAW :S BAW sit in between BBK and BCH so will stick em in anyway and have a feel.
  14. Clockwork

    Why are the early Celica's so cheap!?

    And that's only the middle range ST model? My first car was an TA22, thought it was the beez neez. Speaking of corollas, my GFs mint KE38 wagon gets more looks than my Z. Makes me sad. Shannon's value it at 3k, but lucky to see 2k on sales.
  15. Clockwork

    Spotted tas

    Another 2+2