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  1. Selling an exhaust from a L28 that was in a 2+2 Unsure of the originality, though the muffler does look to be aftermarket (photo attached) Used condition, however has no leaks and sounds great, only selling due to an engine swap. It comes with an N36 header (photo of stamp attached) with 1.5 inch front pipes into a 2 inch exhaust pipe. Tail pipe is 6cm and muffler is from Super Cat Asking $150 ONO Cash (welcome to offers) Location is just outside Canberra, near bungendore If more photos or details are needed just ask! Cheers
  2. jthompson165

    Rb26 260Z Build

    Very productive day today, took the rest of the running gear out as well as all suspension, moustache bar, sway bars and control arms. Now a complete shell !! Luckily the previous owner must have done the control arms before as the bolts came out with a little encouragement from the hammer, so the plasma cutter remained unused unlike many other builds I've read about! All parts are off to be cleaned and powder coated, going to look very clean!! Next step is cleaning the floors to see how much welding will be needed
  3. jthompson165

    Rb26 260Z Build

    I've bought the motor, it's waiting at a mates place. I'm gonna clean everything up before I think about throwing the motor in, Yea I've already bought an Rb25 gearbox with heavy duty clutch, still need to check the diff to check if it's an R180 or R200, also will probably need a custom drive shaft! All fun and games hahahaha it's got the N42 stamp on it other than that I'm really not to sure about it or it's history! I'm interested now, I could send more photos if you would like some!! Cheers guys will keep with the updates!
  4. jthompson165

    Rb26 260Z Build

    Thought I would share the process of my project! Just took the old L28 out and have been preparing the interior for some new sound deadener! Next step are brakes, coil overs and a full set of new bushings. End result having a Rb26 powered 260z!!
  5. jthompson165

    Basket Case 260 Two Seater

    Yours isn't the white Z outside Bungendore is it??
  6. Does anyone know what the required tail shaft length is for an rb26 with rb25 tranny in a datsun 260z 2+2?? Also any shops in NSW that does a good job (if it needs to be a custom job). Cheers!
  7. jthompson165

    L28 Selling Price?

    Im swapping my L28 engine out for a rb26 and planning on selling the L28 to raise some funds for the build. It has twin SU carbs, N42 head and F54 block. It would also come with the auto tranny. There's nothing that has been wrong with it for the 2 years i've had it and its been serviced regularly. What kind of price range should I sell this for? assuming what most stock L28's are like now a days. As well as anything else that is worth any money coming from the stock engine bay. Cheers
  8. jthompson165

    Rb26Dett Swap 260Z Vs 260Z 2+2

    Thank you thats a big help! I've already bought a Rb26 with twins. Managed to get a deal I couldn't pass up so I guess that answers those questions haha! Still deciding whether to stick with the twins or a larger single as well as how much power I really want to get out of it. Big thanks again!
  9. jthompson165

    Rb26Dett Swap 260Z Vs 260Z 2+2

    Hi guys, i've been looking around but couldn't really find anything specifically on 2+2 engine swaps with an Rb26. Its going to be a long project with the goal of being able to drive legally on the streets and maybe the occasional track. Ive currently got a 1975 260z 2+2 with a L28 with twin SU carbs and an auto transmission. The plan is to completely swap the engine out for an Rb26, convert to manual (not sure of what transmission will work) and upgrade everything that needs to be upgraded with the added horsepower... (Breaks, diff etc.) The problem is there are a few posts on 260z coupes doing this but little on 2+2's specifically. I'm not sure of the differences between the 2 when it comes to certain parts, and what can work on a 260 that cant on a 2+2. Sorry for the vagueness, just trying to get an idea of the important factors before I get to specifics. Cheers, Jordan
  10. jthompson165

    Red to Silver

    It took a lot of time and patience. Some skills needed (knowing how to heat the vinyl and shape it around bends etc.)
  11. jthompson165

    Red to Silver

    My father is a sign writer who owns his own business and does many things like this, he also supplied the wrap of all colours including the carbon fibre- the brand of that i do not know. No as it was a home job and its cost was around $800 for all expenses. (We could print the Red on a special printer at work) the silver was what cost the most out of everything.
  12. jthompson165

    Red to Silver

    Completely rewrapped my datsun 260z, she looks 100%. Colours are Brushed steel and Candy apple red racing stripes with carbon fibre door handles, fuel door and rear light panel.
  13. jthompson165

    Rego rules

    Hi guys I'm a but curious about the rules with the rear bumper bar and if you need it to pass rego in the ACT. Cheers!!
  14. jthompson165

    New car wrap

    After fixing all the rust and any exterior issues I've decided to give my car a new colour. Ive gone with a Brushed steel texture. Luckily my dad does these kind of things as a job so Im pretty confident in my new assignment. Ive already done the bonnet as well as the scoop, both fenders and front light brackets. Hopefully its gone turn out nice and clean!!!
  15. jthompson165

    Race opportunities Canberra

    Not quite what i had in mind