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  1. CBR Jeff

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Gee and I thought "B is for build" was a comedy. I watch some of them but view them as if he is John Cleese. Although I do find what he is doing to otherwise good condition cars rather disturbing. Jeff
  2. CBR Jeff

    OS Giken super lock LSD

    The WPC process is a surface treatment not a coating. It’s the same/similar a shot peening. Good for use in motorsport and or high load applications. Don’t think you would get the diff centre done you may think about the crown wheel and pinion. Jeff
  3. CBR Jeff

    What nice door mirrors are about?

    I have a selection of mirrors but will be fitting a pair of Brock Racing mirrors to my car. Practical and effective. I fitted them recently and they look good. I have had them for ages and had forgotten about them until recently. https://www.bre2.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=B&Product_Code=020A04&Category_Code=bre_datsun_accessories Jeff
  4. CBR Jeff

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    The Singer of the Datsun world. Very nice. DI EFI by the looks of it, interesting. Jeff
  5. CBR Jeff

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Sounds nice! Everyone is using old Datsun’s to sell their business. Will only help prices go up. Jeff
  6. CBR Jeff


    Its a V8!!! I know how to fix you clearance problems. Jeff
  7. CBR Jeff

    Jeff's 240z build

    An update, and not before time. The plan when I purchased my Z was to spent the days when work was a bit slow in the shed tinkering. But the last two years have been fairly constant and hence I have not been able to spend the time I had hoped working on the car. Today (this week) was a bit different. I managed to condense 5 days’ work into 4 and spent today in the shed. Lots of sanding and stuffing around with door gaps that culminated in (as it was quire warm) another coat of primer on the doors and guards. Also on the list was to finish off the inner guards mud guards. The old original rubber flaps are no more and I was not excited by how Nissan originally mounted them. So I cut some rubber and made the new flaps. Made an aluminium plate with nut certs drilled the holes and mounted the rubber on the back side of the guard. It’s getting there. I’m just glad it’s a small car. I cannot imagine the effort involved with a high end body prep for a big Merican car… Old Rocky was a big help today supervising! He had his 13th birthday recently. Jeff
  8. CBR Jeff

    Paul's 1977 260Z

    Looks ok in the end Paul. The best way to learn is from our mistakes and believe me I have learnt a lot over the years.. As has been said before some of the worst things to repair are the man made ones. Guess the car is still on the rotisserie? Jeff
  9. CBR Jeff

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Thats not good... Jeff
  10. Yup im a gumby and its been a long week....... Jeff
  11. Very different destinations for two cars that started life together.. Jeff
  12. Yep The details are a little different Perth car is 106468 11th month and the Tas car is 106463 10th month
  13. CBR Jeff

    EFI Books - Recommendations

    Rob I cannot recommend a particular book as all of my engines over the years have been tuned by people who knew much more that I do and did it for a living. However I do remember a long time ago when I was studying that we had a text about engine maths. It was about 35 years ago and cannot remember the title etc but it was an intriguing book that covered all of the mathematics involved with the internal combustion engine. A chapter or so was dedicated to combustion, the air fuel ratio and carburation. I do remember we did some equations calculating fuel volume required for a swept volume at different rpm. It would be much simpler now with modern EFI systems as you can now program the time based on the size and flow of an injector and get the exact fuel input. So based on your comments maybe a good engine maths book would be a good place to start to understand the process. Then the programing of the black box and the injectors should be simpler to understand. Jeff
  14. CBR Jeff

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    bit of droop......... Long travel 240?