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  1. CBR Jeff

    Mca! Have You Used? Experience?

    What Dave said.......^^ Jeff
  2. CBR Jeff

    New 240Z Door Shells

    Wonder whats next? Bonnets now doors...... Jeff
  3. CBR Jeff

    Classic car bubble

    I think the classic car market has been driven more by low interest rates and tax minimisation. That aside a correction in the markets or house prices would have a negative effect on the classic car market. As Gav said all asset markets are connected and basically unpredictable. Jeff
  4. Gee I hope the price if for 4 wheels? Love this comment! Jeff
  5. Happy to be corrected but I don’t think any of the Bride seats are ADR approved. Don’t think many aftermarket seats are. A good mate had all sorts of problems last year with Sparco seats in his car (1600). They were not ADR approved. The officer who stopped him was so excited he was vibrating when he looked at the seats knowing they were not ADR approved defected the car. Then he went all over the car as in his words “what else have you changed?”. Was a complete pain, and cost him a fortune. I haven’t gone into it fully but I would assume thet to ADR compliant you would need to submit paperwork to Infrastructure Australia for approval. Then you can display the sticker, much like Australain Standards approvals. Jeff
  6. They look good but just like the Kameari seats my bumb is too big . And they are not ADR approved. Jeff
  7. Dave have you looked at the other Velo offerings? The Milano was the perfect seat. I have been thiking about the GP90 seats but have not done the maths to see how well they will fit with the larger dimensions. Being ADR compliant is a big selling point for the Velo seats from my point of view. Jeff.
  8. CBR Jeff

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Wow.............$$$$$$$$$$$$ Jeff
  9. CBR Jeff

    Engine mounts

    Your local is just slack. It’s because they need to go back to the old system. Don’t forget the S30 Nissan parts manual is available in the donating members page. You can get all the part numbers there, if you are a donating member……….plug. Jeff
  10. CBR Jeff

    Where to buy new spindle pins

    Your parts man might be an ex bank employee and is gouging you? It might help that out local man is the owner of two early Z cars. Jeff
  11. CBR Jeff

    Jeff's 240z build

    A serious lack of time spent working on the Z over the last few weeks. Quite a bit of travel for work and a major project at home have slowed things down. We had new facia and gutters installed at home so I had to remove an old pergola. Then once the gutters were installed Rocky and I built a new pergola using groove tube steel so it should last a long time. Roof needs to be installed in the next week or so then I can get back to the Z with lots of brownie points in the bag. Jeff
  12. CBR Jeff

    Where to buy new spindle pins

    You can still get (well you could last year) them from your local Nissan Dealer. Jeff
  13. CBR Jeff

    Jeff's 240z build

    Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers amongst us. After quite a few weeks sanding, filling and sanding I am final happy with the outcome. On more than one occasion I have wondered if I was being too fussy but I think the end result will be worth it. The rear quarters and the bonnet (filling the hole from a vent) have taken most of the time but finaly I’m happy with the results. All of the back side of panels has had a coat of paint ready for the front side to be painted in the next week. Colour looks fantastic. Hopefully I can get a final coat of primer on then it’s time for top coat as temperatures permit. Jeff
  14. CBR Jeff

    Over the KW limit

    Bugger! Sleeping Jeff
  15. CBR Jeff

    Over the KW limit

    Remember no women and children. Jeff