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  1. Impatient1

    Impatient1S 1977 - 260Z 2+2

    It has been a long time, almost 3 years to my first post and the car hasn't gone to far since then. We've been renovating of late, not for 3 years and that has shown me how little time i actually have to spend. To recap the past 3 years - the fuel tank was in pretty bad shape internally which i sorted using the tank sealing kit. I took the time to pretty up the outside of it. It took quite a few goes to get it right or to a state that i could live with. It does have rather a large dent which may have happened while it was off the car, possible when attached to the cement mixer. After the tank I ended up removing the spare wheel well, yep what a pain and probably the wrong option. I ended up cutting a replacement out of a different car, it was so many years i can't recall the model. I basically made a template and walked around the wreckers in the jap section. The replacement panel fit perfectly but I ended up buying a proper one from Warren at Z parts - if any one wants the one below let me know. The only benefit of not having the spare wheel well was that i was able to get into the back and work on the fuel filler section. I've removed it and was trying to recreate the panel around it. I had been fixed previously, and its was quite rough, so it doesn't bode well for the hatch area. I want to try enjoy the car while I'm still kicking so once i been able to drive it for a while i can get to that part. That is pretty much it, i did waste a lot of time with the tank, it was too humid or too cold for the paint and I end up not doing much at all and waiting. Along the way i've managed to get some factory alloys and some hitachi carbs from a member here. At this stage, I am seriously thinking about taking the car to stewart wilkins and getting him to sort out the motor and the manual gearbox. Once it's in a more of a known state I should be able to maintain it. I've got a gearbox that came with the car so i'll take that a part and take a look. That will have to wait as we are off on hols to Japan shortly which is long overdue. Booked a visit to the Nissan heritage museum, and hoping to get a few parts while over there. I feel quite burnt out at the moment so hoping the trip will help, and hopefully my next post won't be in 3 years.
  2. How does the fuel filler section look?
  3. Impatient1

    Must Watch Automotive Program Thread.

    Glad they are doing a Z. They do end up saying it needs more power, hopefully it’s not another rb build. They do mention it’s a 2 litre 75 model - don’t think so.
  4. Impatient1

    Panel Beating Kits Recommendations

    In the end, I bought the cheaper kit using the vip code and also got a joggler and punch. Total was over $100 so I could then use joining discount ($20 off over $100) dv20, total of $146. I'll report back on their quality once I've got them The classes are a definite option, I'll have a play first and then decide. Cheers
  5. Impatient1

    L26 Engine

    Not sure if Jeff or Dave have decided, I'll line up pm sent
  6. Impatient1

    Panel Beating Kits Recommendations

    Thanks for the info, I'll report back once it arrives on quality etc
  7. Impatient1

    Panel Beating Kits Recommendations

    Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on panel beating kits. I haven't really done panel beating yet but need to start trying and making mistakes. Leaning on the cheaper side but something that is reasonable to start out with. At the moment I quite like the following: resto supplies - $145 + delivery from NZ ebay - $120 TT has the Toledo set for $270 Not sure if relevant but i'll be mainly working on the fuel filler area, like many others before me.
  8. Impatient1

    Disappearance Of The Petrol Car

    Very interesting topic, just wondering where is the report that calls out the 8 year part? The link doesn't directly call it out. Not doubting I'd just like to read it. I recall seeing a graph on the exponential growth of iPhone sales, electric cars will follow suit as they get cheaper. I'll see if I can find a graph of the current growth and the predictions around it. Being able to pick different engines sounds pretty cool
  9. Impatient1

    More Gearknob Inserts

    Mine also arrived today - thanks Gav
  10. Impatient1

    Project 51 In 907 Green

    The car and your partner are keepers for sure. Congrats and good luck with it. Taking out the spare wheel well is a right pain, at least 30 spot welds in a fairly awkward position.
  11. Impatient1

    Standard Wheel Width

    Now I understand why Pb used the stock rims for his rego, rego friendly was the term.
  12. Impatient1

    Must Watch Automotive Program Thread.

    Realised after watching it was from 2013. There is 2015 report which I haven't fully watched but has a z in the intro. Thought that was enough reason to post it. Also mentions that the pirrana had change to v6 from a v8 and that Bjorn passed away since the last rally.
  13. Impatient1

    Small Suv Or Station Wagon

    +1 on the skodas, a few of my friends have bought them and are very happy, plenty of space and good handling. Like pete said it really depends on what you need. Tow bar does come in handy worth think about.
  14. FYI smartphones don't display location, it is a bit annoying but thought it was worth pointing out.
  15. Impatient1

    Spotted NSW

    Spotted red 240z (could have been 260) on Lane Cove road at 12:30. Had a rally car vibe to it with mud flaps. I was pretty far away and couldn't catch up to it, had to turn off rd.