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  1. Andrew_L26

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    I'll probably have to give this one a miss but I'll try to make it for 30 mins or so as I'm just around the corner
  2. Andrew_L26

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Just happened to pass by 2 Zeds. One broken down with a broken driveshaft. Great looking cars! Regards, Andrew
  3. Andrew_L26

    Muffler choice

    You might struggle to get rid of the I6 drone without a resonator. Redback makes some great mufflers, as does magnaflow. Have a look at their range.
  4. Andrew_L26

    R180 LSD Conversion

    Nah, the letter is a B and there is also an A Not to worry, didn't think it wouldn't be suitable but I just thought I'd double check! Thanks guys, Andrew
  5. Hi guys, I've got a shortnose 3.36:1 R180 LSD from a car I'm parting out. Would it be worthwhile swapping out the internals into a longnose housing? It's going into my 2+2 turbo which I'm hoping for a fair bit of power out of (250kw+) I was originally going to do an R200 as they're a bit heavier duty and should handle the power much better. I'm running an RB30 gearbox with the L-series bell housing, pretty standard ratios. Andrew
  6. Andrew_L26

    Nissan 350z petrol

    Under 15k I doubt it!
  7. Andrew_L26

    Nissan 350z On P Plates in Victoria

    You'd probably be ok I reckon. Couldn't hurt to ask vicroads though!
  8. Andrew_L26

    Nissan 350z On P Plates in Victoria

    If you have a QLD licence you'll be fine. Especially if the car is rego'd in QLD. You just have to comply with your states licence not other states Same with Victorian P platers being able to do the speed limit in NSW instead of being limited to 90km/h like complete idiots
  9. I really love the mobile site, far far better than the previous version!
  10. Andrew_L26

    Stratford Deceased Estate Auction

    I had a sneaky phone bid for a much lower value, thought I might get lucky and have nobody bid on it! I reckon 15% is probably a good premium considering that many of their auctions might only sell a total of 30k of stuff, leaving only 4.5k to organise everything etc. Will be interesting to see if it resurfaces in the next month or so
  11. Unlocked now after I reloaded
  12. Andrew_L26

    Stratford Deceased Estate Auction

    Went for 19k in the end. Any of you guys get her?
  13. Looks good! Not sure about the black theme though...
  14. Awesome Gav, Thanks for all the work you put into the site! Looking forward to the upgrade as I'm sure it's going to make things a little smoother for users and much smoother for you to look after. As for the main website I don't think it would hurt to remove it so that it will be a little more coherent and easier to keep up to date. Thanks again! Andrew