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  1. I really love the mobile site, far far better than the previous version!
  2. Andrew_L26

    Stratford Deceased Estate Auction

    I had a sneaky phone bid for a much lower value, thought I might get lucky and have nobody bid on it! I reckon 15% is probably a good premium considering that many of their auctions might only sell a total of 30k of stuff, leaving only 4.5k to organise everything etc. Will be interesting to see if it resurfaces in the next month or so
  3. Unlocked now after I reloaded
  4. Andrew_L26

    Stratford Deceased Estate Auction

    Went for 19k in the end. Any of you guys get her?
  5. Looks good! Not sure about the black theme though...
  6. Awesome Gav, Thanks for all the work you put into the site! Looking forward to the upgrade as I'm sure it's going to make things a little smoother for users and much smoother for you to look after. As for the main website I don't think it would hurt to remove it so that it will be a little more coherent and easier to keep up to date. Thanks again! Andrew
  7. Andrew_L26

    Query On Clutch Slave Cylinder Pushrod Length

    Hey mate, What seems to work perfectly is the threaded part of a Dynabolt. If you take your slave down to bunnings you should find a size that fits in there perfectly. The cone on the end of the dynabolt also sits beautifully inside the slave. Once you've got it sitting in there bolt up the slave and take out most of the slack from the fork (with the throw out bearing just touching the clutch cover. Then just mark the dynabolt and take it out, cut it about 1mm shorter than your mark. The dynabolts are only like 30c each so might pay off to grab a few. Another alternative is to drill a hole in the fork and put a nut on either side with the dynabolt running through it, then you can adjust it to get the pedal feel you want. Andrew
  8. Hey mate, would be keen on the bonnet. Also how is the section that the hatch bolts too?
  9. Andrew_L26

    Clock Repairs.

    Should be able to get it out if you take the heater panel out. Once the heater panel is out there is one screw under the clock holding the it in. If that fails then it can be helpful to remove the glovebox as mentioned by Cozza. Andrew
  10. Is this what the mystery Mitsubishi distributor was a part of?
  11. Andrew_L26

    Rust Repair Panels 240Z/260Z

    That's Van, Nice guy. I haven't used his services but I've met his son who is a nice guy too. He restored a 2+2 with his son a little while ago. It was purple, turbocharged running triple webbers (I believe). Honestly I didn't think it was restored that well, was certainly nice but there were lots of little things missed. I was going to buy a lower rear 1/4 repair section off him but haven't had the money recently, might give it a go myself. Comparing him to Mark Scoota Kelava up in Ballarat his work is very expensive and probably not quite as good, seems like he hasn't been working on S30s as long and as such he misses things that others may not (this is just going off the resto of the purple 260z and my experiences with him). Andrew
  12. Got a set of S12/W calipers available. They seem to be in good order but it wouldn't hurt to put new seals in them. $200 ONO + Postage or pick up is available in Melbourne. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Andrew_L26

    In Car Audio

    What I had in my 2+2 which worked fantastically was: 2 high quality speakers in the stock location in the back and two flatscreen TV speakers up under the dash. The flatscreen units have an incredible sound if you source them from a high quality TV, I got mine out of a samsung. Think about the incredibly high development cost that television manufactures go through to create slim, quality speakers.
  14. Andrew_L26

    240 / 260 Parts For Sale

    Hey, just wondering if you have an L-Series backing plate/dust shield Cheers