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  1. ScottyD

    240z Fuel Tank Vent hose

    Hi Jason, yes that’s correct it exits the tank and heads towards the wheel well then does a u turn back towards the fuel filler then through the hole in the floor. I had to loosen my tank to replace the hose, limited room to move.
  2. Scarab tribute at Lloyd’s Auctions. Current bid at $18200 ends tomorrow. https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=9121&lid=1492423
  3. ScottyD

    240z Fuel Tank Vent hose

    I replaced a section of my vent hose ( the bends near the tank ) due to splitting, I could not find the same size hose with bends so I went to Pirtek and got the same diameter hose, joiners and brass bends to suit.
  4. ScottyD


    Your doing a great job George. Take your time and do it right you both deserve it.
  5. ScottyD

    In Car Audio

    I bluetooth to my JBL, sounds great and when it’s not in the Z it gets used regularly inside and outside.
  6. ScottyD

    What Radiator For Rb25 240?

    You could have the original modified like mine, never had an overheating issue. I’ve heard mixed results with the Aluminium radiators.
  7. ScottyD

    Gearbox Mount

    FYI. I ordered the mount through Nissan and it was $195 on back order from Japan, should be 3 to 4 weeks.
  8. ScottyD

    Gearbox Mount

    Thank You.
  9. ScottyD

    Gearbox Mount

    Hi I need to replace my 240Z gearbox mount and would prefer to buy local, can you still get OEM if so does anybody know the part Number ? If you know of other suppliers could you pass on their contact details plz. Thanks Scott.
  10. Hi John, I’ll be going on Sunday but will be meeting the SDC at Liverpool as it’s on my way.
  11. ScottyD

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

  12. He still lives at the address but unfortunately was not home, I left a note with my contact details however no reply as of yet.
  13. Yeah when is the next run ? Bells line of road. ? Putty road. ? I’m sure there’s plenty more, I don’t care where we go or how far, I drove for 5hrs all up on the last cruise. Cmon guys Zs are way to much fun to leave locked away
  14. My plates are about $100 a year which is ok, the big expense is the $800 or so for rego and around $600 for insurance, if it was on H plate I’ve been told rego is less than $100 and Shannon’s said insurance drops by around 40% ( correct me if I’m wrong ) My wheels are Panasport Hey TOO60Z great idea with the H sticker.
  15. A few more pics http://www.viczcar.com/forum/gallery/album/420-73-redz/ I’m still undecided about going Historic plates, my plates look great but are they worth the extra 1000 + dollars ?