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  1. theremm

    Fender Mirrors - Victoria requirements

    I have genuine fender mirrors installed on 73 240z, although they are not original to the vehicle. I put them on myself when I bought the car, and didn't have any problems getting a roadworthy certificate in Queensland. Not sure about other states though.
  2. theremm

    Wearing in new camshaft

    Great, thanks Locky.
  3. theremm

    Wearing in new camshaft

    I'm about to install a recently re-conditioned cylinder head which has been setup by the guys at MIA engines. Is it advisable to apply any form of anti-scuff lubricant to the cam lobes to assist with breaking in the new camshaft? And is there a recommended procedure for running in the engine? Been trying to get in touch with James/Brett this week to discuss but no luck getting through.. Planning to swap the cylinder heads over this weekend.
  4. Nice wheels! I love black wheels but personally wasn't a fan of the red detailing around the lip. The new ones look good though
  5. theremm

    Spotted (Vic)

    the Range Rover is nice too! good taste in cars
  6. No I hadn't but eek that is a bit on the expensive side for me! Do look good though :)
  7. Diameter is the same however they have a different hat height so would require the use of 260z hubs.
  8. Ebay does have a few options but once you factor in the cost of international shipping the prices become ridiculous unfortunately. Called brakesdirect this morning and RDA/DBA no longer make rotors for the 240z. Tried a few times to get through to Warren @ All Z parts but no answer still. Will try again throughout the week but at this stage looks like Protex it is..
  9. Thanks, I'll check them out too. It's just a street car, so the protex are probably fine, however I hadn't heard the best things about them so wanted to investigate prior to buying. Don't have any first hand experience with the product myself though.
  10. Ok thanks, i'll give him a go.
  11. Need to replace the front rotors and pads on my 240z. I've got the standard sumitomo calipers. Doesn't seem to be much choice available other than protex rotors and bendix pads. Rotors are the main concern as they are below the minimum thickness.. Surely there are some better options out there? Any recommendations?
  12. theremm


    Yeah i get the same as well. No 'x' to close the ads either
  13. theremm

    The Build 73 240Z

    I'd recommend using the nuts. They have a swivel type base which prevents burring of the wheel when you tighten them up. Did you get a set of lock nuts too? Besides, you bought them and they look good, so may as well use them. If they get stolen they can always be replaced
  14. theremm

    240z steering wheel

    Anyone happen to have a late 240z steering wheel spare they might consider selling? Just thought I best ask first before purchasing anything from overseas.
  15. theremm

    S30 Z Exhaust System Complete for sale.

    Very interested. PM sent