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  1. theremm

    The Build 73 240Z

    I'd recommend using the nuts. They have a swivel type base which prevents burring of the wheel when you tighten them up. Did you get a set of lock nuts too? Besides, you bought them and they look good, so may as well use them. If they get stolen they can always be replaced
  2. theremm

    240z steering wheel

    Anyone happen to have a late 240z steering wheel spare they might consider selling? Just thought I best ask first before purchasing anything from overseas.
  3. theremm

    S30 Z Exhaust System Complete for sale.

    Very interested. PM sent
  4. theremm

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    Gotta say though I don't like the wheels or the twin pipes out the back. Wheels are too big and the exhaust tips don't suit at a perfectly horizontal angle. Otherwise very nice lol.
  5. theremm

    Plastc headlight covers chrome trims

    Keep in mind that the chrome rings came in both 3 and 4 screw-hole versions, depending on year. Good luck to you though - hope you can make them!
  6. theremm

    Cecil - my 1973 240z

    I'm not sure to be honest mate. It was repainted by the previous owner however not sure which colour exactly was used. It does look quite close though, perhaps a little darker than 901 just judging by photographs. I don't know what the original colour is meant to be either.
  7. theremm

    Cecil - my 1973 240z

    Thanks everyone for the responses and warm welcome. E88 head was just collected by the courier this morning and now on its way to MIA Engines. Looking forward to updating this thread as the car progresses.
  8. So after almost exactly 4 years of ownership I thought it about time to start a project thread and provide a little introduction to myself (seeing as I never did that either). I own a 1973 240z - one of the last of them too - complied in 7/73. My name is Alexander. I'm 26 y/o now and purchased the car at a time when a graduate's salary would still permit! It was a local Brisbane car and the previous owner said that he and his uncle had owned it for quite some time - about 15 years if I recall correctly. 10 years prior to selling, the car had been repainted and overall the body presented really nicely. The paintwork is still in fantastic condition and there are no signs of any rust at all. Unfortunately however I don't know details of the ownership history beyond that. The car was originally an automatic so one of the first jobs was converting to manual. I sourced a close ratio 71B and a 3.9 R180 and swapped both of these over with the help of a friend, sourcing genuine components where required. Somewhat bizarrely, the car did not have any mirrors fitted at all when I bought it (and all holes had been filled), so I also purchased a set of genuine S30 fender mirrors from Japan. Overall, I prefer the subtleties in styling difference that the Japanese market cars had and this is the approach I am taking with my car. For the roadworthy certificate, I also replaced the shocks and did a general tune up and service of the car. Engine is the original and very stock L24, although I've rebuilt the SU's and fitted a 2.5inch exhaust system and headers along with a Pertronix electronic ignition kit. I'm about to send off an E88 efi head to MIA engines which will receive a general service and mild cam after having been inspired by a couple other builds here, particularly WA240Z's 'A Lime 240z spruce up'. I also have some 44 solexes to go with it. Intention is to purchase a set of the Stewart Wilkins headers at some point however not in the budget just yet. Aside from the that, the last few years have really been spent just enjoying and maintaining the car. Oh and spending lots of money collecting parts. I've also disassembled and cleaned the contact points of my right turn signal switch at least 5-6 times. Every 6 months or so the right turn signal stops working and I still can't quite work out why. The car had 43,000 miles when I bought it and now it is up to 62,000. I was overseas for 1 year out of my current 4 years of ownership, so it sees about 10,000km of travel per year. A few big trips in there too, including a 2,500km long weekend in 2015 to Bateman's Bay and the Blue Mountains. I walk to work however it is the only car I own so for all intensive purposes it is the 'daily' driver. This week I finally pulled the pin and fitted a set of RS Watanabes I'd had sitting in my room for a good 6 months. I was a little nervous about what to expect to be honest, as I went with a 14 inch option. It's almost impossible to find any examples of good wheel and tyre sizing in the 14s as everyone typically goes to 15s. Couldn't be happier with the outcome however and I feel like I've fallen in love with the car all over again. Sizing is 14x7J+3 A-type (front) / 14x7.5J+1.5 B-type (rear), which is the recommended 14 inch sizing from Watanabe. Tyres are 195/65R14 (Dunlop LM704). It actually sits nicely with stock suspension however ideally a slight drop would be better. Next purchase will be some 30mm low king springs, if anyone has a set available. Oh, and the name Cecil. My housemate started calling it this out of the blue recently and it stuck. I think its a boy however she says its a girl, but that's ok in our new progressive Australia!
  9. theremm

    Mikuni Carburettor Id Thread - Phh

    Where they fitted to anything else? I picked up a pair of these on gumtree late last year. No sign of the third though..
  10. theremm

    Techno Toy Tuning - Suspension

    Just be mindful that from 1st July there are new GST laws being implemented which look to charge the 10% GST component to small goods valued under $1000 AUD, coming into Australia. Hard to say if you'll get stung with this for certain but just something to keep in mind.
  11. theremm

    Stratford Deceased Estate Auction

    Agreed, or at least relatively soonish. I think we have already seen Zed prices soften marginally from a year to two ago.
  12. theremm

    Springs And Maybe Shocks For '77 260Z

    Likewise, except for my 240z.
  13. theremm

    Wanting To Swap My 240Z

    That's a very nice car Gav. Yeah I've previously purchased a set of 14 x 7.5 watanabes however concerned now that they just look too small under the guards.. haven't put them on yet as I can't make my mind up on tyre size. Unfortunately the 15 x 7.5 watanabes only come in the F8 style, which I really don't like at all. Sigh..
  14. theremm

    Wanting To Swap My 240Z

    I'm too soft to even roll the lips of the rear guards