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  1. How much do you think the seller might be in trouble for adding that photo to the listing
  2. Some notes on the Fujitsubo, which have been partially covered elsewhere as well: Jesse Streeter is another supply option Needs modification if you have an auto box (fouls on the trans sump) I find it a little droney. Love the sound from the outside of the car, but after a while inside the car when you add it to the standard fumey smell of a non-pollution gear car it's a headache factory
  3. andyk_79

    Shannons Car Show tomorrow Sydney

    I saw the Z Car Club folks but my daughter (and wife for that matter) ended up fatiguing pretty early so didn't get to the Bolwells or Sydney Datsun Club. So many cars on display that it was hard to know where to look ! Highly recommend.
  4. Anyone going? I only found out about it today. Heaps of car clubs gonna be there apparently. Not sure if Sydney Datsun club or Z club going?
  5. andyk_79

    Z-Therapy Rebuilt Su's.

    Not sure who has registered interest already, but put me down as a maybe - I think one of my carbs needs a rebuild
  6. andyk_79

    Spotted (Vic)

    Off topic I know but does it still have that rep? Being Sydney folks when we lived on Melbourne for a couple of years we had no idea and went there a fair bit. Never once got offered any meth
  7. What is the criteria to be set as a donating member - I'm showing as a standard user but to be fair it's probably been a year since I last donated
  8. Am I being naive or missing something - from what I'm seeing Unread Posts is exactly the same as the new content ?? Ah I see you don't want to see unread posts that pre-date your last visit. You can mark the whole site read so that old threads with no new content don't show as unread
  9. andyk_79

    Sydney / Canberra Meet - Bowral

    August sounds good Pete. June was a write off weekend wise for me.
  10. I owned a Sunny years ago with the same steering wheel as well. Must have been in a few dattos of that era (mine was a 79 from memory)
  11. andyk_79

    Long Term Build Up - Which Direction?

    Dollars per hp your money will go further on an L28 if you're looking for power
  12. andyk_79

    Bulk Panel Import Round 2 - May 2018

    And import duties.... and inspection fees........ I've made the mistake of having a total order from the Zstore over $1000 before and the taxes and duties on top ended up being around 20-25% of the order price
  13. I genuinely feel sorry for an owner of this car trying to sell it. So many fraudsters have used photos of it that I see an ad for it for sale and have a Nigerian Prince response ! This one looks like the real deal this time and a different set of photos at least.
  14. andyk_79

    How Many Times Do You Check This Forum ?

    Given what my attempt at humour did to that thread I might sit this one out ..........
  15. Aren't most young people either vegan or lactose intolerant these days?