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  1. GK510


    Sorry to see this. I'd imagine gutted would only go halfway to describe how you'd be feeling.
  2. GK510

    Datsun Day 2016 - 06/11/2016 @ The Prospect Hotel

    One of my Datsuns is due to arrive in Sydney this week, so it makes sense that I should head over east to take it along for the day. It's far from being a show piece, but I imagine Z's will be heavily outnumbered by other models so I may as well bolster the numbers. Fingers crossed it gets there in one piece!
  3. GK510


    Huge transformation! And in such a short time frame in terms of the average Z restoration. If only I had half the commitment of George, and a quarter of the skills of Paul...........
  4. GK510

    Paris To Peking - Progressive Results

    Not quite halfway yet so still a lot of tough terrain to cover. Great to see 3 X 240Z's in the top 10 of their class. Particularly when 2 of them are crewed by Aussies. There's some great pics if you have time to browse through the official gallery. Link below is from the homepage. http://gerardbrown.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Peking-to-Paris-2016/C0000ihFK0ADq8ds
  5. Yeh, it would be scary to see the total. It does suck that everything in general is going through the roof. Hopefully we get to see the benefits of this in the future. For a while I've been thinking I should hold off and not do anything much to my car being that it's an earlier build number, to possibly protect any percieved additional value in the car. Maybe even look at selling and buying another that has been modded/upgraded a bit already. But given that they are all thin on the ground now, I think I will have to just stick with what I've got and go from there. Not that I'm planning on doing anything major like an engine conversion. But it's not within my means or budget to do any sort of full on original restoration either. I'd certainly prefer to spend $3200 on some suspension or engine bits rather than a set of hub caps personally. But if money was no object, a nice original stocker would get a place in my 10 car garage.
  6. I had a feeling particularly you or maybe others may be watching so thought I'd wait until after it finished before commenting. I saw it end and not surprisingly someone sniped it as it went from $1700 US to $2377 US just as it ended.
  7. There's a US seller that had some NOS stuff listed on eBay. The wheel covers ended up fetching a tidy sum. But I suppose if you are doing a full original restoration, you're not likely to come across another brand new set of these anytime soon so you'll probably pay whatever you need to. The $3,200 AUD that they sold for would pale into insignificance of what will be spent all up doing the full restoration. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NOS-Datsun-240Z-D-Wheel-Covers-1970-1971-Series-1-Set-of-4-Hubcaps-/252419840578?nma=true&si=VKg3KnCxZvGzbYyMQTrkjUIKft0%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  8. GK510

    The Potential Downside To Racing

    Haha....that's twice in two days I've jumped the gun. Not sure what happened with the car in the OP. The post on FB by the driver doesn't explain any possible cause. He just talks about now having to sell his two Roadsters so he can build a new car. Good to see he's getting back on the horse so to speak! He's posted on of them on the same FB page already at $17,500 US.
  9. GK510

    The Potential Downside To Racing

    The roll over was due to the Corvette smacking into the side of the Porsche while it spun. Watching the video, you can see the Corvette is obviously spewing out oil from somewhere for several corners before the incident which is obviously what made him spin. The Porsche and Jason were just the unlucky ones to be caught up in it. Jason comments between 3.10 and 3.20 in the video pretty well sums it up.
  10. GK510

    The Potential Downside To Racing

    Yeh, that one probably won't buff out.
  11. Just came across these pics. Driver apparently walked away sore but ok. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the car. Supposedly rolled 6 times, the first of which was at 90mph. Ouch! R.I.P Pics courtesy of Datsun Vintage Road Racing on the book of faces. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1733068733587157/
  12. GK510

    Door Window Weather Strips

    Just on this topic, has anyone been able to find a rubber extrusion with the right profile from a supplier in Aus? And if so, where from? I had a look in Clark Rubber a while ago and didn't find anything close. I ended up getting some complete aftermarket chrome trims and seals from O/S. As mentioned on some other forums, they don't have the right curvature on them to follow the line of the door neatly. I'll probably just try and transfer over the rubbers from these to the original trims, but it would be nice to be able to get some more rubber in case I stuff it up.
  13. GK510

    Datsun Grey/Gray Paint

    Ah....I totally misunderstood. Never seen just those trims for sale by themselves either. I ended up buying a good complete used set of tail light surrounds from the US which had the stainless trim on them.
  14. GK510

    Datsun Grey/Gray Paint

    The angled 240Z badge isn't a "series 1" thing, it's a previous owner thing. I'm not going to bother changing it until I do some paint and panel work on the hatch. The hatch vents were in the car when I got it. There is various sellers on eBay that have them for sale. e.g http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-240Z-1970-71-Rear-Hatch-Grille-Vent-Set-NEW-OEM-428-/322109877344 Warren from All Z Parts in Hornsby had a set on eBay a couple of months ago. Could try contacting him to see if he has any more, although he has apparently had some health issues and has not been on the job in recent times, so some patience may be required here. http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/nissandatsun_parts
  15. GK510

    Datsun Grey/Gray Paint

    They were black originally. Then I painted them with a metallic grey, which was actually a Toyota colour from the Duplicolor range, but that ended up looking blue rather than grey. Looks much better now I reckon. They are actually different surrounds than the ones in that earlier photo. Those ones were pretty rough and didn't have the trim around the tail light holes, so that also helps with them looking better now.