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  1. Mike260LW

    Adelaide Rally

    Great work Roger and Annie. That's a fantastic result!
  2. Mike260LW

    51Mm Tubes V 55Mm Tubes

    There are more damper options available in the 55mm dia. than the 51mm.
  3. Mike260LW

    Ambitious but rubbish in Brisbane

    Welcome, sounds like an achievable goal and a sound plan to get there. The rotisserie approach is the only way to go really if you want a rust-free shell to start with. A sub-tonne weight is also achievable but more difficult to attain if you put a cage in it. Good luck with the project! Mike
  4. Have a set of Superlite GTR 15x7 shod with half-life Yokahama AO50s medium compound. We've migrated to 16"s. Off set is 12p. Should be OK with standard struts. Can Anyone confirm. Came off our Tarmac Rally Car with coil-overs.
  5. Mike260LW

    Factory Thickness Of An E88 Head

    107.9mm I think is the original dimension.
  6. Mike260LW


  7. Mike260LW

    New Melbourne 260 Owner

    Welcome Mike260. Good user name!
  8. Mike260LW

    Pad knock back

    Wilwood's technical " trouble shooting" page talks about installing a 2 lb residual pressure valve in the line. Anyone tried this approach?
  9. Mike260LW

    Pad knock back

    Thanks for the update. I think we will follow suit and go the bearing spacers and return springs. If that doesn't cure it we may pursue gusseting the foot of the strut. It's fine on a track where there are known straights to give it a confidence tap but I can't see it working on a Tarmac Rally stage. Heal and towing becomes a bit hit and miss with a long travel pedal. Mike.
  10. Mike260LW

    Pad knock back

    Sorry to drag this topic up again but we are running the same Willwood brake setup with Tilton pedal box and no vacuum boost assistance. I ran this set up for the first time at the HRCC Autumn Historic's meeting in May but with brand-new pads with plenty of meat on them and didn't really experience any issues. Ran again this weekend and experience exactly the same symptoms of pad knockoff. We are running the larger diameter 260 Z struts and coil over configuration but are obviously experiencing stub axle flexing. I was wondering how you are progressing with a solution to the problem?
  11. Mike260LW

    Grille - 3Mm Rod For Through Bolts. Where To Source?

    I used an old bicycle spoke(s).
  12. Could not agree more. Money is really cheap to borrow at the moment and will probably remain so for the near future at least. A good zed will appreciate in value which helps justify the cost of interest.
  13. Mike260LW

    Andrew's '74 260

    Just bought Two sets from Motorsport Auto in the USA. They were put on back order because the getting a new supplier as they weren't happy with the fit of the old ones. I have to tell you if the new ones are better the old ones must have been appalling!
  14. Mike260LW

    Andrew's '74 260

    Nice early 260Z. I'm a big fan of the '74 260. What is the VIN # AJ?
  15. Mike260LW

    Subaru STI R180 LSD into 240Z

    Gav, Stewart Wilkins Motorsport fabricates a nice pair. You need to run R200 half shafts as the stub axles don't have the R180 centre bolt.