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  1. phillay

    Knock in suspension in one corner

    this happened to me a few months ago as well, was gland nut.
  2. hi everyone I've had a long think about this and have decided it's time to move the car on. It needs more work (when does one ever stop on their main car?) I've had a child coming into my life in the last 12 months, and I just don't have the passion and time to pour into the car anymore. I am looking at culling down the fleet of 4 weekend cars that I've got, and buying 1 car that I can cruise around in once every few months. carsales link Model: 1973 240z Required Location: eg: Melbourne Required Price and Payment Conditions: eg: Cash Item Condition: Good Body: Rust? Damage? Where? Mechanical: Running / Rolling Shell, Requires towing etc.. Registration: Car is on club reg, not transferable Engineers Certificate: No Pictures: check car sales ads Extra Info: please check below Contact Details: PM and oh four oh 360329two a bit of cut and paste from the ad. I've owned this 240z for 5 years, it started a car that wasn't able to move it's own. Previous owner has it unregistered for over 10 years according to Vicroads when I was trying to find it's VIN number for a permit. In the last 5 years, I've driven this car for around 1000km or less?, I've had club reg for 3 years and I've kept all the log books and filled out for each trip. Tthese are the things I had done to the car since my ownership, as listed above all work and parts have done less than 1000km Drivetrain rebuild front brakes, new disc, new pads, new fluids. replaced rear drums, rebuilt rear cylinders, new shoes. replaced brake master cylinder, brake booster rebuilt. all switches taken apart, all contacts replaced or cleaned out by polishing, all wiring tested and rewired, light relay harness for front lights. new narva front lights, new wiring, new horn. L24 removed and replaced with L28 with P90 head. Triple 45mm weber tuned by Wilsons, Carbs purchased from weber performance. 140hp on bosch dyno. trust extractors 6-2-1 to 2.5inch pipe to resonator to twin ANSA tips stacks. 5 speed manual transmission with new exedy clutch kit (plate, flywheel, thrust bearing) and new slave cylinder all lines are braided and speed flow fittings, new radiator, new mechanic fuel pump, fuel regulator. all bushes replaced, tie rods, ball joints, diff mounts are either japanese 555s or nissan OE parts. BC BR coilovers with sleeves welded in, suspension set up my heasmann in Sydney 16 inch RS Watanabe R Types 8.5in front and 10.5in rears. Very good tyres. Interior Recaro front seats from an Evo8MR on recaro seat rails for 240z new carpet, gear knob, carbon dash, autometer sportscomp monster tacho. (I have original dash but it needs all the gauges replaced) Restored original steering wheel, with japanese horn pad. harness bar across rear strut towers with willians harness half bolt in roll cage Exterior Front light covers short stalk mirrors ZG copy flares rear spoiler bob otomoto front spoiler carbon front bumper carbon rear bumper carbon bonnet Rust some rust on firewall some rust on radiator support some rust on dogleg some rust that were cut out and fixed in floor pan Price is neg - give me a call oh four oh 360329two thanks Phil
  3. hi fellas i converted to a cable accelerator setup a year ago as my then carbs were set up for a cable. new carbs in now still using the cable but it seems to be real shit in ways which I don't really want to explain. So i would like to hunt down a factory set of 240z linkages and an accelerator pedal. thanks, Phil oh 403603292.
  4. phillay

    Wanted - N42 Head

    i've got 2 here in Melbourne (cairnlea) $100 each lettuce know.
  5. phillay

    Wtb: Headlight Cover

    i need a rhs one, mines cracked
  6. phillay

    Rocket Bunny Body Kits

    yea that looks great, i am thinking about getting this for my car
  7. phillay

    40Mm Mikuni Carbs

    Lou Mondello tuned mine, he made me took the thing apart at his shop with his tools and then he did the bits that were important and helped me fix anything that needed attention. He is a very skilled and knowledgeable man, because of this he is very busy and hard to access. As lurch said, 40mm will not be able to keep up, I was contemplating should I pick up a set of OERs as I was going to japan for a holiday, but after some guidance from various people. Webers were the go for the easy to access parts locally and consistent build quality.
  8. phillay

    40Mm Mikuni Carbs

    selling my triple 40mm mikuni carbs with manifold, linkages, and trumpets. these has been taken apart three times, rebuilt and throttle shafts replaced then tuned with the help of a mikuni expert in melbourne in Jan 2016, I had this on my L28 but i think they are more suited to an L24 or L26, i wasn't 100% with the power, but it drives well. A lot of time was spent on these to have it running with a idle of 1000rpm as these older mikuni have problems with the metal type that was used. They were put on a heater to be heated up to 60 degrees or something and then installed on the car and then checked and tuned. I wanted to replace this with a set of 44s but i was getting over the amount of waiting time as it takes ages to find a good set to start off with and then waiting for the mikuni man to work on them as there's a huge queue for his service. the trumpets are from efi hardware SOLD
  9. got a set of linkages that I have as spares as I am using my old ones. http://www.weberperformance.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=3_75&products_id=483 $250 + postage.
  10. phillay

    No Gauges Or Charging

    have you checked the alternator is ok? see if it's putting out 14volts
  11. phillay

    Wanted: L28 Internally Oiled Camshafts

    I've got one, ill send you pics of it first.