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  1. RAP260

    Clutch slave cylinder return spring

    Hey @Groundhog I replaced the slave cylinder in my 77 about a month ago. It didn't have a spring. But googling this I see lots of references to it. Hopefully someone who knows something about these things could chime in?? Cheers, Rob
  2. RAP260

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Mmmmm. French blue. OK. Wasn't thinking along those lines. I was only considering something boring like black. Lol Yea, the rocker cover came from ebay. Picked it up a few years ago, some shop from the Sunshine Coast. Just appeared, so I thought why not.
  3. RAP260

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Decided I'll be refitting the factory air filter housing. Just wasn't happy with certain aspects of running pod filters. Crankcase ventilation and carburetor overflow being the main two. Going to need a coat of paint. Not sure what colour yet.
  4. RAP260

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    So the whole systems been deleted by the sound of it? I'm assuming they were standard, even on early 240s?? If that's the case, who ever got it registered up here knew the right person.
  5. RAP260

    Temporary marquee / garage

    How often do you want to drive it?...... Would be the question I'd ask. I've spent extensive time examining these options. There's... Carcoon, airlok, airchamber... The list goes on. I encourage you to do some serious googling / research as most of these systems are top notch. And do exactly what they say. But, if you actually intend on driving your car....then it's going to get exposed to the elements, regardless of what you do. Is parking it in a climate controlled system, for a week or days, really worth the time and electricity?? If its a museum piece, then I'd say go for it. Otherwise...... Just my 2C.. For what that's worth. Cheers, Rob
  6. RAP260

    Temporary marquee / garage

    Hey @DreamZproject, I suppose it's going to depend on the size of your carport. You sound like your in a similar position to myself. Due to circumstances I can't access my garage easily, but as I try to drive my car every day, it's not a major issue. So I use a carport, which I built specifically for my car :). But with that said, I still try to avoid getting my car wet. I've explored a number of different options. There are inflatable temporary garages, but obviously they require a constant power supply to drive the blower, and wouldn't suit a daily or weekly driver in my opinion. At the moment I'm in the process of looking to fit drop down pvc blinds. The same type used in outdoor areas / patios. They're not cheap, but neither are constant rust repairs Something like these. Can get units that are zipped and simply roll up. Would be interested if others have explored other options. Cheers, Rob
  7. RAP260


    I know, a "like" seemed a little inadequate. But that's all I had....
  8. RAP260


    Cheers Jeff, I'm not interested in a stoker, myself. But the whole ITB thing is very interesting. Maybe too interesting for my own good Like @Hunter, I'm interested in exploring other people's opinions /experiences. Cheers, Rob Ps. In my case, it's all @gav240z fault for posting that Skid Factory video about the EFI conversion. Started thinking, I can do that.... Lol
  9. RAP260


    Hey @CBR Jeffand @Lurch, What control systems are you running? Cheers, Rob
  10. RAP260


    Really... really wish you hadn't posted that...lol I just started looking at the Haltech 750 with ITB in mind, thinking this is going to take my 2 years to work out exactly what I need to do.... Plenty of time to convince myself this is completely unnecessary ........lol. Good luck with the build, sounds awesome , and that's one nice looking kit
  11. RAP260

    I'm back!!!

    Yea, please do. I recall the gumtree pictures looking immaculate. Selective photography maybe, lol. I'd like your feedback on the bodywork. The shop that did the work is one of only a handful of options here. Cheers, Rob
  12. RAP260

    I'm back!!!

    Ok, looking at the rebuild photos, that has to be the car rebuilt in Toowoomba?. Maybe I'm wrong. Spitting image otherwise. I bought some spare parts of a young fella who was rebuilding one. And that yard looks awfully familiar. He was 90% done when I saw it. Maybe around 3 - 4 years ago. A nice young fella, panel beater by trade. I saw it get listed on gumtree for sale not long after, but it disappeared and I never saw it again. Can anyone confirm? Cheers, Rob Edit - Just confirmed it is. You've got a beautiful car there @DreamZproject. The attention to detail was impressive. Complete ground up rebuild, no bolt untouched.
  13. Yea, I literally woke up this morning and thought just that. It's just that my label looks exactly the same, and I couldn't find an image of another label. Cheers, Rob
  14. RAP260

    LED headlight wiring issue

    Yea, I have one of the units installed that @GregTas posted. Was fitted by a previous owner.
  15. Hey folks I know I'm bumping an old thread, but could someone please tell me what the left most fuse is for. I've been googling for an hour and can't find the answer. I don't understand what CC is referencing. I've even looked through the service manual, but it only seems to reference colours, which don't seem to correlate to any images I've found. I'm asking because I've just realised that, at some point in the last 12 months, mine has gotten hot enough to melt the coating. Cheers, Rob