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  1. MyEnquiringMind

    New Speedo Drives 3.9, 4.11. 4.375 & 4.6

    Can i please grab 4.375 please? Cheers, Jarrod
  2. Hi all, Anyone have any experience with, or know of anyone that builds fuel tanks for a Z with an in tank, surge tank and fuel pumps. I'm going to have to move my current efi fuel pump system to accommodate upgrade to an R200, so just wanted to do it the right way first time... The current system sits in front of the fuel tank behind the diff, so changing the moustache bar to fit the R200 is going to involve having to move the current system... Your thoughts, experiences, (other locations for mounting surge tanks etc) and time are appreciated...
  3. MyEnquiringMind

    240Z Temp Oil Guage Cluster Fault

    All fixed, the fault was the gauge. I ended up pulling the gauge face off to check the bimetallic strips inside. There are three of them one for each gauge and one with an adjustable contact on the end. The contact was dirty, gave it a light rub with 800 grit paper and now both go full gauge with sender wire earthed out.
  4. MyEnquiringMind

    240Z Temp Oil Guage Cluster Fault

    Do these guages have an internal voltage reg that could be faulty and what are they like to get into for repair
  5. MyEnquiringMind

    240Z Temp Oil Guage Cluster Fault

    Earths and supply both good
  6. MyEnquiringMind

    240Z Temp Oil Guage Cluster Fault

    Any one know of an easy fix for the temp and oil pressure guage cluster in my 240z . Both are reading very low and some times zero. When they are working they fluctuate up and down slowly . Both senders test ok . When both sender wires earthed out with ign on eng off both guages come up to quarter for about 15 secs then fluctuate and drop to zero.
  7. I'll stand next in line... if Gareth doesn't want it... (sent you a PM also Gareth)... Cheers, Jarrod
  8. I expect that there are some 1970 Z cars that are fitting into the category of 1971, my own car for example #283 has a compliance plate marked 1/71. obviously a 1970 car, but not registered/complied until 1971...
  9. MyEnquiringMind

    WTB: Headlight Covers w/Chrome Trim

    No problems James, I have a new set coming for the Z that I discussed with you at Datsun Day... $$$... I have the other chrome trims from the broken ones I had originally that you are welcome to buy if Gav doesnt want them...
  10. Who knows... I only dealt with Mark... the ones on my car are a collection of bits and pieces... 1 came with the car, 2 from Stewart Wilkins, 1 from BenZed in Melb... and one from a mate... you get the idea... LOL
  11. MyEnquiringMind

    WTB: Headlight Covers w/Chrome Trim

    Hi Gav, if locklock falls through, I have a set of chrome rings that may come up for grabs shortly, as I may have found a full set for my own car... keep me in the loop Cheers, J
  12. I assume you will be looking for 4.5J wheels Gav, and not 5J, if I am not mistaken the '72 ones you have found are likely to be 5J and not 4.5J. The 4.5J are also found on earlier Roadsters and may predate the '70 timestamp you are after. But in having chased these myself for some time, I would say that any 4.5J wheel you can find will suffice and then worry about putting a set together, as either way they are becoming as rare as rocking horse poop... I picked up a set of 4.5J '68 recently with the help of Scoota in Ballarat. Ill keep my ear to the ground, but unfortunately I think they will inevitably be hard to find... Cheers, J
  13. MyEnquiringMind

    S30Z Headlight Covers (Clear) - Non Oem Type

    I had never really considered it Gav, I suppose they may have... In trying to keep the look of the works rally car, I am specifically chasing a lens that will suit the chrome trim. I think I have some organised...
  14. MyEnquiringMind

    S30Z Headlight Covers (Clear) - Non Oem Type

    I did exactly the same thing... buying the MSA ones in lieu of "hoping" that they would fit the OEM chrome trim... (to anyone reading this... they don't... save your pennies...)
  15. MyEnquiringMind

    Wtb: 4.4:1 Speedo Pinion And Carrier.

    Hopefully found one at the Z shop... **crosses fingers Lindsay is good to his word...