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  1. CroS13

    The Build 73 240Z

    Like.... I'm happy for you and all.... but ya know.... IT MEANS MY CAR IS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully before Christmas? hopefully before next month i say!!!!! Rudi.
  2. Update 1.2.19 - A short trip to Japan with a semi interesting video. Quickly, on the zed front.... Nothing. I went down there today. Painter has essentially got out 3 of the 4 cars in line before mine. He painted 2 of them over Christmas which i was a bit surprised about, I didn't know he painted the Cortina too. He is working on Youhan's car now and mine is next. I said i will check up on him in 3-4 weeks. Anyway... Over Christmas i was overseas and made a quick stop over in Japan for 8 days. Really wish i had more time but it wasn't to be, as the wife and i were in the Philippines for family stuff for most of our holiday. I Wanted to hit up a few of the shops i had visited before. Super autoBachs, and especially Tam Tam hobby store. I regretted not buying a nice 240z model last time i was there for my honeymoon, so i made sure i got... uhh... quite a few models while i was there. Anyway i cobbled a video together of some of the highlights, checking out tam tam hobby, super autobachs and trying to hit up a Upgarage. not my best work as it was done with my phone camera, but i think its interesting enough to watch. Rudi.
  3. Ok Gav... I Have been meaning to rack your brain about this paint because you would be quite qualified on the subject! So where to start? Firstly... i LOVE the colour of that wasabi cars 2+2. THAT was the colour i wanted to paint my zed, but i was not sure if it was a factory colour, because in the sun, man did it Pop and lighten up. So you seem to think that its 240 racing green metallic? because it looks way to light compared to the colours I've seen of it, and even my spray out card. I got all my information on colours from: https://zcarguide.com/datsun-280z-stock-paint-interior-colors-us-canada/ Is it correct? who knows, but it was the only site i found that had colour codes and photo's of cars in them with what it "should" look like. Now... According to that site, the dark green is 240 racing green metallic, only offered in the US market 280z. The photo they supply is as follows: . Now I have seen conflicting images of so called 240 green racing metallic, specifically in how much gold there is in the paint when it flops. However, all of the supplied photo's of cars in that green, don't show it with the sun hitting the paint and making the metallic flop. It only shows it in the shade. My spray out card, i gave the painter the code, 240 racing green metallic from a datsun, and thats what it spat out. And boy does it have a tonne of gold metallic through it. I was trying so hard to make it pop in the video but no dice, but on a bright sunny day the spray out card turns nearly gold as you rotate your view over it.... I was after a more subtle green... My Second choice... well... i like this just as much, is this photo. i have no idea if its 240 racing green metallic or not: It seems to have alot more shine, and a deeper green than 907 racing green off a 240z that i thought it might have been. And lastly, yes, the emerald green is 303 emerald green metallic, Those photo's you posted Gav are sweet, ive never seen a 2+2 in the colour. The car that made me fall in love with that colour is this one: with a album found here: https://www.classiccarratings.com/auction-results/datsun-240z-1973-hls30-136419-bring-a-trailer---week-46-2017-2877 but once again, it has sooooo much silver metallic in it, which i'm unsure if i like it. I've seen another photo of what i think is the same colour in the light, and i hated it: r That can be found here: http://uniclassiccars.com/datsun/165558-rare-all-original-1974-datsun-260z-in-prestine-condition-.html So yeah.... very confusing! Rudi.
  4. Update 14/10/18- Small Zed update, and Paint colours Ok so In this episode, i Just go over a majority of things i have already informed you all about. Getting a new car, raptor liner underbody etc etc. However... I do have a small clip of 2 colours im tossing up between so check it out. Looks like December/January or who the hell knows before the car will get painted..... Oh and I also bought a house! so that was a distraction for the last 3 months or so anyway, on to the video ramblings: Rudi.
  5. CroS13

    The Build 73 240Z

    Let me know how you go tomorrow. Rudi.
  6. CroS13

    The Build 73 240Z

    Justin Moore from prowire? LOL i went to tafe with him, he is a mate of mine LOL! Next time you see him tell him i said hi! Rudi.
  7. CroS13

    The Build 73 240Z

    hey is that my car? it moved! haha! Congrats on getting your car off the rotisserie! looking forward to seeing it done, the quicker the better i say! Rudi.
  8. Update 5.7.18 - Silvia broken? fixed it by buying a new car! So I've been having issues with my daily driver for the last 6 weeks, intermittent electrical issues causing the car to cut out, stall and what not. My last straw was to take it back to my tuner and chuck it on the dyno to see what the hell it was doing. Well $600 later, and a assurance they found the issue (a dead 02 sensor and bad TPS adjustments) and it worked.. for the whole of 2 days! adding to that the fact that i had rego up in 2 weeks, and i had noticed it was getting bad blow by, i figured the best fix would be to take it out to pasture and shoot it. As as you do when your woman gets too old and starts playing up, not doing the dishes, runny nose all the time, always sick, you lock her in the garage and buy a younger model! So i bought a new daily, something more family oriented and practical... I will leave it stock..... HA! (it needs a exhaust system... like yesterday... its too quiet! i can hear myself think! ) So how did it all go down you might ask? I had been looking at getting a Foz for many many years, but started re looking about 1 month ago. I really wanted a low KM car, which in forester's, didnt' exist, with most having over 200K on the clock. For unknown reasons, last night i decided to look on car sales one more time at midnight before bed. And a new ad popped up, one that wasn't there at lunchtime. a 05 XT foz with 85,000km's on the clock!, when the next lowest km car had 170,000. So fast forward to this morning. I rang the bloke at 9am on my smoko break at work. He said: "another interested buyer rang him at midnight last night, and will get here post haste at 1pm to look at the car, and under no circumstances is he to sell it before said potential buyer gets there!" So i asked if i could go see it right now.... and i literally abandoned my post, and left work... I didn't even tell my boss! Car was immaculate, i didn't even bother negotiating on price, if i did he would have responded with "lets wait 40 minutes for this other guy to get here and see what he offers" As you can imagine, the other buyer was quite Livid once he had heard the car had been sold. He begged! pleaded to wait half a hour he is nearly there!!! he would give a extra $500 on top!! The seller started to buckle... and started saying "oh i feel bad i did promise him i would not sell it before he got here, maybe we can wait" But the fool! we had already shook hands! and wrote out a receipt of purchase signed by both parties with a $20 deposit (as that's all i had in my wallet HA!) Legally the car was mine... and i dam sure reminded him about that when he tried to back peddle.... So it seems, the early Wog gets the Foz? My boss was frantically ringing me and leaving messages. I think he is a little mad......... I promise i will leave this stock..... HA!
  9. Yes its the same mob. He mentioned that he had about 3 or so cars to get through first, including Youhan's (JDM-TOY). Technically any mob should be able to do a half decent job from here on out. I did the repair work properly, so a little bog and paint is all it will take. A family friend who restores cars said any competent beater would have the car ready to spray paint in less than 1 week. (unfortunately he has a 2 year waiting list) And if he needs a month to start it, that's less stress for me, My Silvia decided to poop itself, and i'm debating if i should bother fixing it or buying a newer *sensible* (HA!) daily driver and just retiring the Silvia to the garage for the next 30 years. Been looking at cars over the weekend and also house hunting, i could use a break from the Zed for a month or two! In saying that, if it gets pushed back month after month, I'll take it somewhere else. Rudi.
  10. Update 3/7/18 - under body coated! So i was sent a few more photo's today of the zed. Under body has been put in raptor Liner. . . Painter said it might be 1 month before he can start work on the car. Rudi.
  11. Update 25/6/18 - Video editing done on next update: Part 8! Took some time and finished the latest update, which includes video footage of the car at the paint shop, and i some footage of the work i did prior to sending it off. . Exiting times yes, paint soon... not so sure. I go into it in the video, but essentially the guy is working by himself, with a few cars back logged until he could get to my car. He a few... well... maybe all of his guys quit on him? i don't know how many people were working for him either. but when i first went there he was by himself. Now it looks like he has 1 young kid working with him. Who knows if he will stay or go. I don't want the car sitting around for 1 year gathering dust before he can work on it. He said he will do me up a quote, so we shall see what he says. Failing that, there is a shop i have the utmost confidence in, to do the job, and they are alot closer to home too. I'll talk to both guys and see how i feel. Ahhh too late Locky, by the time i had seen this he had already ordered all the materials, And he mentioned he started it over the weekend too. O well! Is anyone familiar with Protec paints? The painter uses that system. I have heard it is your run of the mill smash repair shop paint system, as its cheaper than PPG and other brands. But I'd assume because they offer life time warranty on repair work for insurance, that it isn't bottom of the barrel product? Rudi.
  12. CroS13

    The Build 73 240Z

    Yeah they do LOL! Seems he has a few zeds, and quite the amount of fairlady roadsters in the shop. Did Marcel give you a time frame on how long your car will take to get painted? It seems a few guys quit on him recently, when i first went there, he was by himself. And while i was checking on my car, he had a young kid working there first week. He did mention he had a few cars, including yours, to get through before he could get started on mine, he mentioned a car round the back of the booth that had been there "a while" with the owner screaming for it to be done, so that would be a priority. I Don't want my car sitting there for a year gathering dust you know. Oh and did you just use the Protec paint system he uses when he did your engine bay? Rudi.
  13. UPDATE 21.6.18 - SHELL BLASTED! I got a call today that the shell had been blasted and put in epoxy primer.... and i got sent this photo...... so i took a little drive after work......... It was put in epoxy today. The Shell is perfect... Not a single extra spec of rust on it. And it had no additional dents or dings hiding anywhere . 90% of the hanging panels are perfect too, the bonnet, perfect, the rear hatch, perfect. . We did however find some rust..... In the drivers door. the other door was fine. Funny enough, the one spot i didn't bother to buzz down when i had the car. I did the corner of the door, i did the rocker panel and they were fine, and the door looked fine from the inside... so this was the only spot. I really cant be bothered any more, ill let the smash shop patch these holes....... And on the drivers guard, here looks to be a average repair, and a dent or two... but that's literally it! Cars underbody will get done in Raptor Liner early next week while its still on the rotissarrie, Marcel is making me up 2 paint cards for me to see when i get there too. He is busy... he said he has 3 or 4 cars that need to be done before mine, but he said mine was no issues what so ever. Hoorah! Rudi.
  14. Cant you see that's just a 2019 model forklift getting delivered to site? because that's all i can see on the back of the truck! And Yeah Jeff, the list is finished! So to elaborate a little. The shell is getting blasted, and put in Epoxy primer. I'm also getting either stone guard or raptor liner sprayed on the underside while they have it on the rotisserie. If we don't find anything, I'll get a quote for them to bog it and spray it. If we do find something major, I'll probably take it home, do the repairs, then send it back to paint, and during that time, I'll at least get it back on the ground as a rolling shell. Rudi.
  15. Update 11.6.18 - Off to get blasted Sim's metal gave me a good price for the shell... see ya later!