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  1. Bargain price - won’t get them cheaper anywhere
  2. Roady

    Front/Rear strut removal

    Cheers thanks Locky - you’re a good man
  3. Roady

    Front/Rear strut removal

    I’ve been trawling the suspension section but cannot find the right info. Please point in the right direction if it’s been covered. I’m just looking to replace the springs and shock absorbers front and rear. Do I need to remove the entire strut to do this? For example, at the back, can I disconnect the stabiliser bar, remove the brake caliper (R31 brakes) then the 3 nuts at the top of the tower (in the car) then drop everything down or will I need more room to lower it out and have to disconnect the spindle bar etc as well and pull the entire strut out? Cheers Jason
  4. Roady

    New Koni for 240z/260z & 280zx

    When asked about whether it they were designed for a lowered car I was given a highlighted passage of the article above - stating it’s designed for road cars through to track cars. I explained that many people section their struts to give the shock more clearance. So reading between the lines, I would say this means they are designed for unmodified struts. Therefore couldn’t fit into sectioned struts. I’d presume you could using lowering springs etc and have limited shock movement like today without sectioned struts.
  5. Roady


    Just wondering if anyone has any front and or rear standard height king springs (KDFS-08/ KDRS-09) they would like to dispose of? (So long as it’s not cut). I know I can purchase new but looking for something no one wants anymore. Cheers Jason
  6. Roady

    New Koni for 240z/260z & 280zx

    Update to this post - List price for the new Z koni yellows is $299.74USD per pair, I’ve asked for more details regarding if they are for a standard height or lowered cars https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic20b04
  7. Roady

    New Koni for 240z/260z & 280zx

    You can Mossy. z store response is, that they cannot add any more information except to say they will be coming soon. The staff will know when the customers know.
  8. Roady

    New Koni for 240z/260z & 280zx

    I agree. thezstore website has them listed as “new shocks” coming soon. No further details yet, I’ve sent an email to see if they can add anything else to the equation
  9. http://www.koni-na.com/en-US/NorthAmerica/News/News-Releases/KONI-Sport-Performance-Dampers-for-Classic-’70-83/ Does anyone know more about these? These look to be new as opposed to the 8641-1060 which people have used from the 300zx which need a spacer...
  10. Roady

    Engine pinging on cylinder 1

    https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/14197-engine-noise/?tab=comments#comment-169348 id say exhaust manifold as well. I had the same issue
  11. Roady

    Fitting SR20DET into 260z

  12. Roady

    Wtb: Fuel Tank Strap For 240

    Hi Greg, have you had had any luck finding these? I have a set, bit rough but I can send you photos if you like? PM me if you are still looking and interested.
  13. Roady

    280Zx Fuel Tank Into 73 240Z

    The main issue/reason I had to modify the vent hose was that my original tank only had one vent... all the photos I have seen of the original 240z tanks had two vents... generally 1 being at the top right (rear) and the other being middle on the far left of the tank. Thus the system was always meant to have two.. not sure why mine did not. I'm open to ideas and suggestions on this - whether other peoples 240z fuel tanks have one or 2 vents and what size they are?? Lurch - does yours have an evaporation canister that the system all plumbs to or straight to the rubber fuel filler hose?
  14. Roady

    280Zx Fuel Tank Into 73 240Z

    Quick update on this one. Firstly I never mentioned I was doing this as my 240z tank was only 40L... I think many are but all the sites I see mention it's a 60L tank (but mine definately was not). The installation itself would be difficult to use an original fuel vent hose, because of the additional fuel vent coming from this tank. There is limited room, and to cut the original vent tube squeeze in the additional brass section with T piece etc was going to prove tricky. The only thing missing from the photos is an additional 90 degree brass elbow which connects the tubing back into the car to the fuel filler. I also angled the vent tubing in the photo below slightly downwards (not the way it is in the second photo), to line everything up correctly as the vent hose from the car comes through a metal "tube" so it is already angled as it comes through to the fuel tank area... hope that makes sense. So so far it all seems to fit and mount correctly, I might need to play around with the position a little to get it just right. The only thing that seems to have been just a little off was the short strap on the left hand side. Larger tank = larger straps, but the one of the left was almost a little too long and the original strap wouldn't reach. I've used a thicker piece of rubber insulation (between the tank and the metal strap to correct this). Let me know if I've missed something out or questions if I can answer I will.
  15. Roady

    240z Fuel Tank Vent hose

    Thanks ScottyD - that's great info and photos. Really appreciate the effort. Jason