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  1. kck

    The Z's

    Our two Z cars
  2. kck

    76 260Z 2+2 - $10K In Wa - Sold

    Hi, just curious as to whether you received much interest on your datsun. We are in WA also in the central wheat-belt and have two datsun 260's. I advertised them previously on gumtree , had two expressions of interest , one had no idea and the other a foreign fraudster, so promptly removed the ads. Any other car sites in WA that you might recommend Cheers thanks
  3. kck

    1975 260z 2+2

    Unfortunately we need to part with one of our zed's, relocating to WA wasnt such a flash idea. Anyway our 'bullet' is near perfect vehicle. Triple webbers, new Mallory ignition, silver/grey 2pak new paint work, 5 speed manual and a real goer! Rego has run out so are happy to drop the price to $ 15000. Overall is ready to go, a couple of minor repairs required but nothing that wont pass over the pits. We are now located in Mingenew W.A
  4. kck

    Electronic Distributor which one?

    Amazon were very prompt, item delivered within the week! We only arrived home late last night after four long weeks away, dizzy has been fitted already and will take it for a test run soon. Will respect the neighbors and not crank it up too early.
  5. kck

    Electronic Distributor which one?

    After many hours googling finally purchased a Mallory unilite dizzy from Amazon. $399 including delivery from the US. Appreciate your suggestions
  6. kck

    Love this photo.

    Love the Z car dock! Z heaven!!
  7. kck

    Car carrier

    Wow thats very cheap! We have gone with Prixcar. $1630ea Tewantin Qld to Geraldton. Save the dramas of driving two to Brizzy Besides that hoping to keep my 'red rocket so that will be three. Lucky we love them lol
  8. kck

    Electronic Distributor which one?

    Thanks heaps. Will look them up now.
  9. recommendations please on a electrical distributor for '76 260z L26. Mechanic suggested Pro comp (found bad reviews) or MSD. Either of these or another brand? Thanks
  10. kck

    Car carrier

    thanks for the responses. Got a good quote from them too.
  11. kck

    Car carrier

    Does anyone know of an interstate car carrier? Going from Sunshine coast to Perth. Back loads even. Will check around myself but if anyone has dealt with one they would recommend i'd be keen to hear. Thanks
  12. Mustang early or late model. Unique solid looking car.
  13. Are the seat covers still available at all, I left my run a bit late but havent noticed that they had sold. Thanks
  14. kck

    76 260z doors (wrong ones!)

    No havent been on the egg nog Apparently there are slight differences with early and late 260z models. They are a slightly different shape and the strikers are totally different. Maybe I am wrong and was sold wrong model doors altogether which would have been an expensive mistake.
  15. In losing the ongoing battle to keep the rust at bay in my 76 260, purchased and freshly painted two doors.Yay so excited. My hubby and another mechanically minded mate removed the old doors, struggled fought and swore to get the new you beaut passenger one on and Viola' Crap! Door doesn't shut! Didn't realise some silly person changed the design half way through the year. Mine is a March model. So cut out part of the door arch and now have it permanently closed with a ratchet strap. Any brilliant ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sunday drives arent as cool as they used to be when one of us has to climb over centre console to the passenger seat