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  1. PB260Z


    Hi I have Recaro LS’s in my Bus, Very comfortable long distance seets. They do sit a little higher than the standard seats though. Cheers PB
  2. Hi Gav, Well done on getting it running again, that is a really significant step (well it is to me) re cracking the plastics : suspect that when they were new there was just enough flexibility to allow you to remove & install them without cracking, even in todays cars you need to bend them some somewhat when removing them. cheers PB
  3. PB260Z

    engine choice

    Hi I would be on the lookout for a rusted out but complete 280ZX, that way you know that you have everything that you. Well that is what I did with mine. Cheers PB
  4. Values on S130’s have certainly gone up in the last few years. it was only 4 years or so ago that I purchased a complete and almost running S130 Manual for $900.
  5. PB260Z

    I'm back!!!

    Awesome looking car, just proves that good cars are out there. A long road trip is a great way to get to know to the quirks of a car. Cheers
  6. Hi No worries, I am away until July 17th, I will give you a call when I get back Cheers PB
  7. Hi Rudi Good choice, those things go forever. Now to wind up the boost a touch, or two and have some fun. Cheers PB
  8. PB260Z

    Show us your......man cave.

    And I wouldn’t mind betting that you found a few long forgotten treasures in the process
  9. PB260Z

    List of Datsun Z suppliers

    Hi Jeff I will have a look through all the links and either delete or strikethrough any that no longer applicable. Cheers PB
  10. Great score, will you be a starting a build thread for it. also, if you need an engine hoist and/or stand I have both sitting in my workshop collecting dust. Cheers PB
  11. PB260Z

    Help - Broken down Z in Brisbane

    Hopefully Robbie @DreamZproject makes it through Sydney without drama. But if there are any troubles let me know, I will be around the house all afternoon tomorrow. cheers PB
  12. PB260Z

    Help - Broken down Z in Brisbane

    @PZG302 Fantastic effort Matty.
  13. For someone who is looking for a 2+2 these could be a good deal. The green car looks the goods. I imagine the location, and resultant transport costs, would put most people off. it would be one heck of a road trip to pick them up.
  14. PB260Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Hi Kuba The Z looks fantastic with those wheels, great improvement. Cheers PB