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  1. PB260Z


    Hi As far as I know, you can only do that by clearing the history. see the image, yes that is iPad but the iPhone is the same browser
  2. PB260Z

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Hi Jeff The Z is looking awesome - well done. Cheers PB
  3. PB260Z

    Classic car bubble

    Maybe, Maybe not - the last Falcon to have the 351C “T” on the spec plate & Top Loader combo. Some people say the modern XY-GT. I was not all surprised by the result. I imagine the XE Falcon guys think the current 240 prices are silly.
  4. Hi Abz Welcome, more than welcome to “stand in the corner” great way to learn some of the idiosyncrasies of both Z’s and this forum community. Waiting patiently is a good idea good cars to come along for sale, but when they do not hesitate - they sell very quickly. Cheers PB
  5. No worries, they appear to be in amazing condition. I haven’t unboxed the one with tyre, so can’t comment on that one. cheers
  6. PB260Z

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    Hi Gordo Not sure if I will make it this year, got a fair bit on right now. That said, it is in the diary and and I will see what I can work out. Cheers PB
  7. Welcome Tim. It looks like an honest example. I will be very interested to hear what you find when you get it home and cleaned up. Cheers PB
  8. Hi I did notice a few strange things on Friday night, but all seems to fine today. Cheers PB
  9. PB260Z

    260z body parts

    Always worth a quick “For Sale” or “Freebie” post before chucking stuff out. One mans trash.......
  10. PB260Z

    The Build 73 240Z

    Hi Ben at AttSpeed did the tacho on my bus, great guy - not the cheapest but first rate work.
  11. Engine looks very tidy, could make a great L28E donor car
  12. PB260Z


    Sydney Z Workshop day at George’s ..
  13. PB260Z

    Reassembly help- wiring bracket

    Hi Looks the cable securing bracket off a downdraft carbie - the old Chev has one similar to that. cheers PB
  14. Where the heck did find those, and have they got Unicorn horns ?