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  1. DreamZproject

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Yeah hopefully mine will be all ready with rego for the next one!
  2. DreamZproject

    Wtb 240z louvres

    Trying to choose between a nice ducktail or louvres and think that the less permanent option is easier for now. Anyone got some going?
  3. DreamZproject

    Keyless entry and car security

    Hey Bruce, Slow reply sorry! Yeah I'd love some pics and contact details of the guy that did the job. You're in Vic right?
  4. DreamZproject

    Misc Items For 71 240Z

    Group buy to save on shipping?
  5. DreamZproject

    Keyless entry and car security

    Hey guys, I'm interested in the Z getting Keyless entry and some form of electronic security. Just wondering what systems you'd suggest, and most importantly, who you'd trust to install the system (I'm sure it's not an easy job on these cars!)
  6. DreamZproject

    240Z Windscreen Washer Jets

    I'd like to upgrade to these please. I think 5 along the bonnet should do.
  7. DreamZproject

    Misc Items For 71 240Z

    Hey Gav, I'm after a couple of those parts too. I need the rear strut tower caps and dash mat, so if you find an online source for them let me know.
  8. DreamZproject

    Adjust Indicator position

    Yeah, sounds like a plan if I was sure about which wheel I was going to use, but just in case I'll swap around I think a temporary measure might be best...
  9. DreamZproject

    Adjust Indicator position

    Hey Z brains... just wondering if anyone else finds the 240 indicator lever location annoying??? I basically have to take my hand off the wheel to reach back to the indicator! I realise I could bend the stalk forward, but in an effort for authenticity, has anyone attached some sort of L bracket on the stalk to bring it parallel in closer to the steering wheel?
  10. DreamZproject

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    Ah ok, thanks for that, will let Lurch know! Hahaha no nothing crazy like that. Something much more regular to find when you lift the hatch.
  11. DreamZproject

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    Hahahha so you've been down to see the car already?
  12. DreamZproject

    Need a club for Historic Rego Victoria

    Yeah Lurch suggested Moorabbin Auto as well, but it seems Ash doesn't want to take on any new memberships... Thanks Zedhead, I'll try them!
  13. Hey guys, with the immediacy of purchasing my 240 I am without a club for historic rego. Where is the easiest place to join up so I can get my rego done in the next couple of weeks?
  14. DreamZproject

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    Lurch, just make sure you don't show Gav what's in the boot...
  15. DreamZproject

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Yes yes yes! So keen! Hopefully my car will be all transferred into my name by then.... but might have to miss the first one