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  1. dat240z

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    Expensive, but pretty cool.
  2. dat240z

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    Good grief the green 240z resto mod is mint.
  3. They just have a bad wrap - who knows how much is true though - urban legend vs actual events. I've heard stories of rotas literally exploding apart. Saying that I ran a set until I could justify some Wats and didn't have any issues! I think you'll have more luck if the rims were wrapped in some rubber as thats another significant expense the buyer would have to stump up.
  4. Because no offence to the seller, but Rotas are cheap imitation rubbish. Plus the need for Tyres and your looking at over $2000 for knock offs with a somewhat questionable reputation
  5. dat240z

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    The brakes are overkill but my God they make the car pull up. I run the same setup with a spot caliper handbrake on the wear as per Waz's setup. Passed ACT rego and engineering no probs, however I still wouldnt be confident relying soley on the handbrake on a hill. But the Willwoods are fantastic. Jeff, you make need the proportioning valve too as I needed to adjust my bias away from the rears - the rear end kept locking up under hard braking.
  6. dat240z

    I'm back!!!

    I was so tempted to get that car - looks great.
  7. Love it arbs - well done mate.
  8. dat240z

    Clock Repairs.

    Silly question, but can you reach the clock in the 240z without removing the entire dash? Heater panel removed should provide enough yeah?
  9. dat240z

    Racetrack Experience In Japan

    Ha, Im an idiot - the way I read it was off - my bad. Although there have been numerous rental car race track stories over the year! Hetrz Mustangs still produced today. Did you see this?? https://www.omoren.com/en/products/list?Maker[]=3
  10. dat240z

    Racetrack Experience In Japan

    Why rent a car in Japan? Its the #1 place for efficient, cheap transport. In addition, I'd seriously consider taking a rental car to flog on a race track - could be a recipe for disaster, but also a whole heap of fun assuming no "incidents" I guess. Have you seen the Karting on Toyko streets? Im sure there would be some sort of hire/track day experience somewhere Japan! Surely
  11. dat240z

    What Radiator For Rb25 240?

    I went a Mckinney Motorsport aluminium RB fan/shroud/radiator from the states. Very good for cooling, unfortunately its a little too race orientated - quite noisy, but could change the fan/shroud Id assume/
  12. There's no denying, that thing is a monstrosity.
  13. dat240z

    The Build 73 240Z

    Great plate choice.
  14. dat240z

    240Z Rb25Det Oil Sump

    Look for a rear bowl RB30 sump. Out of older Patrols and 200zr My sump hung low (150mm off the ground) so I shortened and widened it. Or you can buy new ones from the states - Mckinney motorsports and a few other companies have them - CX racing i believe.