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  1. saxon

    Saxon's 260z

    Heyyyy I have kept it. 2 main reasons were I ended up not moving overseas for work and I moved to a place with covered parking. It's getting a bit of love now. Driving it every weekend. Dunno if I can make classic japan 2013 though I will see!
  2. saxon

    Saxon's 260z

    Horses for courses Simon. Only selling cause Im leaving the country and only havent driven it lately cause I moved house and dont have a garage. Not about to leave it out in the elements so its with my parents.
  3. saxon

    Saxon's 260z

    I'd use the term "finished" very very loosely with this one hehe. Though I think it looks great inside and out, mechanically it is pretty stock and needs some help. Will post something up next week
  4. saxon

    Saxon's 260z

    Long time since I been on the forum or in my Zed for that matter! I plan to sell the zed and some bits and pieces I got lying around as I plan to move out of the country later this year/early next. I will put up a for sale thread soon. Cheers, Hamish
  5. To be honest, for $7,000 you will get a car that looks/drives shite. Best advice is work hard, make some sacrifices in other areas of your life, save up, and buy a better one, will save you money in the long run and give you more satisfaction. The 240z/260z is a beautiful car but looks like junk if you don't look after it.
  6. you're looking at 10k+ for a half decent road worthy 2 seater
  7. saxon

    Saxon's 260z

    Some pics from the GripShiftSlide import car show on the weekend. Props to the photographer.
  8. Nah. for 75k i'd take an s30 zed and a hakosuka.
  9. saxon

    Retro car kings Discovery channel

    "some people might say that doing this is wrong. But even so, I don't care at all" less than a minute in and I love it already
  10. saxon

    Ugliest Z ever

    +1 this is ugliest car thread not fastest car thread, just accept it's ugly and let's move on
  11. saxon

    Ugliest Z ever

    agreed it is ugly but so is most time attack style aero
  12. saxon

    Roberto's PMC enhanced 260Z

    My personal preference is chrome lipped wheels to make it pop, while everything else is blacked out.
  13. Yes get a 2+2, you can get them cheap like 5 grand for a decent one. Don't spend a dime on improving it. Just general maintenance. Start saving money. When you are older and have a job and can spend more coin, get a 2 seater and do it up nice.
  14. saxon

    The before and after thread

    Before and after from back then from front. Biggest mistake I made is not taking a lot of before pics. Lesson learned. Take lots of pics! No matter what stage it's at.
  15. saxon

    Ledge's Patina Project

    How did I miss this thread for so long, this looks sick!!!!!!!!!! I second everyone, well done for having the balls to do this, has really paid off. I reckon would be even better with no bumpers and 15 or 16" wheels.