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  1. Just to add my 2 cents... bought many parts from All Z Parts since early 1990's. My "beef" is that eBay for NissanDatsunParts is claimed to be used to clear all his old stock...reality is they are Motorsport Auto (MSA in the US) biggest account customer in Australia Wait for exchange rate to be right and you can buy without the middle man.
  2. Confirming details as follows: 1. Struts are 51mm - standard 240z 2. Have not been shortened 3. Front & Rear free spring height is 260mm 4. Adjustable sleeve is 200mm long
  3. SOLD - Pending Payment Thanks
  4. Attached some photos sourced from jk_zeder part out topic Note the alloy bracket shown on rear strut isnt included as it went with jk_zeder willwood brake setup.
  5. Hi Alex, I don't think I have any pictures handy. I think Nat0 has detailed them pretty well on his topic on this forum. Believe it is a thicker gauge & is a galva bond material. What I have for sale is his complete chassis rail kit for a 240z 2 seater (including the rear extension to underside of floors) Rails run from radiator support panel to rear sub frame.
  6. As purchased from forum member JKzeder ​Ground Control weld on coil over setup Eibach Springs (330Ibs front, 300Ibs rear) Tokico Illumunia 5 way adjustable shock inserts Comes with or without rear axles/bearings - please confirm as axles are currently removed from the rest of the assembly. $1100 without axles/bearings $1300 with axles/bearings
  7. Have a full set of new chassis rails that are now surplus to my needs as I have sold the 240z shell I bought them for. Available at original cost to me including freight to all eastern States Will offer to forum members first (first week or so) before I advertise on ebay or gumtree $1175 (incl. freight as above)
  8. I presume no one else has been keen to hand over $ for a kit recently?
  9. zed74

    Personalised Plates Queensland

    Just secured it...
  10. zed74

    Nissan S30Z Chassis Datum Points

    I think another original bonnet maybe the answer if fitment was spot on..
  11. zed74

    Nissan S30Z Chassis Datum Points

    I have had previous issues & my panel man has effectively induced extra curve in bonnet shape to achieve smooth consistent lines of bonnet/fender junctions. It looks frightening to witness! sitting too far back just sounds like you need to slot the bonnet holes for the hinges?
  12. zed74

    Nissan S30Z Chassis Datum Points

    its also not unusual to have to "tweak" the original factory bonnets...
  13. zed74


    As I understand it the purchaser will subject the car to a full restoration & preserve it in its original spec.