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  1. 24 Dat

    List of Datsun Z suppliers

    How about separating them in to Australian/Japanese/American/European/Other suppliers I don't know if it possible for people to add like or dislike supplier
  2. 24 Dat

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Just bumping this, On the Challenge Bathurst Facebook page today, entries are now open for the Regularity and the Super Sprint for past competitors, they have said there is already a waiting list for all those who have not competed before in the event, so it will guaranteed be a sell out this year, I have a few spots left in Group Z for this years Regularity. If you want to join us for this totally awesome event please contact me asap Cheers Dave
  3. @gav240z cant you just ask everyone who has this avatar problem to reload there image (or a new one) in the format you need?
  4. very appropriate and i know exactly what you mean You're doing an awesome effort and the site is looking great, a real improvement
  5. Hi all Just as it says i am after a pair of tinted headlight sugar scoop covers for an S30. Only going on my Race car so don't need to be in A1 condition Cheers Dave
  6. Hey i like my "acquired image", I've always loved that livery , awesome looking race Z , I would love to get the #1 comp car of the 1973 winning 240Z of East Africa Safari Car Maybe one day
  7. 24 Dat

    Cecil - my 1973 240z

    Nice looking car and great write up. I hope to see it around the brisvegas area soon
  8. I couldn't do it his morning but looks like i can now. looks like it will be a cool new addition What size is the best to fit? as i might do a collage of some of my Z's Cheers Dave
  9. @gav240zi notice on your home/personal page you have a image as your personal banner (not sure if that's the correct term) a photo/section from an old 240Z manual in this banner, are we able to upload our own personal banner images yet and if so (or when we are) what pixel sizes dimension sizes will best suit etc etc? apart from you we all just have a 3d kind of image. Cheers Dave
  10. 24 Dat

    Fast and Loud 280Z

    Looks like Tuesday the 19th was the first 1/2 of the build, the second 1/2 is Tuesday the 26th at 6.30pm
  11. 24 Dat

    Fast and Loud 280Z

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but the Fast and Loud episode with the 280Z 2+2 is on at 6.30pm ie 10 mins is on channel 612 Foxtel . just saw it on the guide
  12. How come so many people have either a letter or a number as there avatar eg. 1600dave has a 1 in a orange circle as his avatar , i will say that he is a number one kinda cool guy, but am i doing something wrong or is the upgrade still catching up?
  13. Re the Icon, could it be changed from VZC to AZC??? more relevant to this Australia wide forum
  14. Thanks Gav for your work and dedication to this forum and website the information here for Australian Z enthusiast is second to non. the new site seems to work really well, one thing which you might want to look at down the track, the small avatar (sorry i don't know the correct terminology) which use to show on my bookmarks bar now just shows a clear folder, Might be time for a few people to make a donation to make sure this website keeps on going.