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  1. 24 Dat

    NAPA Auto superstore Zed day

    yes the cops have been having loads of checkpoints all over the place in the past couple of weeks checking on 4x4's
  2. 24 Dat

    NAPA Auto superstore Zed day

    We are lucky up here OdinZ, in that we own our personalised plates for life and we are allowed to put them on our Special Interest Vehicle Scheme (SIVS) ie: Club Registered cars. you can just fit "S plates" see the photo of the Jade Blue 280ZX above
  3. 24 Dat

    NAPA Auto superstore Zed day

    Great turn out and a top morning, great to meet a few guys from this forum. The black 280ZX had less than 25000 kms on it, a museum quality car.
  4. 24 Dat

    '71 903 Blue 240z

    Fantastic , the car looks great, and i am sure she will give you both many years of awesome Zedding and hope hopefully i get to see her one day
  5. Hi Mate saw you post re the ZCCQ , i organise all the club runs etc and we have a few coming up, i don't post them of the forum as we have had problems with gate crashes and other issues which i can explain to you if you come to a run. you can join us as a trial member for a run for $2 and see if you want in. please email me d1770@tpg.com.au 



    1. RAP260


      Cheers Dave, sounds awesome. 

      I'm currently out, but I'll send you an email later today. 



  6. 24 Dat

    Christmas in July

    It was an awesome 2+ day long weekend
  7. 24 Dat

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Hi Gordo this came up last year on this forum, check out page 2 of the CB17 thread I run the Hankook Z214's but most of the guy in Z's are running A050's Below from the sup regs 2.14 TYRE REGULATIONS 2.14.1 Both Categories: All tyres must in accordance with Schedule E of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport The same as last year .
  8. 24 Dat

    List of Datsun Z suppliers

    How about separating them in to Australian/Japanese/American/European/Other suppliers I don't know if it possible for people to add like or dislike supplier
  9. 24 Dat

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Just bumping this, On the Challenge Bathurst Facebook page today, entries are now open for the Regularity and the Super Sprint for past competitors, they have said there is already a waiting list for all those who have not competed before in the event, so it will guaranteed be a sell out this year, I have a few spots left in Group Z for this years Regularity. If you want to join us for this totally awesome event please contact me asap Cheers Dave
  10. @gav240z cant you just ask everyone who has this avatar problem to reload there image (or a new one) in the format you need?
  11. very appropriate and i know exactly what you mean You're doing an awesome effort and the site is looking great, a real improvement
  12. Hi all Just as it says i am after a pair of tinted headlight sugar scoop covers for an S30. Only going on my Race car so don't need to be in A1 condition Cheers Dave
  13. Hey i like my "acquired image", I've always loved that livery , awesome looking race Z , I would love to get the #1 comp car of the 1973 winning 240Z of East Africa Safari Car Maybe one day
  14. 24 Dat

    Cecil - my 1973 240z

    Nice looking car and great write up. I hope to see it around the brisvegas area soon
  15. I couldn't do it his morning but looks like i can now. looks like it will be a cool new addition What size is the best to fit? as i might do a collage of some of my Z's Cheers Dave