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  1. 24 Dat

    Logbooking a Car for Sprints Only

    Hi OdinZ, for CB the cars have to be either road registered or log booked Check out last year's Sup Regs etc at http://www.challengebathurst.com/competitor-info they have changed very little over the past couple of years, Cheers Dave
  2. Update 2 Challenge Bathurst 2019 Group Z Regularity is filling fast, of the 50 spots i have available, i now have 44 x Z's, of these 39 are S30's (30 x 240Z's, 7 x 260Z's and 2 x 260Z 2+2's) Of the 30 x 240Z's, 4 of them are Series 1's 2 x 280ZX's 2 x Z31's 1 x Z32. I have 2 entrants from Tasmania which means i only need to get someone from NT to join Group Z and I'll have the country covered. ???Anyone out there??? The Second group is filling as well, so far 23 entrants with about 75% being Nissan/Datsuns. If you or you know anyone who would like to come and be a part of this please let me know ASAP Cheers Dave
  3. Fortunately the car that speared off was on the practice run. on the Saturday morning, but interestingly, and regarding our history with the event, i looked at the results, of the 4 timed Regularity runs and who got red flagged runs Group A: 1 out of the 4 red flagged (the fastest nominated time group) Group B: 2 out of the 4 red flagged Group C: 2 out of the 4 red flagged Group D 4 out of the 4 red flagged (the slowest nominated time group) Group E: 1 out of the 4 red flagged (Group Z mixed times)
  4. The minimum and maximum times are set out by CAMS for this event, not the organisers. I am one of the faster running cars and catch up to the slower cars in the group, unfortunately this is just one of those things we have to deal with, I know once i have caught up to the slower cars my fastest lap time will be shot, so i try and nominate an between time to try an not lose to many points. If i'm held up, i just enjoy the ride and wait until a safe opportunity comes to pass, last year i only passed about 6 cars all up on the last laps of the runs, sometimes you got lucky and found myself in an easy spot to overtake and sometimes I just had to wait until the start of Conrod Straight or elsewhere. Lowering the minimum time would be a waist of time. As i said above only 2 cars did it and only just. "Its up to the driver of any car passing another to wait until it is safe" we are told this time and time again and the leading driver should hold the racing line, (unless they indicate otherwise (Clear hand signal)) its up to the passing car to go the long way around safely.
  5. UPDATE 1 “Group Z” and “The Festival of Z” Group Z Group Z’s Regularity is filling up very fast, of the 50 spots I have available for Z’s 37 are already filled, 33 of those spots are S30’s, 3 of them are Series 1’s, so already it’s going to be the biggest turn out of S30’s by far at CB Deposits of $690 will be due by the 30th of March and the remainder of $1000 by the 10th of July. If you want to come and compete with us in a Z at Challenge Bathurst in either the Super Sprints or the Regularity Group Z !!!Contact me NOW!!!. PM me or email d1770@tpg.com.au . We have a load of great bonuses for our Group Z, not only do we have guaranteed pit lane garages from 1-9 we will have access to the Corporate Box for the 4 days of CB above the garages, 1-4 which has an awesome view down Pit Straight, around Hell corner and up Mountain Straight, we also have free camping in the Official and Volunteer camping area (with powered and watered sites), free welcoming bbq, and loads of other stuff, but too early to discuss in detail. I have begun filling a second Non-Z group as well, as there will be a few double entered Z’s and all of our past groups non Z entrants. If you don’t have a Z you want to track, but want to be a part of it all with a load of other Datsun/Nissans n another car please contact me. Once my 50 spots in Group Z are filled any extra Z’s will be put into the second group, if there is spots left available. If you’ve ever dreamt of driving your Z around the Mount Panorama Circuit at speed, this is a MUST DO event! You can’t be a beginner, you must have some competition experience, hold a CAMS licence and a well sorted car, believe me the Mount Panorama Circuit is hard on a car and driver, as the CB slogan goes, “If you doubt yourself or your car, then go somewhere else”. If you want to watch some video of some of us Z’s in action go to YouTube and type in, Challenge Bathurst 2018 240Z there are quite a few videos worth watching in their entirety. The Regularity has a minimum time you can complete a lap in, it is 2:36.000, last year we had 2 Z’s just go under that time on the last run of the weekend, (a 240Z and a 370Z (they were black flagged)) these 2, in my opinion are the 2 best drivers who are members of the ZCCQ and in very well sorted Z’s. Please check out the Challenge Bathurst Website, it has all of last year’s results and last year’s entry forms sup regs etc etc http://www.challengebathurst.com/ and Contact me ASAP. We have Z’s from all over the country competing except from the Northern Territory and Tasmania so far, with a big contingent from WA and SA gathering, so come on you guys and gals make the trip for the Competition or The Festival of Z! Don’t forget Rule Number 1, Motorsport is Dangerous! The Festival of Z Celebrating History of and the 50th Anniversary of the 240Z It’s going to be huge, the Super Sprints on the 28th and 29th of November and the Regularity, Z Car Show and Shine Festival of Z, Parade lap around the circuit, etc on the 30th of November and 1st of December. The week leading up to and over CB is currently being planned with things like navigation runs, country tours, street parade and festival. The Bathurst City Council want us there, and will be assisting us in the coming months with plans and what we can do, so watch this space, and plan taking the week off, from the 24th on. The Festival of Z entrants will be able to use the Corporate Box, mentioned above, and we will have special parking areas and access for our Z’s. Start your planning now and send an EOI and come celebrate the History of the 240Z. If you want to be a part of this please email an EOI to Paul Clemens President of the ZCCQ paul.a.clemens@bigpond.com or PM me your interest and I will forward your details. Friday afternoon photo shoot I am sure you all have seen past CB photos and videos of Group Z’s competitors lined up in Pit lane (if not just look at past CB threads) This year will have all the 50 competition Z’s and the 5 others lined up in lineage on the garage side and for as many of you who are there on the Friday afternoon to be able to park up on the other side of pit lane in a similar fashion( let’s see just how many early S30’s we can get, it will be one for the record books) Details will follow. Volunteers If you want to volunteer as a flaggie for the event please contact Paul Clemens President of the ZCCQ paul.a.clemens@bigpond.com or PM me your interest and I will forward your details. Great bonuses like free accommodation, food, drinks and merchandise. Cheers Dave
  6. 24 Dat

    Tutorial: Improving door latch function

    I completely missed this thread last year, i would like 8 sets if available please
  7. 24 Dat

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Nah the Targa car is still being rebuilt, (not to far off finishing) so Jon was using his 1970 240Z which he has been racing for years, Gina will have the 240Z she got last year and running it a CB19.
  8. 24 Dat

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Here's some in car from the Pink Z following me around on the last run on the Sunday, for some reason we were placed incorrectly on the start grid so we worked out to do our passing manoeuvre on the start lap only to have the Red White and Blur car join in the fun (there is other footage above from my in car, on my post dated 22 Nov) We were both having to back off going down conrod due to over revving and Cam especially due to low aero down force.
  9. 24 Dat

    Adelaide Rally

    Well done Roger and Annie, wow that car of yours is tough, Targa High Country then a week later Challenge Bathurst with you both driving in different groups, then Adelaide Rally 2 weeks after that. Fantastic effort for both of you and the Z
  10. Thanks Richard, Yes i seem to have got my aero worked out but still some work( additional bits) , but flat through the Kink, nah the shift light is already on waayy to long.
  11. I don't think i would get my car that much faster, maybe a pro driver would get her there easily, but not me, however i do think there will be quite a few that will get that flag next year
  12. I got a new PB at Challenge Bathurst 2018 last weekend 2.37:338 improved it by over 1.5 seconds from 2016 2.38:882 The car has been dynoed 3 times in last couple of years with figures of 187 rwhp and 184 ft-lb of torque, 189 rwhp and 187 ft-lb and finally just before Bathurst 2016 i fitted bigger injectors 189 rwhp and 225 ft-lb out of a under 3000cc L28
  13. 24 Dat

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    I use 2nd coming out of Forrest's Elbow and thru The Dipper and The Cutting
  14. 24 Dat

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Hi Enzo, myself and a few of the other guys around me are running a 4:44 Subaru diff R180, i'm running 16 " Hankook Z214's final drive .83 from a 280ZX box, would like a tiny bit higher as the shift light is set at 7.2 and its on for a long time going down conrod, but i need the lower gearing going up the mountain