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  1. Cozza

    The Build 73 240Z

    Are you sure you’ve assembled the stand correctly? It looks like these tension straps should go to the back face of the rear box section. maybe?
  2. I’m interested in the issues around asbestos. After watching the MCM videos with their S30 JDM import. they often mentioned they would have liked to have kept the original donk if it wasn’t for the gaskets containing asbestos. i wondered why they wouldn’t have just stripped the motor to individual components and put it in the boot for reassembly in Australia. maybe in their case, they never actually intended on keeping the original motor but, I figure it’s an option for some one that is serious about keeping the original motor. good luck and I look forward to hearing your experience.
  3. I’d try Stewart Wilkins. http://www.swmotorsport.com.au/
  4. Cozza

    Adelaide Rally

    That was fantastic! thanks for sharing and congrats on such a great result.
  5. Cozza

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Go the signage too. It looks great. I really like the BRE schemes.
  6. Cozza

    280ZX Air cleaner assy and seat rails

    No worries Mate, I understand. Let me know if you change your mind. i have some other 280zx bits and bobs lying about that I want gone too. Front tie rods rear struts tow bar windows
  7. Cozza

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    My best lap of the weekend. What a hoot!
  8. Cozza

    280ZX Air cleaner assy and seat rails

    Here’s an air cleaner box your welcome to for a small donation to the site I’m in southern Sydney and happy for you to collect it I can help with postage if required cheers mick
  9. Cozza

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    I quite liked the 350GT Skylines that we’re up at CB18. They supposively have a lot of interchangeable parts with the 370z, just a little prettier in my view. they got down into the 2:39’s or thereabouts I think
  10. Impressive Dave. Next year you will be getting black flagged
  11. Cozza

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    I’m far from being an expert but I did run at Bathurst on the weekend for the first time and had a bag of fun. My car runs a standard bore and stroke warm street motor and i used a 3.9 ratio Subi LSD diff. Best lap was a 2:52.5. I think the car could have gone a bit quicker up, down and across the top of the mountain if my balls were larger than they are. from Harry’s GPS lap timer I Video’d most of my laps which are overlaid with speeds and sector times etc. for some reason I can’t upload it to YouTube. YouTube says invalid video, asset not readable (I am a dinosaur) For my car, I found changing back to 2nd was slower than holding 3rd through the cutting and forest elbow. I’ll see if I can’t upload the vid but in the meantime, I used 3rd for hell corner, reached 180 in 5th heading up mountain straight down to 3rd for griffins, a short stint in 4th then back down to 3rd for the cutting. Back in to 4th at Reid park for the top of the mountain doing between 130 - 150. (Speed through here is a direct relationship to size of balls) down to 3rd at Skyline holding it all the way down to and through forest elbow. Top speed of 213.8 on Conrod but wimped out on holding it flat through the kink (a few more laps and I might have done it) 3rd through the chase and Murray’s corner. I had a great time driving the mountain and look forward to getting back there again sometime. I would recommend it to anyone that likes a little Adrenalin. also had a great time with all the other like minded people and it was nice to put some faces to names. Gordo, good to meet you on the weekend and, great job on taking and posting so many pics and vids for us all. I have enjoyed reminiscing already. Cheers Mate. Mick
  12. Cozza


    Great, thanks Gav
  13. Sad to hear you popped it but the silver lining is that it gives you an opportunity to come back bigger and better for next season. Would love to see some more vids too.
  14. Cozza

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Yeah, a little worrying but it’s probably better than the 3-10mm they have forecast for Thursday. Looking forward to getting up there now!
  15. Cozza


    Anyone know how to clear cache and cookies on an iPhone. sorry, I’m a dinosaur.