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  1. Cozza


    Anyone know how to clear cache and cookies on an iPhone. sorry, I’m a dinosaur.
  2. Cozza


    Yep, I get all different ads over the top of the text so I can’t read the the text behind. ive had it for a while, maybe since the software upgrade?
  3. Cozza

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Congrats Jeff, you’ve put the hard yards in and it’s come up looking great. It’s a real credit to you. looking forward to the unveiling bbq
  4. Cozza


    That looks like a great night. like a kid in a candy store.
  5. I’m about 95 kegs and have the Velo GPT-2. It fits both me and the car well, just a little tight on the handbrake.
  6. Cozza

    Race Car Pics, Yours Or ?

    Nice, any more info on this car? You’ve posted lots of great pics Gordo, keep ‘em coming Mate.
  7. Cozza

    Engine mounts

    I recommend calling Stew Wilkins as a first point of call if your dealer doesn’t have something.
  8. Cozza

    240z horns... Repair/overhaul

    Very neat. And, how do they sound?
  9. Cozza

    Where to buy new spindle pins

    Stewart Wilkins supplies the bolts, not sure if he has the original double threaded studs thingamy though.
  10. Cozza

    soldering starter brushes

    ^^^^ Schwing
  11. Cozza

    Wanted - Roll Cage

    I have the AGI 6 point bolt in cage. It is a very neat fit and finish, with consistent gap widths throughout. Considering they used my car as the template, I thought they did an incredible job. The boys there are professionals and treat the customers very well. I highly recommend their service. The only thing I had fitted which I don’t find useful are the harness eye bolts. I find the harness bar is too close to the seat to fit the clip and adjusting buckle in. I ended up wrapping the harness round the harness bar instead. I’m sure this would depend on your body size and seat position though. im happy to post some pics if you like or drop me a pm if you want to know more. The car has stiffened up significantly which was what I was looking for, as well as the added safety benefits. with regards to legality, I recommend you contact your engineer. from what I understand, no bars in front of the driver. So no front legs or cross bars etc. allowed for registered cars. cheers mick
  12. Cozza

    Wtb Rotissorie Sydney

    Haha When do you plan on putting the car on the rotisserie? You’ve been looking for a year now for a hydraulic rotisserie, in Sydney for half price I guess there’s one out here somewhere, maybe? keep looking I guess
  13. Cozza

    Reassembly help- wiring bracket

    Could it be a clamp that supports auto cooler lines? Fixed to the bell housing maybe? i got no idea if a Z has one of these but that’s what I reckon it would look like if it did. ;)’ i wish I could use emoticons and capital letters worked.
  14. Cozza

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Looking good Jeff. congrats on such a big milestone. looking forward to seeing it in the sun.
  15. I think all sti’s had R180’s so any sti one should work. Yes they use the same spline, I currently run an sti LSD diff I just swapped the input flange and use some output shafts from the states to suit the Subaru spline count and circlip hold in method. Ill check out the shed/tip and see if I can find my one. You’re welcome to it.