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  1. That’s it Katokid. After rebuilding my first mini I didn’t put in the earth strap and the outer choke cable melted on first start up as it was acting as the earth. mine too Gilltech, i can’t take a pic of mine at the moment but it sounds just the same as yours.
  2. Yep, That looks great! well done.
  3. This is how my 240z is too. If the battery negative is connected to the motor only, with no connection to the body, how do the tail lights etc. work? Don't they have an earth return through the body? The motor is theoretically isolated electrically from the body by the rubber engine and gearbox mounts.
  4. Cozza

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2019

    I notice you put that in italics but I don’t think you’re joking. Enjoy the Nats, I wish I could have made it but...
  5. Cozza

    240z rear brake shoes

    Try SW Motorsport. Stewart can arrange various shoe material to suit your requirements and have them machines to suit your drums.
  6. Tyres are very worn semi slicks, I would recommend replacing them. cost is just a donation to the site
  7. Not sure if their model name but a picture speaks 1000 words
  8. Hi Guys anyone keen for some 16x7 wheels? the offset is not perfect but works fine on my 240z. Tyre size options are good though. Donation to the site. mick
  9. Hi guys i have a 280zx radiator and condensor taking up room in my shed. Both appear to be in working order free to good home With a donation to the site of course. can send pics if requested cheers mick
  10. Cozza

    Quick trip to the grampians

    Wow! i have just upgraded the suspension on my landcruiser, in part to increase the GVM. I’ve never had to think about it before but we are about to embark on a “lap” of the country so are getting things organised. what I’ve learnt from the process is that a standard cruiser has very little carrying capacity. standard GVM is 3300kg My cars official weigh bridge ticket weight 2775kg (no bull bar, roof racks, 3rd row seats or spare tyre) this leaves just 525kg’s for all your goodies like, bull bar, winch, racks, spare tyres, rear drawers, passengers, luggage and caravan draw bar mass and everything else the increased GVM is 3850 so I will have a little more capacity but probably still over. Crazy to think your fully loaded weight is more than double your bike mass where legally, I can only add a little over 30% after a GVM upgrade.
  11. Cozza

    Quick trip to the grampians

    Wow! Towing a camper trailer behind a motorcycle! How much do they each weigh? do bikes have a legal max towing capacity like cars? great news about the column, sounds like a very comfy cruiser.
  12. Cozza

    New Koni for 240z/260z & 280zx

    Thanks for the pics George, nice to see some more parts arriving. those instructions are clear as mud, you should have no problems. Haha!
  13. Cozza

    Kobe Seiko Wheels (Works Rally Rims And More)

    I’ve not seen those before but they look like a good product.
  14. Cozza

    Jeff's 240z build

    Congrats on another milestone. you deserve another beer