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  1. Bozo

    Secret Life of Bozo

    Hi all, Quick update as some of you may be curious (or not) about what has happened to Bozo. Alas, I have parted with the car of my dreams attained with the philosophy of The Secret. I am on a mission to build a property now on a newly deposited land which I have committed, expecting the title to settle March 2017 in Kalkallo. In the meantime, I have purchased a 99 Subaru Impreza WRX as a daily driver as it was required for work and also happens to suit the age bracket. I plan on purchasing another Z within the next decade and hope to restore it mostly independently in my own garage. Special thanks to Mark Scoota Kelava, John Ovaric, Ash McLurkin, Dimitri Zedman Vassiliou and Simon Luvemfast Ray - You have all aided me in my journey with my Z's whether it be practical such as inviting me into your garage to diagnose/repair my blown head gasket past midnight, patiently fit R31 calipers, provide friendly products & services or just optimistic fellow moral support. Wouldn't want to sit in any other passenger seat And no - I was not in the UK, but will let you know when I am hopefully 2017. Peace.
  2. Bozo

    Bozo's BLACKBIRD 260Z

    The gentlemen who purchased the vehicle seems like an absolute enthusiast and I'm very happy that it is in good hands.
  3. Bozo

    Bozo's BLACKBIRD 260Z

    Thank you sempai! No more updates unfortunately. The engine is guzzling down a lot of fuel lately - I've purchased a Uni-Syn Mod-A carburetor sync tool, but haven't gotten around to investing the time and effort just yet. I motorised a Reid beach cruiser late last year and built a mini arcade machine thanks to a DIY-kit powered by a Raspberry Pi. Cycling or riding a motorbike is an affordable means of an exciting commuting experience, with its downfalls obviously being the weather and risks involved. Yeah I kept her. I know for a fact I am going to spew down the track if I sell. Its getting to the point where rust may prevail in the ultimate battle against 70's Jap steel. I'm budgetting hopefully for a bit of body-work in the near future.
  4. Bozo

    Bozo's BLACKBIRD 260Z

    Just a quick update - It was recently my birthday and the folks went out of their way to organise a special 260Z themed novelty cake.
  5. Bozo

    [INTERIOR] 260Z Heater Controls

    *BUMP* I'm still seeking heater controls. Plz PM me if you have a spare laying around for sale
  6. Bozo

    [INTERIOR] 260Z Heater Controls

    Thanks heaps for replying guys. I had a gentlemen in Richmond have a look at it and he also though it was the wire, however he was mistaken and found out the hard way. Disassembling the control uni, he say that a small piece in it apparently was broken. Even with the heater controls not being connected in the car, the slider just would no slide all the way. Any suggestions?
  7. Good afternoon Z enthusiasts! I'm in need of 260Z heater controls as mine doesn't slide to either end in appropriate fashion. PM me and we'll discuss numbers. Cheers, Sam G
  8. Yeah I may have messed up a bit there lol, but I remember hearing it at the end of channel 9 news one night. I think you're right, I'll just keep the S30. It always has been my dream car. I may call upon Scoota for bodywork + SR20DET conversion soon
  9. They say that people who invested $1000 in Apple shares 5 years ago now are sitting at $250,000. Not that this applies here. I'm just sussing the market and respondants. I've had more than a few offers so far to be honest, infact a gentleman offered his r33 gtr,but to be quite frank I ddon't think I can bring myself to do it. Front was damaged previously, but have you been reading my journal? Was fixed with insurance work over at PJ's panels... I'm going through a phase and sometimes I think a simple sporty car like an S15 spec s/r gt would cost less to run and be modern/fun at the same time. We'll see.
  10. Can you use any Z31 differential, or does it have to be the 200ZR model from a manual tranny setup? My current diff is leaking and is extremely rough when changing gears; it's almost as if Mike Tyson punches the shafts...
  11. Bozo

    [STOLEN]Malvern Star Oppy C5

    Thank you so much guys. site manager and body corporate confirm there is no content insurance with complex communal facilities. It's times like these I appreciate our ancient ancestors laws whereby robbers had their hands cut or deported from the continent. There's no such thing or person as Robin Hood; there is only the man who is robin-the-hood. I've produced a wanted/stolen poster offering a reward and stuck a couple at Vic Garden shopping center. I'll check BNA forums out as well thank you so much!
  12. Bozo

    [STOLEN]Malvern Star Oppy C5

    Email from real estate agent: Hi Sam, It is the tenants responsibility to have insurance on their belongings. Unfortunately the building insurance does not cover contents insurance for tenants. Hopefully it turns up or the police find some evidence. Thank you
  13. Bozo

    [STOLEN]Malvern Star Oppy C5

    Yeah it definitely isn't the best feeling in the world.. I've emailed the real estate agent and am waiting for a response on insurance. I will file a police report during lunch hopefully and see what happens. Thanks a lot guys :-)
  14. Good morning guys, I've had my Malvern Star Oppy C5 stolen from me last night. It was left in the communal bike shed of my apartment complex and when I approached the shed this morning, I noticed that the door lock had been force broken and that the bicycle my father had gifted to me was lost. Bicycle was purchased mid 2013, is black and red in color and cost $1200. If you happen to hear anything out there, could you please let me know? This is exactly what the bike looks like. Cheers.