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  1. wildy55

    Quick Acrylic Paint Job

    Why not buy some matt White vinyl wrap. Reckon on about $100-$150 for the lot. Wet the panels and lay the sticky side down. Squeeze out the water and trim the edges. Job done in a day and crash repairs are easy and cheap. Get it right and the finish will be smooth and mint. If you spray gloss panel ripples will stand out. Plus there's so much prep work before spraying if you want to avoid a cheap looking job.
  2. wildy55

    Rear Hatch Spoiler Wanted

    Bump still on the hunt...
  3. wildy55

    Rear Hatch Spoiler Wanted

    Before going on the Bay and buying new, does anyone have a rear spoiler hanging around that they'd care to sell me? Looking for the "usual" one as per pic. If you happen to have a whaletail monstrosity, designed in the 70s by a lover of acid and denigher of style, please don't drag it out from under the shed and dust it off on my behalf...
  4. wildy55

    Brake Line Flaring Tool Z31

    Are the lines on a 240z the same dimensions? If so I need one of these too...
  5. wildy55

    260Z Rear Quarter Glass 2 Seater

    Pm sent
  6. Hi Is anyone running the smaller (70-71) brake booster with Hilux S12+8 calipers up front? Just about to reco my booster but want to be sure it'll handle the bigger Calipers (running std drums rear) first. Cheers
  7. And able to pick-up a spoiler? I'll then get a courier to pick it off you. Cheers Martin
  8. wildy55

    Wanted Bump Steer Spacers

    Pm sent, 44014
  9. wildy55

    Wanted Bump Steer Spacers

    Fellas just seeing if anyone has a pair of the above they'd like to sell? Or has anyone got feedback on them. Cheers Martin
  10. wildy55

    240 / 260 Parts For Sale

    Just updating this with items that have been sold Alloys Steering wheel Spoiler Indicator panels All other parts still available - make an offer. Cheers Martin
  11. wildy55

    Wtb 70-71 Brake Booster

    I'm getting mine rebuilt but it's easier to throw another one on while that happens.
  12. wildy55

    Wtb 70-71 Brake Booster

    It's got more flares than Disco Stu.
  13. wildy55

    Wtb 70-71 Brake Booster

    Looking for the above booster (think it's 7-inch dia). Anyone got a decent one before I go new? Cheers