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  1. no just screw out the switch check it is ok and refit, the light should go out. if it doesn't then you may need to pull it apart
  2. unplug it of the switch does the light go off ? if so remove and refit the switch it does sound like an earth problem
  3. Linton

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    We will be there Linton and Cathie
  4. Linton

    air box for triple webbers

    Thanks all going to run it naked for now and maybe look into this again later, sounds bloody awesome, wish I had done a dyno while the efi was on for a comparison, anyway it has come up to 115kw or 154hp on a stock l28 for any one interested in figures.
  5. Linton

    air box for triple webbers

    Hi any body have a air box to sell to suit triple webbers? it was recommended I run a cold air intake system to the carby's
  6. Linton


    didnt do any port work it was just to get the thing to clear the extractors so It could be bolted down,, what a shit show... I guess I am just a grumpy old bugger now it should just fit for what it all cost.
  7. Linton


    The inlet manifold is not even a close fit, had to buy a dremel bit and a power drill to grind it out,, oh well I guess you get what you pay for I would suggest not buying a lynx manifold if you are going down this route
  8. Linton


    Ok they called me today they have sent rejetted 45s as they didn't have any 40s left so I guess I had a bit of a win
  9. Linton


    Hi all I have just ordered a tripple carby setup for my L28 motor and ordered a 260 gasket without the injector cutouts does it make any difference?. which gasket should I use?, Let me know if anyone wants to buy the complete running perfectl 280zx injection system, I will put it in the for sale forum later
  10. Linton

    Nissan 350z On P Plates in Victoria

    the seller would probably need to see your license if from a yard, if you buy it unregistered you may be able to put a temp permit on it and drive it.worth a call to vic roads and ask.
  11. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    thanks Lurch Ill give them a ring in the morning and find out what the repair proceedure is
  12. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    Thanks Justin and Simestime no haven't taken it apart as yet was sort of hoping someone might have one, there are 2 wrecked 260's here in town the guy wont take out the steering. I am not sure those shock absorber bushes above would work but you never know, it could be 5 in in your link which doesn't show in the manual I have
  13. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    thanks to be clear, I do not want the oval shaped rubber bushes on the outside of the rack but the internal bush that stops the the main shaft from banging in the LH side.
  14. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    Hi all wanting to buy a steering rack with no internal wear, or the internal bushes for my 75 2+2 I have phoned around but had no luck thus far. I dont know if the internal bush is replaceable it doesn't come up any where in the manual that I can find Linton
  15. take off the master and hold it in a vice or what ever, manually push in the piston all the way to the bottom, before letting it out put your fingers over the the outlet holes and release the piston, this will create a vacuum in the cylinder sucking the fluid into the cylinder. Do this a couple of time to prime the master then refit.. note: this will be messy and can squirt out a long way if you are not ready for it,, have water around to flush any brake fluid split and make sure you don't squirt it on any paintwork. always start bleeding at the left rear bleeder working your way up to the front.