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  1. Linton

    Full vs club rego

    Victorian club rego is a max of 90 days not 120, to go onto club plates you need to join a club that has vic roads approval for the red plate scheme, you will also need a current RWC , not all clubs are approved to be apart of the red plate scheme.
  2. Linton

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    I need someone to fix my headlights they don't work
  3. Linton

    Wtb: 240Z hatch lock with key.

    260 the same?
  4. Linton

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    I am sure it will be perfect, Already have the datsun Packed and full of fuel for the arduous journey of speed camera's, junk food and toll roads to the big smoke..
  5. Linton

    EPS 260Z Column’s

    Put me down for one if you start making them again
  6. Linton

    New battery mount fitment

    maybe consider making up new longer leads and having the the posts to the front I think it would be a lot safer.
  7. Linton

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Today I replaced the Head gasket ready for Melbourne BBQ trip, it was leaking oil out of the centre gallery down the side of the block and did final tune on the Triple carby's.
  8. Linton

    370z Custom Exhaust

    Love it !! and the car, I bet you are a very happy little chappy thanks for the re post.
  9. Linton

    370z Custom Exhaust

    bloody facebook, not everyone uses it... hope it sound nice..
  10. Linton

    280Zx Fuel Injection System

    I have a complete setup with loom computer etc, not just the manifold, I just removed it all from my car..txt me if your interested looking for around 400.00 04299 3942 zero Linton
  11. Linton


    I use adblock plus it is great
  12. no just screw out the switch check it is ok and refit, the light should go out. if it doesn't then you may need to pull it apart
  13. unplug it of the switch does the light go off ? if so remove and refit the switch it does sound like an earth problem
  14. Linton

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    We will be there Linton and Cathie
  15. Linton

    air box for triple webbers

    Thanks all going to run it naked for now and maybe look into this again later, sounds bloody awesome, wish I had done a dyno while the efi was on for a comparison, anyway it has come up to 115kw or 154hp on a stock l28 for any one interested in figures.