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  1. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    thanks Lurch Ill give them a ring in the morning and find out what the repair proceedure is
  2. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    Thanks Justin and Simestime no haven't taken it apart as yet was sort of hoping someone might have one, there are 2 wrecked 260's here in town the guy wont take out the steering. I am not sure those shock absorber bushes above would work but you never know, it could be 5 in in your link which doesn't show in the manual I have
  3. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    thanks to be clear, I do not want the oval shaped rubber bushes on the outside of the rack but the internal bush that stops the the main shaft from banging in the LH side.
  4. Linton

    steering rack or bushes

    Hi all wanting to buy a steering rack with no internal wear, or the internal bushes for my 75 2+2 I have phoned around but had no luck thus far. I dont know if the internal bush is replaceable it doesn't come up any where in the manual that I can find Linton
  5. take off the master and hold it in a vice or what ever, manually push in the piston all the way to the bottom, before letting it out put your fingers over the the outlet holes and release the piston, this will create a vacuum in the cylinder sucking the fluid into the cylinder. Do this a couple of time to prime the master then refit.. note: this will be messy and can squirt out a long way if you are not ready for it,, have water around to flush any brake fluid split and make sure you don't squirt it on any paintwork. always start bleeding at the left rear bleeder working your way up to the front.
  6. Linton

    Trouble Priming Fuel Pump After Tank Out

    you have checked the filter, take the hose off the pump outlet and check flow,
  7. I am assuming he means these these are holden but may be the same https://www.ebay.com.au/i/192291854694?chn=ps&dispItem=1
  8. the large hole at the front is for radiator drain plug access
  9. Hi all our local car shown shine is on February 17th, it would be great if some of you would like to come down to our beautiful country town for the weekend, I will provide accommodation for anyone interested check out our u tube clip Linton
  10. Linton

    Wanted - Rear Struts

    260 2+2 i have both axles
  11. Linton

    260Z 2+2 Dooras

    no they are not the same, the door itself is the same but there are two types of latch, it has to match your own car so before you buy one ensure it has the correct latch Great name by the way
  12. Linton

    260 Z V8

    Vic roads may not re-register it with out an engineer's cert, do you have one?
  13. Linton

    Wtb Cassette Deck

    good one lurch LOL
  14. seven years ago he said she'll be right mate, might have to alter the timing Ho Ho Ho!
  15. Linton

    280Zx Tps

    thanks Gareth yep thats the one should be ok they have two sets of points in them not much can go wrong, well catch up at the barby Q