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  1. Retro Z

    Repairing Bumpy Surface Finish?

    Body filler weighs next to nothing. I like to use 3M platinum body filler. Easy to sand.
  2. Retro Z

    Classic Japan 2018

    I am. What area are you driving in from?
  3. Retro Z

    Stagea owners here?

    Gav i had a series 2 260rs for over a year. Great car. But you really have to ring out the motor to get up to speed. Handling was very soft until i got coilovers. Not much slower than my r32 gtr it replaced. But it does feel big. I had 280awkws with just a bar of boost, exhaust, 550cc injectors and tomei drop in Poncams. Was very versatile and luggage capacity was like a van.
  4. Retro Z

    Full vs club rego

    There are a heap of clubs that will provide the necessary forms and paperwork for around a once off $50 and yearly membership cost, without you actually having to attend to meetings or event. I done just that after google searching club permit victoria.
  5. Retro Z

    Thermo Fan on Carburetor L28

    Im using this https://daviescraig.com.au/product/digital-thermatic-fan-switch-12v-24v-0444/digital-thermatic-fan-switch-12v-24v-0444 With twin thermo and oer carbs. Works really well.
  6. Retro Z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    I'll be in for the November one.
  7. Retro Z

    R200 3.9 ratio open longnose diff

    I have a r180 3.9 if your interested
  8. Retro Z

    soldering starter brushes

    Why? I bought a 280zx reduction gear starter motor off ebay for $150. One of the best upgrades i've done. Starts easier and is quiet in operation and half the weight.
  9. Retro Z

    260z body parts

    Ill take these if still for sale.
  10. Retro Z

    Wtb: 240Z ext door handle

    Both drivers and passenger handles are the same as are 260z handles. You just swap over the plastic bushing to the other side
  11. Retro Z

    air box for triple webbers

    I also have one as above ' Z racing' just needs a fibreglass repair for the front snorkel part as it has split away abit. Because of that i can do $250 + post or pickup. 30kms West of Melbourne.
  12. Retro Z

    The Build 73 240Z

    The vinyl paint works well and does not go sticky overtime. I used a stain black vinyl dye to touch up my dash and console and it blends in well with stock finish of the dash.
  13. Retro Z

    The Build 73 240Z

    I'd sell your Dash for around $500 or swap it and then reskin a cracked one as you get charged $650 regardless by the dash dr for a good or bad one.
  14. Retro Z

    Diagnose dead battery or power leak?

    Loose negative earth leave. taking a lot of current to crank over and draining the battery. Check to see if its bolted tight to the bell housing or block.