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  1. Retro Z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    I'll be in for the November one.
  2. Retro Z

    R200 3.9 ratio open longnose diff

    I have a r180 3.9 if your interested
  3. Retro Z

    soldering starter brushes

    Why? I bought a 280zx reduction gear starter motor off ebay for $150. One of the best upgrades i've done. Starts easier and is quiet in operation and half the weight.
  4. Retro Z

    260z body parts

    Ill take these if still for sale.
  5. Retro Z

    Wtb: 240Z ext door handle

    Both drivers and passenger handles are the same as are 260z handles. You just swap over the plastic bushing to the other side
  6. Retro Z

    air box for triple webbers

    I also have one as above ' Z racing' just needs a fibreglass repair for the front snorkel part as it has split away abit. Because of that i can do $250 + post or pickup. 30kms West of Melbourne.
  7. Retro Z

    The Build 73 240Z

    The vinyl paint works well and does not go sticky overtime. I used a stain black vinyl dye to touch up my dash and console and it blends in well with stock finish of the dash.
  8. Retro Z

    The Build 73 240Z

    I'd sell your Dash for around $500 or swap it and then reskin a cracked one as you get charged $650 regardless by the dash dr for a good or bad one.
  9. Retro Z

    Diagnose dead battery or power leak?

    Loose negative earth leave. taking a lot of current to crank over and draining the battery. Check to see if its bolted tight to the bell housing or block.
  10. Retro Z

    WTB: R180 'K' Diff 3.9 ratio

    I have one from a 72 manual 240z. Unsure if its the K one though. Missing the bolt in axles and companion flange as i used it for my other diff.
  11. Retro Z

    L28 Injector Replacement

    You can use rb30 (VL turbo) injectors. Green for n/a Brown for turbo if i recall.
  12. Retro Z

    Over the KW limit

    .. but who cares about insurance when 350z's are fully sik hecktic bro . Didn't you mention in your other thread that you cannot afford 98 octane fuel and only 95? In my opinion buy a 2 door Kia until you're legal to drive whatever you want. Otherwise the Police will give you a world of pain. It'll save you and your dad alot of money and heart-ache.
  13. Retro Z

    Nissan 350z petrol

    I'd go a Renault Megane rs250 or Focus XR5 turbo or Mazda 3 mps or something along those lines. Plenty of power, better on fuel and fits 4 people. Better for a young bloke.
  14. Retro Z

    R180 Side axle orientation

    In trade school I was told that it's for the bearing to vent off heat and not for oiling. Could be wrong.