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  1. 3 months is nothing. Disconnect the neg terminal and park it in a dry area. Done. According to the BP fact sheet. Octane is lost over time and fuel will only oxidate if exposed to UV otherwise still maintains its properties for minimum 6 weeks. I've left my cars for 6 months at times and just top up with fresh 98. No problems
  2. Retro Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    My car is far from pure. You'd probably have a stroke if you see my car Gav. But i do have another 240z that i plan to return to original. Best of both worlds i guess.
  3. Retro Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Finally got around to installing the chrome mouldings for my windscreen and hatch. After several attempts (and cut fingers) trying to install the factory chrome mouldings i gave up and purchased the Rarespares chrome mouldings that comes in a roll. It is much easier to fit and very forgiving in terms of installation. Whereas the stock datsun trim needs to be installed with the windscreen out this can be done with glass in place. Total Installation time for front and rear= 20 mins, and looks alot better than the datsun trim.
  4. Retro Z

    Wanted: R180 3.9

    Yeah i have one from a manual 240z. Good condition. Asking $350
  5. Retro Z

    Classic Japan 2018

    I chickened out because of the rain
  6. Retro Z

    Repairing Bumpy Surface Finish?

    Body filler weighs next to nothing. I like to use 3M platinum body filler. Easy to sand.
  7. Retro Z

    Classic Japan 2018

    I am. What area are you driving in from?
  8. Retro Z

    Stagea owners here?

    Gav i had a series 2 260rs for over a year. Great car. But you really have to ring out the motor to get up to speed. Handling was very soft until i got coilovers. Not much slower than my r32 gtr it replaced. But it does feel big. I had 280awkws with just a bar of boost, exhaust, 550cc injectors and tomei drop in Poncams. Was very versatile and luggage capacity was like a van.
  9. Retro Z

    Full vs club rego

    There are a heap of clubs that will provide the necessary forms and paperwork for around a once off $50 and yearly membership cost, without you actually having to attend to meetings or event. I done just that after google searching club permit victoria.
  10. Retro Z

    Thermo Fan on Carburetor L28

    Im using this https://daviescraig.com.au/product/digital-thermatic-fan-switch-12v-24v-0444/digital-thermatic-fan-switch-12v-24v-0444 With twin thermo and oer carbs. Works really well.
  11. Retro Z

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    I'll be in for the November one.
  12. Retro Z

    R200 3.9 ratio open longnose diff

    I have a r180 3.9 if your interested
  13. Retro Z

    soldering starter brushes

    Why? I bought a 280zx reduction gear starter motor off ebay for $150. One of the best upgrades i've done. Starts easier and is quiet in operation and half the weight.