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  1. What parts are being discussed here? A picture of said plugs?
  2. Six_Shooter

    Wanted 71 Aus 240Z Wiring Diagram

    The FSM has the diagrams you're after: http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html
  3. Six_Shooter

    1973 240Z Original Radio Question

    I haven't seen a US radio without an antenna switch. It was usually mounted in the same face as the radio, above the right knob (tuning).
  4. Six_Shooter

    Side Indicator Issues On 260Z/280Z

    The side indicators are just marker lights, meaning they don't flash with the signals. The slight voltage you are seeing is just bleed through voltage from the signal bulbs, due to various reasons that get pretty involved to try and explain and I've never found a good way to explain it. Anyway. When you turn your parking lights on they should light up. Try an incandescent bulb with turning teh parking lights on. If that works, then you may have an issue with your LED bulbs. IIRC, the rear side markers are just tied into the parking light circuit that runs past the tail lights, and the front side markers are similar,
  5. Six_Shooter

    Rev Counter Behaving Super Weird

    That is a current triggered tach, so a '70 to '73 tach. How EXACTLY do you have it connected? From the picture you posted it looks like you're pulling power from the power for the tach through the loop and then I assume to the coil? To the positive? A diagram of EXACTLY how you have this connected will be paramount to try to sort this out.
  6. Six_Shooter

    XR6T 240z Lives on.

    As someone who has taken over a build under similar circumstances, I'll make couple suggestions, put your own ideas into the car too. Keep with what Kyle wanted, but don't limit yourself to JUST what you think he'd want, you need to put a bit of yourself into it too, also don't worry about how long the project takes, just work on it and it will get done. In my case, the car belonged to my uncle. It was his first car, and his first car he built from scratch with his father, my Grandfather. There's a long story I won't get into, but to make it a bit short, the car was heavily damaged, some parts lost in a fire, and then sat for many years. My uncle and I started to rebuild it in the mid '90's. He and I discussed a lot of details over the time we spent together on it. He passed away in 2002, and so the project got stalled at that point. My Grandfather and I eventually decided to finish the project. Took a long time, but it finally got back on the road last year. So that's 14 years between when my Uncle passed and the car made it back on the road. I wanted it to be sooner, but this is just how it worked out, so don't be discouraged if the project takes longer than you would like. I stayed true to many ideas that my Uncle wanted , but did put my own flare on it. One area were this is a mixture is the interior. This build he just wanted a simple grey fabric interior (original was white vinyl), I did use some grey fabric, but also added some red vinyl, to add a bit more flare and touch of my own. So, happy to see this project continue, it can be therapeutic and also saving another S30 to be driven again.
  7. I don't think it's the same one, but I just found out about one that comes up as "Photobucket Hotlink Fix" for Chrome. It seems to be working for me, since there was a thread that previosly didn't show the pictures hosted by PB, but they did show up just a few minutes ago. I only installed the extension yesterday. So basically, there seems to be a few extensions for Chrome that will fix this issue.
  8. Six_Shooter

    Your 'favourite' Used Car Ad Cliche

    Another one to add, because it's popping up a whole lot more lately... "Barn find" *facedesk*
  9. Six_Shooter

    F & R Windscreens

    I'd love something like this, but unfortunately, I'm in Canada.
  10. Six_Shooter

    Rev Counter Behaving Super Weird

    What year of Z? There were different tachs for different years. 1970 to 1973 used a current triggered tach (the positive lead to the coil passed through a loop on the back of the tach), 1974+ uses a negative triggered tach (trigger connects to the coil negative). The part that muddies this is that many people also like to swap the newer tach into older Zs to go to a points triggered type tach.
  11. Six_Shooter

    Audio Systems....options

    I've tried all sorts of audio options for classics, seeing as I've worked in the industry for about 23 years and the conclusion I've come is to simply dive in and trim the opening to put in a head unit that actually works, and is within reach, meaning something current from the mainstream and in the stock location. I've tried several of the offerings for classic vehicles and all but one of them had a problem shortly after installing. Replace them with something mainstream and no more issues. yeah it sucks to trim the opening on a new or original piece in good condition, but it's really the best way to get something that you will use and enjoy instead of fucking with and getting pissed off at it because it doesn't work the way it's supposed to. That being said I have tried several non mainstream things in my 240, no audio (bored of that quickly), to an amplifier that was fed from my phone, to using a mainstream radio that I mounted from behind so that I didn't need to trim the opening to relinquishing and just trimming out the corners and the tad more that was needed to front load the mainstream unit. I got tired of messing with getting the headunit to line up properly every time I needed to get into the dash. My headunit has a motorized face that requires the unit to be EXACTLY in the right spot, otherwise it will hang up on the original opening when trying to move. I have no regrets about front loading the unit now with a sleeve, because it makes working on the dash so much easier, and the unit has the proper trim ring on it that makes it look better. I also have the speakers mounted in custom kick panel enclosures. Currently I haven't had time to add an amplifier and subwoofer to the system, so I just have the 6.5" and tweeter component set running off the headunit.
  12. Six_Shooter

    11 Months Of Sweat And Toil

    Nice turn around. Looks like it was a fun ride last year. hopefully you don't have that same fun this year.
  13. Six_Shooter

    Hybridz May Be Shutting Down.

    The problem is that while a topic may have been discussed previously, that doesn't mean that every detail has, and new variations or understanding of those subjects can be had with new discussions. The whole "Search, it's been discussed before" BS is just that, BS. SOOOOO many threads are full of those replies when you search for the subject there and sooo many threads are outdated, or the links are broken due to software updates over the years, so unless you KNOW the EXACT title of the thread to search for it's impossible to find any good thread on any subject there, especially if it's more than a few months old. I've tried to explain this to the mods there, but it falls on deaf ears (blind eyes, perhaps?). I have had ZERO problem on other sites that don't go by this "everything has been discussed before" attitude. If it's a well discussed subject, you usually don't need to direct anyone to any other threads because they can usually find the threads and info easily. If it's a rarely discussed subject, new threads are sometimes welcome to spark interest or discuss new understanding of those subjects. If it's a subject that you don't want to discuss again, simply don't click on the thread, or just click back and let other people discuss it. Just simply, the clique that is there and specific moderators who lord over members, giving them BS warnings is what has driven people away, and they just refuse to see that. Not long ago a couple moderators/admins, one of which I think was Super Dan posted on a Facebook basically BEGGING for people to use the hybridz site. Everyone that stated why they didn't go there was due to how the site was run, most commonly was the way it was moderated and usually came back to one specific moderator who would give out those BS warnings. Warnings for forgetting a period, or capitalizing a word or beginning of a sentence. Really? REALLY? These posts were COMPLETELY and FULLY understood by anyone reading them. I got a temp ban (14 days) for making a to the point comment about the warning on the thread discussing the BS infraction for missing a capitalized letter. *rolleyes* When that happened I visited there infrequently after that. The temp ban showed me that I could find all the same info and better atmosphere through other forums and sources. It won't be a great loss if that site goes down, even with the amount of info that IS there, another forum will pop up, or people will just use the other Z Car sites more often. Like I said they've brought this on themselves.
  14. Six_Shooter

    Hybridz May Be Shutting Down.

    Honestly, I'm surprised that this hasn't come up sooner. So many people have complained about the moderators and the way the site is NOT welcoming to new members nor is finding relevant information easy, with so many results just having "search it's been discussed before" in the replies and broken links due to forum software upgrades. Plainly, they brought the reduction in traffic on themselves by trying to adhere to a way of running the site that just doesn't work to promote continued nor increased traffic.
  15. Six_Shooter

    Ignition Switch Removal, Repair.

    As zeds4ever said you can change or remove the actual switch without removing the lock cylinder assembly. I did this when I thought I had a problem with my switch, which seemed to be more in the wiring than the switch. That's what happens when you try to run a modern fuel injection system off the old wiring not designed for it... I should have known better... d-oh! Add a couple relays and the problem went away.