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  1. peter mc

    Ledge's 240Z Track car

    Lol you said as long as it sounds good and has a mean idle ... sorry i added a shed load of kw to your requirements haha
  2. peter mc

    Charlie's rb260Z PROJECT

    Run in tune when les Collins and i tuned it just over 600 on pump 95 fuel
  3. peter mc

    Charlie's rb260Z PROJECT

    The 506 was at the hubs on E85 .pump fuel it was 400 kw at 22. At gt auto in qld
  4. peter mc

    Charlie's rb260Z PROJECT

    Thanks Charles It was a pleasure to build your rb26. Man it was a mess when it showed up. Lol never seen one so sad .but dam it turned out nice .from the color that paul Henshaw painted the covers to the hpc black parts it just turned out so nice ..i new when les Collins and i tuned it it was a monster pump fuel 610 hp . Specs .its a very simple build starting with a new head from nissan as the old one was in a bad state .i did a mild race port with 1mm up valves and had the seats cut to sute the ports .springs are supertec and cams are to my spec from clive cams 272 with 10.5 lift theres water mods and a few tricks with oil ways smothed out Block was taken to 87mm and the crank was worked over and fitted with a new coller i used spool rods with upgrade bolts and resized to get perfect clearance pistons are CP and comp is set at 8.5 as it was ment to be a 98 tune . Oil pump is a worked over N1 with external pick up to the sump . Its running a AtI 1000 hp balancer kit and a high octane ignition pickup kit . Coils are spitfire controlled by motec ecu .steven at lcr did the work on the wires .man he knows his stuff did a great job . All the inlet bits were striped down and hpc black and the tb were all striped and cleaned .the end result one beautiful 26 .well done on the car charles its one beautiful car man
  5. peter mc

    Ledge's 240Z Track car

    Lots going on paul was short shifting .not going past 6500 .and the shifter was false triggered caused it to mis .it was going a bit better in the second run when it snaped the rear drive shafts .will be dam fast when its right .and the boost is off the lowest setting
  6. peter mc

    Internet Scam_Amazon Payments

    By the way that car was sold to a friend of mine about 5 months ago .it sold for close to 40k .and since has been in a crash and is being fixed as we type
  7. Ls3 400 kw is what the doc prescribes
  8. peter mc

    Detonation And Preignition ?

    First. Spark dose not cause a car to run on .as soon as you turn the ignition off theres no spark ...can i ask did you turn the idle screw up after you had to retard the timing. .? Also combustion chamber may have hot spots in it from running retarded timing
  9. The big thing you feel with the rear wing is under brakes how stable the car feels this realy helps you get on the gas very early. .i have a solution more hp Gordon
  10. Tom on natsoft your time says 146.5
  11. Got to say well done mate best lap in a z with a L motor ever at the island. 146.4
  12. peter mc

    Rb25Det Harmonic Balancer Question...

    Best advice never fit a ross balancer. If you are looking for a real balancer go Ati.there 600 hp one is the go
  13. peter mc

    My Experience With Triple Webers

    40s should be blown up. Never to be fitted to a L6 .just terrible
  14. peter mc

    New 3.1L Misfire Help!

    Glad its sorted mate
  15. peter mc

    New 3.1L Misfire Help!

    Soapy water wont tell you anything mate .do a comp test first if ok ..get a hose and listen for a leak at the manifold face