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  1. red76z

    The 4 year build 260z LS1

    Collect another award the other day at a local car show. Over 300 vehicles and I received a trophy for peoples choice. Very happy.
  2. red76z

    The 4 year build 260z LS1

    The monza seats are very good but they do lift you up a bit. I am 185cm tall and with a helmet on I only have about 10mm to the roof. Apart from that very happy.
  3. Nice find. Interesting clip thanks Gav
  4. red76z

    Three Piece Rear Wing - Sold

    I have one to suit a 2+2 if required. Slightly different design but stil a 3 pce unit. If interested can post images.
  5. red76z

    Fuel Cell

    This is from my 4 year build post Pictures in the origional document. If you guys are doing a engine swap and need to change your fuel system to efi and surge tank try this. I drilled a 25mm hole in the bottom of the tank then built a tin dish to suit the profile of the tank installed a fuel pick up and drain plug in it then tig welded it on. I also used the fuel tank liner kit resin type to seal any pin holes in it. The returne line is the stock one and the original fuel feed line has been capped off. By doing this it keeps every thing standard in the car. And the serge tank is about 2 litres.
  6. red76z

    Greetings From Tas

    I had the same issue the other week out at the track. I am guessing a better cap oring washer should fix this problem. Or just half fill the tankB-)
  7. red76z

    Tool Suppliers

    Kc and kincrome (WERE ONCE) the same until the directors went separate ways about 30 years ago. Etc.ash.minimax.kc. All the same product made in Japan. Not any more
  8. red76z

    Tool Suppliers

    Kc and kincrome were once the same until the directors went separate ways about 30 years ago. Etc.ash.minimax.kc. All the same product made in Japan. Good stuff. Let me know if you require any trick bits from a socket to a hoist we stock it all. The best contact is my email toolguys@hotmail.com
  9. red76z

    Tool Suppliers

    http://www.mobilewor...upplies.com.au/ This is my business. The best range of automotive tools in Aus. Give me a call. Ps mention this site for a site for a discount.
  10. red76z

    Drivers Glass Window

    Thanks groundhog very helpful. A pleasure to deal with.
  11. red76z

    Drivers Glass Window

    Hi guys On the scrounge for the rhs drivers door glass window as mine is full of scratches. Willing to pay for postage as I am located in Tas. Pm me if you have what I kneed. Regards Scott
  12. red76z

    Greetings From Tas

    Sweet sound. Definitely have to get the Tazzie boys out for a cruise soon.
  13. red76z

    Kph Vs Mph - Speedo Options

    The parts search begins. Ebay is your best friend.
  14. red76z

    Greetings From Tas

    Nice work mate. Will have to get together and go for a cruise some time.
  15. red76z

    Wanted: Solid 240Z / 260Z 2 Seater

    Pm sent