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  1. Na i sent them to.my dad.
  2. It one rough 240. See attached pics
  3. drifta1600

    Express Door Skin Replace Ment.

    Was the only way i could think off that would alow me to get all the lines right. As is mentioned, still have to prime and paint and re assemble...
  4. drifta1600

    Express Door Skin Replace Ment.

    So i read about doing my door skins, and every one seems to do it differently, but every one seems to spend half there life doing it. I had already restored my doors, but wasnt happy with the rust repair i did on them, so i decided to reskin. Total job took me 2.5 hours (not painted yet) i did most of it with the door still on the car.didnt remove glass or frame, Just cut around the old skin, pulled it off.. put the new one on, drilled a couple of small holes in the front on the edge, lined it all up, tacked were i drilled the holes, pulled the door off, used a hammer and dolly to bend the lip all arounds. Tacked it in a few more spots on the back and top front corner, seam sealer on the joins,put the door back on, closed it, a few hits with a bit of wood to get it all flush, and it was ready to prime!
  5. drifta1600

    Rare Spares Lh Door Skin

    I asked rare spares about a month ago, they said theres no probs they know of, and have plenty of rh and lh doors skind s available..
  6. drifta1600

    Fiberglass Panels Reveiw.. From Alpha Motorsport

    Pics of the under side
  7. drifta1600

    Fiberglass Panels Reveiw.. From Alpha Motorsport

    When i told them they didnt realy beleive me, but told me to drop it off after ive modded the mounts so they can patch it up... But im 2h away from them so thats not an option.
  8. drifta1600

    Fiberglass Panels Reveiw.. From Alpha Motorsport

    Well gav, i actually restored the original rear hatch and gaurds/light buckets and then desided to give the fg a go lol. So ive done everything twice now . Im using my steel hatch now. (I got a hold of a rust free steel one now too.. a ) yeah ill get some pics for ya :-)
  9. So i bought 2 gaurds Bonnet 2 light buckets Rear hatch Total $1490 gaurds are pretty good. Line up well with doors and everything. Very few imperfections in gell coat. The only thing is they dont come with the catch bar for the inspection hatch. And they told me to.just make something and glue it on :-( Light buckets are not to bad.. but dont match the shape of the gaurd 100% but better than repro steel ones. Bonnet is great. Very light and ridged. The rear hatch.. was un usable. Sat almost 20mm above the roof line. After hours of grinding and bending the mounts, it still sat high. The alloy mounts were not deep enough in the frame and stop the hatch from droping down level with the roof. The glass hatch is 5mm thicker than the steel one which is no good for fitment. The back right corner also doesnt match the body shape. Ive attached pics so you can see how it all looks :-).
  10. drifta1600

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    #659 up for sale
  11. drifta1600

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    #799 almost ready for the road.
  12. drifta1600

    260Z Flywheel.

    Thanks mate. Will let definitely keep you in mind
  13. drifta1600

    260Z Flywheel.

    Any one got a 260z fly wheel or alike. :-). Happy to pay for postage and Handeling.
  14. drifta1600

    Rear Slam Panel Rust Repair.

    Heres my repair job. Panel from rare spares. Was surprising easy job compaired to most other rust repairs..