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  1. 260DET

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2019

    NDSOC put on a good Nationals, highly recommended. Sandown track day, yumm, the time I went it was at Phillip Island.
  2. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    She's ready to go to be exhausted Pretty pleased with the driving ergonomics, shifter is level with the steering wheel centre laterally and about the same height as the centre, with the steering wheel spacer the seat did not have to be located too far forward so the pedal distances are good. And, surprise surprise, I can get in and out fairly easily if not slick and cool like a pro
  3. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Getting close now, pics are pretty well self explanatory, the tacho has a 260kph gps speedo on the right side of the face, hope that the car is not too fast and breaks it Steering wheel has an extension to get it closer to the driver, the electric steering is working as are all the accessories and the fuel pump so hopefully no problems there when the car gets on the dyno.
  4. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Close enough, pic below shows the R aluminium lower lateral link, I was a bit concerned that they may flex under racing conditions so they are being strengthened by sliding a cf piece over each and using epoxy resin glue to internally bond them in place. It may be overkill but at least I'll know than any rear end problem will not be due to flex there.
  5. 50 Zeds in the one group will be brilliant, need a 350 and 370Z to fill the model list too.
  6. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    That's an idea but, hot tip, suspension.
  7. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Close, sort of like two walking sticks for the car
  8. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    What just arrived is a length of custom made carbon fibre tube. Quiz: what is it going to be used for? Tip, has to be cut in two to use.
  9. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    After so many false starts and associated delays it's all finally coming together, hard to believe sometimes. The entire power train is in at last, the pics show the special adaptor at the back of the transmission required to delete the standard rubber bush setup. Unfortunately this means that a truck spline type tail shaft is required which adds considerably to the rotating weight but there is nothing to be done about that except use a carbon fibre tube instead of steel. But that can be problematical if not done properly and anyway I don't know of anyone who makes them. It's not rocket science, a business opportunity for someone. But for a big boo boo by yours truly the electrics are finished which means that once boo boo is put back in his cage the interior can finally go together, it's already been trial fitted. Then it's off to get the entire exhaust made then down the road to the dyno and all round fixer upper bloke. After all this time ..............
  10. Steve Smith did very well, much faster than the person who used to own the 280Z LOL. Thought that the start was great, p cars attacking p cars for a change, sort of like a mass suicide.
  11. Any flow figures for the head?
  12. It would be interesting for a fast Z to race in the slowest sprint group where, going on last year's times, it would be quite competitive. To get into the slowest sprint group all that has to be done is to nominate an appropriate lap time in the entry form. If that is done there would be no chance of getting mixed up in the pro racers groups. For the regularity entrants, as has already been said, the nominated lap time can be changed at any time. Just go up to the timing room and arrange it, simple as.
  13. Oh, the dreaded Property Settlement
  14. 260DET

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    That's why getting the marriage thing over while still young is good
  15. 260DET

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    That would have cost a bomb to build, very tastefully done.