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  1. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Wow, two and a half months since the last post, project is still alive though barely crawling towards the finish line. Engine with a brand new 6L80E auto is at the fitting in stage, basically there is enough room for it all but there are time consuming bits and pieces to be fixed along the way, too many and too boring to go into detail. All this endless detail does take it's toll though, I'm sure that it's going to be something special when finished but a 370Z makes a lot more sense. Anyway, pic shows it on it's Plan B wheels before being wheeled onto the hoist for transmission mount and tail shaft attention. Pissed off 280ZX looks on.
  2. Project car presently has ~50mm clearance under the engine sump plug which I think is a little bit too low in case the car straddles a ripple strip or something. I 'm thinking that 80mm might be a good compromise, perhaps with some protection in front. What's the experience here?
  3. 260DET

    Fg Xr6 Turbo 260Z 1977 2+2

    Someone will sort this out for sure but perhaps the same engine had different applications requiring different clearances eg Falcon sedan, Territory...........
  4. 260DET

    72 240Z Historic Group S

    Bad things come in groups of three? Best way to look at it, there is no reason to think that this run of bad luck will continue.............. Is there?
  5. 260DET

    Asbestos In Our Z's

    So there were two types, one with asbestos and one without.
  6. 260DET

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    Mostly R spec Gordo, came in handy last year with the rain. Lee F will likely run slicks on his 370Z sprinter but at the end of the day I guess that it's a personal choice.
  7. 260DET

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    Is this the Q Zed that there was a discussion about a while ago?
  8. 260DET

    Classic car bubble

    The TA22 Celica was regarded as a MX5 type back in the day, besides it was under powered and had no competition history. Those are probably the reasons why they have been neglected. Is the Fast and Furious thing much relevant in AU? S30's still seem to attract the more mature type person and long time enthusiast here, note the restoration boom.
  9. I'd have a current model Corvette over anything else, in fact I may get one for CB18
  10. 260DET

    280zx convertible

    Nice looking car, looks like the sills may have been reinforced but until now did not know they/it existed. No plate anywhere identifying the conversion?
  11. 260DET

    OS Giken super lock LSD

    Re the later Nissan helical LSD's, I use them for racing purposes and have had no problems at all but my rear suspensions are set up to suit. No rear anti roll bar, relatively soft springs and damper settings and sufficient droop. There does seem to be a strong school of thought in AU that helicals are no good for real race cars but I've yet to see good reasons for that, a race set up car should not be lifting the inside rear wheel anyway.
  12. 260DET

    Yokohama Tyres

    Well that helped clear my mind, the nice set of wheels will be used for the track semis when the car is ready for some serious track work. To hold the car up off the ground and for initial systems checking the heavy set of wheels will get something like Federal 595 RS-RR's which in 18" are around $200 each.
  13. 260DET

    Yokohama Tyres

    No high speed corner tracks in Q except Lakeside which is not the safest track to test on. Also I was thinking that lower spec tyres might squeal near their limit which would give some idea of how much grip would be available. Can only take one set of tyres so in case of rain semis are more suitable, last year it pissed down the first day at Bathurst where I experienced a masked suspension problem with the 280ZX. Mainly just thinking aloud here, nothing set in stone yet.
  14. 260DET

    Yokohama Tyres

    Impressed by user reports of the AO50 for sprints but I'm wondering if for the project Z31 V8 being built mainly for Bathurst it would be better to test initially using a lower spec tyre like the AD08R http://www.yokohama.com.au/Tyres/ADVAN-Neova-AD08.aspx . What I've experienced is that top line R spec tyres can mask suspension defects when testing on a slower circuit so I'm thinking that any problems would show up at slower speeds using something like the AD08R. Then once the suspension is tuned change over to AO50's for Bathurst. If the suspension is initially bad then tearing up a set of cheaper tyres would not matter much too. Thoughts? Experience?
  15. 260DET

    Semi Slick Tyres

    These Yokohama AO50's, has anyone experience with their mounted life? It's good to know that their track performance is good and even over their tread life but what about storage once mounted on the wheel? Any particular precautions?