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  1. Sold pending pick up. Looks to be a great buy for 2k.
  2. 260DET

    TOPY steel rims 2/72 matched set

    'Overlooked' making a donation I see.
  3. 260DET

    Repairing Bumpy Surface Finish?

    So the flat of the ruler is used and its bent to the shape? That sounds like an idea, thanks. Any recommendation as to what brands of ebay filler to use? They all sound the same in the adverts.
  4. 260DET

    Adelaide Rally

    Great run, brilliant result.
  5. 260DET

    Repairing Bumpy Surface Finish?

    A mm or two, geez, I'm not full retard yet. The boat fairing filler is a polyester resin glass balloon mix, it's very light and sands easily, too easily, great for bulk filling which was necessary to get a decent looking shape. Might use it again but finishing is the big problem, getting the contour and surface finish right.
  6. Z31 project race car. As part of the process of filling in the targa top openings a boat fairing finish was used and it worked well, unfortunately the unskilled finishing person did a bumpy job which needs to be fixed. Of course bog could be used but is there anything else suitable that can be used over the paint or fairing finish to build up the hollows? Something lighter and smoother than bog that be skimmed on with a straight edge. And how to finish, roof top multiple curves are tricky as I found out. Maybe a custom made long board with sanding strip paper underneath? Have rotary and orbital sanders, no good.
  7. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    Colour scheme, the car is already snow white but particularly seeing that CB 2019 is going to be a major major event how about another red, white and blue paint job? Without the signage.
  8. 260DET

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    It was never about the $50, it was all about the way a certain person was taking donations for Performance Forums with no accountability. But as usual those who could/should have been concerned did nothing, piss weak appeasers. It's obviously different here of course, this forum is Gavin's and his alone so he is not obliged to account to anyone. Errr, well, perhaps to the missus
  9. 260DET

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    Could not agree more yet the engine invariably get's the $ over the suspension. The 280ZX has Murray Coote (MCA) three way adjustable suspension, worth every cent yet I don't know of any S30 that has such a suspension arrangement. Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that engine improvements give immediate results whereas with suspension it has to be tuned and grip levels explored, not nearly so immediate. On the 370Z, it would have to be stripped completely and suitable MoTec engine management installed to handle the VQ37VHR's fancy electronics. The good thing is that the drive train is solid and suitable suspension components are available from SPL in the US. The worst thing about modern cars in general is their anti squat which reduces rear grip and often requires relocation of suspension pick up points to fix. Something in favour of the S30 and something addressed with my Z31 project car, don't know what the situation is with the 370Z.
  10. 260DET

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    Did a bit of checking on the 370Z engine, it's fairly highly developed as is for a NA which means that each step results in small gains, in NA form only conrods and forged pistons are required for the bottom end. I'd concentrate on weight stripping and improving grip, the best MCA suspension is a given so aero would be a priority. Current high end sports race cars are reasonably fast in a straight line but it's their grip that gives them their sensational lap times and they are heavy cars by our standards. The only requirement then would be a dry sump system, there are wet sump options available for our standards of grip. Any thoughts?
  11. You could go flat through the Kink David, the grip you demonstrate with the Golden Arrow elsewhere indicates no problem with that
  12. 260DET

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    350GT Skylines are a 2+2 aren't they, yes they do look good, not as crunched up as the 370 but more weight and a longer wheelbase.
  13. 260DET

    Production Sports Cars, race the Zed?

    There was that drift spec 370Z for sale for ~$16,000 that I was keen on but too many projects. It had some good US parts on and MCA suspension, it's the engine that costs if you want to go serious racing. The only race 370Z that I know of is Lee Falkners but it's performance at Bathurst was disappointing, Lee relies on locals for his work so I suspect they are not entirely familiar with what makes a good circuit car. In the US fully developed 370's are quite competitive so the potential is there For the S30 drop 20k on a full race engine, add top spec MCA suspension and off you go. Unfortunately a sound starter S30 will cost what, $20 k, so yeh, not a cheap exercise. But then again a Sc racer will cost too and just end up as Porsche cannon fodder so..........
  14. "There is Richard, its called Production Sports Cars. There are even two levels of competition, 2F with limited mods and 2B where you can go further. But you still have to use the L series engine and no forced induction. My old green car was still competitive over a championship in Queensland, and looking at the times of the current Queensland cars, I would be looking at picking up silverware if it hadn't met it's demise. Only problem is you need deep pockets and a lot of cash to play in a car that is near 50 years old and be up the front. My S14 still owes me less than $15k for all the bits I have laying around and fitted. I just need the time to put it together, which is another couple of years off with my current work situation." Matt Ryeland. Rather than clutter up the Bathurst thread here is a separate thread for anyone who is interested. In Q it's pretty well a MX5 benefit series so to compete is going to cost but any competition S30 is not cheap now, starting from scratch a Z33 or 34 would be cheaper but no one seems to have got one going well here, sourcing info and parts from the US would be the way to go rather than trying to reinvent the wheel locally. As for the S30 well it seems doable, if you want cheap racing then buy an Excel.
  15. 260DET

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    On Bathurst diff ratios for the S30, how would it be if a higher (less revs) ratio was used that was ideal to exit onto Mountain Straight using a lower gear than usual eg second instead of third? That would sort out Mountain Straight but I have no idea how it suitable it would be for the rest of the circuit