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  1. KatoKid

    2018 Menbourne Datsun Day

    Count me in.
  2. KatoKid

    Spotted (Vic)

    Was busy this morning! Nah, I came down The Wall and was heading north. You passed by about half way between the start of the dam and where I turned off onto Seville road. https://www.strava.com/activities/1955743051 Recall seeing your post on FB, congrats on the new ride.
  3. KatoKid

    Spotted (Vic)

    Was riding the pushy up in the Dandenongs this arvo and a light Blue metallic 260 with what looked like gold Simmons mesh wheels went past in the opposite direction on Monbulk road in Silvan. Rego started with XMN I think.
  4. Been away for work for a few weeks and then Mrs booked accommodation for cup weekend trip so missed the drive day and no playing cars until today. Melbourne Spring weather bought me time in the shed to fit my R200 and fill with OS unicorn oil $$$$ Just need my dirt road to stop resembling a mud boggers paradise so I can check it out.
  5. KatoKid

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Have been away last 2 weeks for work so need to confirm brownie point register
  6. KatoKid

    Evie 1972 Datsun 240z

    Congrats Gav on the big day!
  7. KatoKid

    Thermo Fan on Carburetor L28

    No paste required Gareth. I run on 85 off 80 which is a bit of overkill, will probably bump it up to on 90 off 85
  8. KatoKid

    Thermo Fan on Carburetor L28

    That's what I'm using. Works very well, fully adjustable and staged cut in. Temp sensor works as well as any sensor that is plumbed into the coolant.
  9. KatoKid

    Mca! Have You Used? Experience?

    Very straight forward: Remove your old struts from the car. Disassemble completely: remove wheel bearings and hubs, springs and shock absorbers. so they are completely bare strut tubes and knuckle/bearing housings. Send to MCA When they come back the new shocks, threaded tubes, springs and adjusters will all be assembled ready to bolt into the car. Refit wheel bearings and hubs, bolt into car and drive away. If you leave the bracket for the brakes hoses on the front tubes be sure to ask Josh to remove them and weld to the new tubes.
  10. KatoKid

    New 240Z Door Shells

    But are they any good ????
  11. KatoKid

    Show us your......man cave.

    Massive amount of work to maintain a property like that....but then again looking at the money they have spent they can probably afford a full time gardener.
  12. KatoKid

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Thanks Gordo for organizing. Cracking day and roads to match.
  13. KatoKid

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Zest for coffee in Emerald ? Go there with the lycra gang and they really look after us.
  14. Nah G man. I've searched everywhere for a new 3.54 ring and pinion with no luck. My diff is a bit noisy on coast so I don't want to do anything to aggravate it so will give to the "experts" to set up.