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  1. KatoKid

    R200 Diff

    PM sent
  2. KatoKid

    Wandering Steering?

    Agree with Roger on all points. Check toe first as its easy and the most likely culprit. My car has all new stock rubber bushes and standard arms and geometry (no adjustable camber or caster) and at Sandown last weekend it was fine at 200+kmh. On the road it doesn't exhibit any significant bump steer and is very relaxing to drive. I have hydraulic power steer and the car is very low however MCA coil overs means I still have good travel and while it does use the bump stops it has to be a pretty decent bump to do so and it doesn't upset the car. David
  3. So speaking of dirty little secrets.... there are some on this forum who are also active on http://www.performanceforums.com/forums/ In regards to the above vibration issue I connected with a guy on PF who has an awesome FD RX7 with an LS swap and seemed to have exactly the same issue. We swapped PM's back and forth and while he is yet to solve his completely he is on the right track http://www.performanceforums.com/forums/showthread.php?67314910-Tailshaft-vibrations-VE-T56-in-FD-RX7&highlight= He has just moved down to Melbourne from Brissy for work and is in a rental for 6 months so has nowhere to work on his car. He is going to PI next weekend for a PIARC day so I offered for him to come to my place and use the hoist for prep work, which he did today. Sweet car Gav!!!! #norotors Awesome build thread here http://www.performanceforums.com/forums/showthread.php?67313686-Luke-s-FD-RX7-FDL98&highlight= very talented dude and nice guy.
  4. So everyone has a dirty little secret.....don't they? Well here is mine. When I first got the car on the road I swapped diffs a few times to decide on ratios and LSD's and for only some diff's I had a nasty driveline vibration above 100kmh. As a reminder my tailshaft uses the standard BMW "guibo" rubber doughnut at the front and a CV joint at the rear and the guibo joint cant tolerate any significant deflection meaning the output shaft of the gearbox needs to point straight at the nose of the diff pinion. Lasers make this an easy job and I was sure my angles (or lack there of) was good so it had me stumped why I had this vibration. I did a lot of research and had the shaft checked and re-balanced and also tried moving the gearbox and diff pinion to see if it changed anything, all to no avail. It felt more like a natural harmonic than anything else so I started looking at what could influence this and decided to redesign the front "RT" style diff mount. The original version used a captive Energy Suspension transmission mount as used and recommended by Ron Tyler who came up with the RT mount idea but this was in Z's with standard gearbox, tailshaft and diff combinations. A few guys on this forum have gone with SW Motorsport front diff mounts which is completely different to the RT design but works the same way. I cant use the SW design because of my exhaust and need for a modified crossmember so I spoke spoke with Stewart and he was good enough to tell me what rubber bush he used in his design so I used this to design a version of my own.(Bolt through the top and lower bush is missing in the photos). Cut a long story short, the change from the Energy Suspension mount to the bush recommended by SW seemed to have solved the vibration problem on the road but the excursion to Sandown yesterday was going to be the real acid test....and so it was. I managed to peg my Speed Hut speedo at 200+ kmh on the front and back straights and no sign of vibrations....so very fricken happy its finally sorted!!!! I cant explain why, but the change in bush stiffness has eliminated the harmonic. The SW bush is much more solid than the Energy Suspension design but doesn't transfer any more NVH .
  5. KatoKid

    Lurch's 240Z Racecar

    You managed to keep that well quiet mate! Car is awesome, sounds so good howling down the straight. Bummer for the clutch issue but gearbag should be sweet which is the main thing. Kudos to you sir.
  6. KatoKid

    All welcome. Sandown June 8th

    Yep, awesome day Lurchos. Great to catch up with everyone and I really enjoyed my first ever track day but also in awe of how fast you guys are!!!! Well done to the Z brigade made a lot of late model hot rods look pretty slow.
  7. KatoKid

    NDSOC Xmas in July, Sunday July 7th

  8. It did happen......great day out with all the guys. Car was fantastic! Temps and oil pressure were great, had to wind half a turn of bias out of the rear brakes and bumped up the damping on the rear, otherwise handling and car behavior under brakes was better than my driving skills! The top radiator hose partially came off in the third session but only lost half a liter of coolant, made a bit of a mess in the engine bay but easy enough to clean up. Awesome day but also relieved to get the car back home with no damage of any kind.
  9. Been meaning to do this for a while and since I'm taking the car for a run at Sandown this weekend thought I had better pull my finger out. Pick a part is just up the road and 20 minutes of walking up and down the rows got me a suitable overflow bottle and mounting bracket from a mid 80's Magna. Made a plate to bolt to the radiator support using the original holes and welded the Magna clip on mount bracket to that. Nothing really else to do for Sandown, just a quick check underneath and time to let her rip.
  10. KatoKid

    All welcome. Sandown June 8th

    I'm going to drive to and from (hopefully) so no trailer or room to bring much other than bare essentials. Planning on taking it easy and feeling my way into it so assuming nothing breaks.......I should be good
  11. KatoKid

    All welcome. Sandown June 8th

    Thanks Lurchos
  12. KatoKid

    All welcome. Sandown June 8th

    I'm in. Any suggestions on what to bring with me and specific prep other than the obvious?
  13. Thanks. Been trying to find an enclosed trailer that I can hire but no luck. Will look these guys up.
  14. KatoKid

    New dashboard cover.

    They do great work, worth the cost IMHO