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  1. KatoKid

    Non OEM 14" x 6" Alloy Rims

    Fussy is good.....no compromise end result
  2. KatoKid

    Jeff's 240z build

    Sweeeeet! car and bike. Meta AM 29?
  3. KatoKid

    Stagea owners here?

    Never a truer word spoken
  4. KatoKid

    Bound for South Australia - 'heave away, haul away'

    Following along with great envy Peter! Liv'in the dream
  5. KatoKid

    Stagea owners here?

    ....and all the PF'ers come out of the wood work....or the gutter
  6. KatoKid

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    First drive is always a momentous and memorable occasion. Well done.
  7. KatoKid

    Ledge's 240Z Track car

    Frikken awesome Paul
  8. KatoKid

    Spotto SA

    Will do! REX uses our 2380 turbine oil. 340's specify MIL 5606 (red oil) not our Skydrol phosphate ester fluids
  9. KatoKid

    Spotto SA

    Not Cobham they are customers, and so is REX..... turbine oils and hydraulic fluids I'm Technical support for Asia Pacific and India https://www.eastman.com/Brands/EAS/Pages/Home.aspx
  10. KatoKid

    Spotto SA

    Nice! Good undercover parking spot. What do you do there?
  11. KatoKid

    Spotto SA

    Ok, so who owns this nice looking 240 parked at the REX hangar at ADL? Was at Cobham Aviation just down the road and saw this just before midday today.
  12. KatoKid

    Time attack, Friday at PI

    Damn it! I will be in Radelaide for the day.
  13. Haha....yes it is a good thing Jeff to be able to concentrate on just fine tuning little things rather than having to worry about bigger issues. Yours is coming along really well. As you've found, now is the time to have discipline and do everything right the first time!
  14. KatoKid

    Carbuilders sound deadener

    https://www.carbuilders.com.au/sounddeadener I used this in the main cabin area when I first finished the car but have since decided to do the spare wheel well and rear hatch area. I had enough left over to finish the spare wheel well but need a few more sheets to finish the flat part left in the hatch area. Really don't want to but a whole box so hoping someone might have some left over from their build? Cheers David
  15. So another shitty Melbourne day bought me some more shed time! Spent most of the morning giving the underneath of the car a full clean and going over, boring and not photo worthy but its worth it to maintain the finish. Also changed the engine oil for the first time since having it on the road. Done about 4,000km now and happy to report no shiny sparkles in the oil or filter. Did the main cabin when I first built the car but decided to sound deaden the spare wheel and hatch area.....and ran out of sheets....anyone got some Carbuilders left over from their build so I don't have to buy a whole box? Got around to tidying up the rubber grommet where the igniter wires come though at the rear of the rocker cover. ....and I painted the Allen bolts for the rocker cover!