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  1. I like to think I have a decent amount of mechanical empathy but this was allowable..... Good entertaining channel as well .
  2. KatoKid

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    I don't know how you Radelaideians survive the summer.....sure breed em tough over there. Kudos for getting anything done in a tin shed!
  3. Bonnet release should be round knob not straight
  4. KatoKid

    Classic Japan 2018

  5. KatoKid

    Fender Mirrors - Victoria requirements

    There are agents in Japan that you can engage to certify that the car is asbestos free and this is accepted by Aus authorities and stops them digging further when the car arrives here. Cant find the link but it isn't overly expensive.
  6. KatoKid

    Fender Mirrors - Victoria requirements

    This will be hits and miss and totally dependent on the people involved and their opinions. I got my 4/71 240Z engineered and registered 12 months ago and it flew through with no one baulking at the original JDM mirrors ....but I had done my homework and was ready to fight the battle if needs be. First link provides background and some dates on ADR's: https://infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/design/ Second link provides more details and specific ADR's: https://infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/design/second_edition_adrs.aspx Here is the relevant mirror ADR but it didn't come into effect until Jan 1972: https://infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/design/files/14.pdf Good luck!
  7. KatoKid

    Sirpent "Z"

    Good to hear from you John.
  8. KatoKid

    Classic Japan 2018

    I’m going. Eastern burbs
  9. KatoKid

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    Very nice....good choices there
  10. Thanks all. I agree Gav, the contrast of Safari gold and black wheels is great but I am happy with the new wheels for sure. David
  11. As fitted to my 240Z. https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/4654-kato-kids-bmw-m3-powered-71-240z/?page=40&tab=comments#comment-208762 Comes with 205/55/16 Bridgestone RE003's. Wheels and tyres have done only 2,500km's $1,500 Comes with custom centre cap spacer to fit over front wheel bearing/hub.
  12. KatoKid

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    Motion passed. Same time next year Gordo
  13. Just to be clear, I do love all black wheels and always will......but after 12 months of trying to convince myself I've realized that they just don't work on my car. Not sure why, they just don't. So....new wheels and I'm happier now. The polished lip does the job and ties in with the chrome on the car and the hyperblack centers works with the mirrors. 16 x 8 same size as before Rota Rb - R Hyperblack. XXR's are for sale.
  14. KatoKid

    2018 VicZed BBQ

  15. KatoKid

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    Not if its raining