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  1. KatoKid

    Wtb: 240 Wiper arms

    Arms I can help with but I've got no nuts!
  2. KatoKid

    L28 Engine Breather Advice Req’d

    Yep, kinda. They rely more on venturi effect.
  3. KatoKid

    L28 Engine Breather Advice Req’d

    Anyone ever consider running a Vac U Pan........I use to run these back in the day with great success.....you will probably need to be 55+ to know what they are!
  4. KatoKid

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Just back form a quick sqizz at Sakura Picnic. Big turn out, would have to be 100+ cars....lots of shitboxes but a good mix of drifter's, stancer's, classic JDM both restored and original. KE 25 was easily favorite car for me: This Z caught my eye but cop bait for a P Plater:
  5. KatoKid

    Diagnose dead battery or power leak?

    I use them on my dirtbike. Crazy how small and light they are but do the job well. I've got an Optima in my Z which works well and fully sealed.
  6. KatoKid

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Forecast isn't great so Z is staying in the shed: Melbourne area Mostly cloudy. Medium (50%) chance of showers, increasing to a high (70%) chance about the Dandenong Ranges. Winds northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h tending westerly in the middle of the day then becoming light in the late evening. Will head over to Sakura picnic for a look though
  7. KatoKid

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Glass was removed because I hadn't reassembled doors at that stage. Pretty sure he will do in place.
  8. KatoKid

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Mike. My drivers side door glass was really badly scratched and I had it polished out by a guy near me (eastern burbs). Cost $70 and came up really well. Cant remember his name but its in my build thread. David
  9. KatoKid

    Wtb: 240 door lock clips

    Door lock clips are pretty universal....local wreckers should have something.
  10. Always have admired the Bray penchant for innovation...and this is tops!
  11. KatoKid

    Need to Find this Rubber Grommet

    Man....you should have told me...I've got a big sheet of 3mm rubber....post to Sydney for a few bucks and 5 minutes with a Stanley knife
  12. KatoKid

    S30 Z Exhaust System Complete for sale.

    Stout.... not Toyota!
  13. KatoKid

    R180 LSD Conversion

    Not technically true. While ring gear size is a factor, lower numeric ratios have more teeth and larger diameter pinion gears which are stronger.