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  1. DatPilot

    Nizm0zed's coupe

    Im off to Brissy in 3 weeks, need anything transported?
  2. DatPilot

    Owens 3.2 build ,starting over

    Lovely stuff! Is it 'sonic testing' to check how far you can bore?
  3. DatPilot

    Nizm0zed's coupe

    what would you do with the L engine???
  4. DatPilot

    $50 L28 engine! Come and get it!!

  5. DatPilot

    $50 L28 engine! Come and get it!!

    http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,11321.0.html Topic in forsale section. $50 L28 engine! come and get it!!!
  6. Hi all, Moving house. Garage needs emptying. L28 engine forsale, has N42 head and block. Rebuilt 5000km ago, re-ringed, honed, VRS kit etc. Intakes ported to gasket. Has near new alternator, Perry extractors, few bits and pieces. Harmonic balancer is no good. I have no time to play with it, please take it away $50 I have to have it gone by the 27th June. otherwise Ezy Scrap can take it. Lactated in Deakin SMS or call me o4o4 577 II VI III Can MMS pics
  7. DatPilot

    Peter Mac's 260Z Race Car

    I saw a 470kW FJ at a dyno comp once, had O2 sensors in each exh runner, spaghetti yetti manifold, dry sump, fancy fuels etc... In a Bluebird TRX..... one of the unbrakables, (un-brake-able) sack of shit handling cars ever.... so much fun though! Your FJ looks like it will surprise many
  8. Nice one! I was doing some research, as Ive been offered a mint 200b wagon, sat in a farm shed for years. Near mint condish.... few hundred dollars I think I'll just save my pennies for a few years and build a Z...maybe
  9. Any updates on this???
  10. DatPilot

    Flat top pistons with rods ex L28

    ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!! Mised out again! NNNNNOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. DatPilot

    Help, going front sump back to rear sump

    Im going to be converting an L28 for R30 skyline one day in the future... What will you be doing with the old sump and dipstick arrangement?? Could you take some pics for me?
  12. DatPilot

    L28 fuel injection heads

    Well it may be an easier option getting an EDI head, theres on on ebay at teh moment, he says $50 postage... But not having cam towers and stuff like that leads me to the deep end of the pool, I start to doubt myself then! My N42 has ported intakes, was serviced/rebuilt only 6000km ago, so it might be good to keep!
  13. DatPilot

    L28 fuel injection heads

    Just note that not all N42 are EFI heads.... Im currently trying to figure out how to convert one: Mark exact locations drill, tap, clean, de-burr then attack the injector notch.... this part I get confusios... dremel or attack with titanium carbide drill bit!!! Getto mods FTMFL
  14. DatPilot


    In some cases, this is a great modification. Preferably when engine is turned off.... Should see a 50 to 70HP gain at least.