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  1. MaygZ

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Looks great Jeff.
  2. PM'd I bought this shed through Bendigo Garages. I can't pump up their tyres enough. They were great. They gave me some great advice that saved me thousands of dollars - I initially wanted it 8m deep and they told me that if I go over 7.5 then all the roofing needs to go up a rating and it would cost about $12K for that extra room. This money then went into extending for a further bay instead (which I think is a much better plan). They took care of every stage from council permits (because it was now over 100m2, building permits, concreter and the erection crew (stop giggling Luvemfast) had the whole thing up in 5 days and left the site cleaner than they found it. If anyone in Vic is interested in a new shed I recommend them. If you are outside Vic they can probably still do it or recommend a local they know. www.bendigogarages.com.au I hope this link works - if not just cut and paste it into a browser.
  3. If you leave the keys
  4. As you may have read, I've moved house again. This will be my girl's third home, so I wanted it to be extra nice for her. A new shed has been build for her. 16 x 7.5 x 4m. In a couple of weeks the concrete will have cured enough for a 2 pac coating - probably a light grey to reflect light better. I still have to run the power (single and 3 phase), put the solar on the roof, put in some LED lights and she will ready to go. I'm hoping it will all be finished by the end of April and then I can really get some progress on my girl.
  5. MaygZ

    Sirpent "Z"

    John, she's going to be very ridged, but do you have an estimate of the final weight of your BMW light truck? MaygZ
  6. She is beautiful - what else can I say?
  7. I'm going to paint all the bits that can't be seen - the inside, the underside, etc People I've spoken to so far have the recipe for acrylic paints, but not 2 pack. One of the retailers, to be helpful, even sent a request through to the manufacturer but it seems that it is a lot of work for the first (and probably the last0 enquiry about that colour they've had.
  8. Does anyone have the recipe for Lime Yellow (112) for 2 pack paint? I can't find anyone who has it, but know that someone must! Otherwise I'm going to paint it Fantail Orange!
  9. Well done Tim and welcome. Looks like a great start but I will confess I was eating when I saw your glovebox and now I'm simply not hungry. By the way, what's that you're carrying? It looks like a cross between an orang-utan and a mogwai.
  10. The good thing about a blown seal (Luvemfast is now giggling in the corner) is that it helps prevent rust
  11. MaygZ

    Wanted - Roll Cage

    Has anyone had any dealings with or even heard anything about these cages: http://www.agi-precision.com.au/product/a-datsun-240z-4pt-half-cage/ I'm just looking for something to stiffen the shell a little to cope with torque twist? Or do I need this one: http://www.agi-precision.com.au/product/b-datsun-240z-6pt-full-cage-bolt-in/ and can I get this 6 point cage road reg? Is it only bars that cross the door that prevent road reg?
  12. G'day guys, I just fell across this site by accident. I'm probably the last person in the world to find it, but just in case I'm not I thought I would share it. They seem to have some really 'dinky' parts for our cars that I have not seen advertised anywhere else. They also seem expensive for some things (a 240Z ashtray for US$998 is enough to make you give up smoking - nearly) Anyway, enjoy www.jdm-car-parts.com Admins: If I've put this in the wrong spot, please move it. Maybe a single locked post with any/all similar sites posted??
  13. Guys, please move this if I've put it in the wrong spot or everyone goes "deerrrr.", but I stumbled across this site that might assist us all: https://maseraticompound.com/collections/datsun-240z-parts Regards MaygZ
  14. Thanks Peter. Yes I got your emails and thank you for the info. I just wanted to make sure I had all the info I could find. So much to do and so much money and time needed. Well one thing at a time - while making sure it fits in with all the other things that need to be done. It's almost like a project this big requires some sort of forward planning.
  15. Just to show that I'm still alive I should post the meagre amount of progress I have made. With all the rust removed (as if all the rust can ever be removed) I seam sealed and stoneguarded the underside and the interior. I have since primed it again as I plan to paint the whole car in body colour. I have now moved house again and the new place has a shed that we built around 1880 and was used by the PO to make compressed sawdust briquettes, so it is full of dust, leaks water/wind and houses 3 possums. Plans for a new shed are just going to Council, so hopefully a new shed in the next couple of months. With a new shed comes new responsibilities I saw that the member that produces the entertaining and informative videos of his build - you know the one, he bats well above his average - has one of those portable carports inside his garage that he uses as a spray booth. I reckon it is one of the smartest things I have seen; so I'll be getting one of those. And a hoist ;D With a better designed shed and a drop down to only 2.5 acres and 40 minutes closer to work, I'm hoping to have some more time and energy to tinker.