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  1. G'day guys, I just fell across this site by accident. I'm probably the last person in the world to find it, but just in case I'm not I thought I would share it. They seem to have some really 'dinky' parts for our cars that I have not seen advertised anywhere else. They also seem expensive for some things (a 240Z ashtray for US$998 is enough to make you give up smoking - nearly) Anyway, enjoy www.jdm-car-parts.com Admins: If I've put this in the wrong spot, please move it. Maybe a single locked post with any/all similar sites posted??
  2. Guys, please move this if I've put it in the wrong spot or everyone goes "deerrrr.", but I stumbled across this site that might assist us all: https://maseraticompound.com/collections/datsun-240z-parts Regards MaygZ
  3. Thanks Peter. Yes I got your emails and thank you for the info. I just wanted to make sure I had all the info I could find. So much to do and so much money and time needed. Well one thing at a time - while making sure it fits in with all the other things that need to be done. It's almost like a project this big requires some sort of forward planning.
  4. Just to show that I'm still alive I should post the meagre amount of progress I have made. With all the rust removed (as if all the rust can ever be removed) I seam sealed and stoneguarded the underside and the interior. I have since primed it again as I plan to paint the whole car in body colour. I have now moved house again and the new place has a shed that we built around 1880 and was used by the PO to make compressed sawdust briquettes, so it is full of dust, leaks water/wind and houses 3 possums. Plans for a new shed are just going to Council, so hopefully a new shed in the next couple of months. With a new shed comes new responsibilities I saw that the member that produces the entertaining and informative videos of his build - you know the one, he bats well above his average - has one of those portable carports inside his garage that he uses as a spray booth. I reckon it is one of the smartest things I have seen; so I'll be getting one of those. And a hoist ;D With a better designed shed and a drop down to only 2.5 acres and 40 minutes closer to work, I'm hoping to have some more time and energy to tinker.
  5. G'day guys. I recall reading a post from someone on here who put a V8 Holden diff and drive shafts in the back of their Zed. I think they were also running an LS1?? I recall that the engineering was done by a friend for a number of bottles of Bundaberg rum I also recall the member offered to supply some CAD diagrams. For the life of me I can no longer find the post. Please help me identify this poster - the information and photographs were really thorough. Simon MaygZ
  6. MaygZ

    1986 Merc 230E For Sale

    This wonderful example of German engineering has now been laid to rest. (for the other Simon - you know who I mean - it's gone.)
  7. MaygZ

    1986 Merc 230E For Sale

    You are so reliable. Thank you for proving me right.
  8. MaygZ

    1986 Merc 230E For Sale

    Has to be gone this week.
  9. MaygZ

    1986 Merc 230E For Sale

  10. MaygZ

    1986 Merc 230E For Sale

    I've just bought a new house and the po left a 1986 230E sedan there. He has asked me to get rid of it for him. It is white, rust free but doesn't run. The only parts I can see are missing is the air cleaner. Other than that it is all there and appears in very good nic, except that it doesn't run. I'm looking for the hefty price of $400; which I'm told is scrap value (what the boss wants me to do this week) If you are interested it must be gone this week. It's in Romsey, VIC. I can be reached on O4I9977447. Simon - not the one with the zx, the intelligent one - MaygZ
  11. Lurchos - Yes Kato - Yes
  12. Is there a reason that no-one has mentioned Otomoto's coilovers? Being the tight bottom that I am I know I didn't spend lots on them ($500 from my failing memory) and they seem a very good quality. 300kg springs and koni yellows should be the right set up for my car - which is pretty much the same requirements as the OP. I am considering adjustable lower arms front and back though, primarily for the 10 inch rubber. Hi everybody :-)
  13. Hello everybody - I'm not dead - yet. There has been very little progress for quite a while - between fires, floods, injuries, unsuccessful treatments, surgeries, rehab, work, more fires, more floods, more injuries ........ Anyway, it seems that things are settling down a little (did I just say that as we come into another potentially terrible fire summer?) and I've got a bit of leave coming up. I've decided on colour (not telling) and decided to paint the underside, inside and engine bay myself. Then I can start the stuff I like best and get the bloody rotisorie out of the way. I'm very excited so hopefully I can get the paddocks slashed and baled in the next week or so and get into the shed. Sorry I missed the christmas party, but I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and spend it with those that you love (Zeds) - and your families. MaygZ
  14. MaygZ

    Sirpent "Z"

    Hey Sirpent, just asking: would it have been easier to build a stand alone chassis and then bolt the shell and hanging panels to it?
  15. MaygZ

    Which Is Best Electric Sander From Bunings?

    Be aware that: the faster the disc spins the more heat it will produce = potential for warpage. The more powerful the coarser the grit = potential for warpage The faster and more powerful = faster to chew through metal (especially if it is tilted or run along a ridge) and the quicker the stuff up. Paint stripper is messier, often more expensive but won't warp a panel nor chew a hole in a ridge or edge. Sand blasting is IMO the best way to remove paint (but the operator must be used to our thin panels metal or again it can be a bad day)