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  1. WogsRus

    New Wheels Are On, Looking Good.

    Thanks guys. They are the old school xxr 513 in a 16x7 plus 14. The rears could have been much wider as the 2+2 archer's are massive.r Tigers are a 205/55/16. Front is 3mm clear of strut rear could have run a 225 easy.
  2. Got these for a steal. Looks great.
  3. Got these for a steal. Looks great.
  4. Guys i finally got some rims for the Z, they are a 16x7 +15 XXR513. Question, rims fit perfect so no issue there, wondering what width tires to get 225/55/16 or 215/55/16. WIll either rub on a 260z 2+2 Car is in the tire place as we speak so any answer woudl be good.
  5. 260z alloy wheels http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/beerwah/wrecking/nissan-datsun-14-mags-x-5-factory-old-school/1092644096 $50 bucks hell yeah
  6. WogsRus

    Fs: 14 Inch Watanabe Set

    any chance of $800 cash
  7. WogsRus

    Converting a porshe synchro to brass, EASY.......

    So the gearbox has been in the car for two days and wow, ok my old gearbox was really snagged. New box is soooo smooth and nice, rifle bolt feel to every change. No noises or whines and I have the use of all me gears again. If anyone needs further info, pm and I'll help where I can. As I have two more close ratio boxes lying around, im going to do convert these and sell them on if anyone is interested.
  8. WogsRus

    Spotted tas

    hay clockwork, that green 260 z was me, sorry only just found the post
  9. cheaper to get a new set of carbs, the guys in lton are great but ridiculously expensive. I recently rebuilt my dads carbs with a full SU kit and it was only $180
  10. let us know how you went i wander why they stuffed up the order anyhow. I need to get mine to a dyno to see the fueling might need to lean it out at part throttle a bit
  11. That was the idea nizz untill the easy out snapped in the hole. But yes, ideally, I'll do that. Just need a good spray bar or upgrade to an internally oiled cam, bonus.
  12. Hay datman How much you want for the spray bar? I'm not going to remove the whole cam journal just for that one bolt, i think i will simply have to do with two bolts for now. I have a new rocker cover to go on once i crinkle paint it, so when its out again, i will try and drill around with a small drill and tap a new hole. I need the car this weekend for a car show, so what ever it is now, hope it hold for 500kms. Stupid old cars, ahhh we love them.
  13. So i took my rocker off today to fix up the weeping seal i had and to helicoil all the holes. NOW i took the rocker off and the the end of one of the spray bars fell out and to cap it off, to take it off, the middle screw snapped in the cam journal. I fixed the spray bar as best i could, so it holds nice and tight, however i tried to remove the snapped bold and nothing, i actually snapped my easy out aswell, so no only holding with two bolts. So is this an issue? Can you get a new or custom spray bar? Seeing as the cam journals cant be removed without throwing the head away, WTF do i do now.
  14. LOL yeah saw it come up, too good to be true, however i cant seam to pick it up and guy is not willing to package it up due to size, so im stuck, technically its still for sale. LOL
  15. GUYS DESPERATE HERE need some parts picked up from redcliffe QLD to bring down to as close as possible to Tasmania, Melbourne Sydney what ever. SO i can the organised boxing and shipping. Parts consist of a center console and odds and sods. ANYONE OUT THERE willing, happy to pay