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  1. https://www.monotaro.sg/g/00537851/ heres a couple of part numbers to google KFL-141Y KFL-161YS KFL-161Y
  2. Bump with new price $260 with boss kit and gear knob
  3. Does anyone know how much advance adjustment you get out of the kameari and tepp brand camshaft sprockets?
  4. Also yes it is plastic, the grain matches the original zed seats really well though
  5. To my knowledge the 240z and 260z had wooden knobs. This one is basically a genuine Nissan part that screws straight on. My best guess is it could possibly be a USA spec 280Z or similar, it doesnt appear to be 280zx. If you asked a Nissan dealer for a replacement 240z / 260Z knob they would be NLA (5 speed) but could supersede to this as an option replacement to get you out of trouble. In short, genuine Nissan but not officially genuine 240-260z but looks the part and feels pretty good because it is larger.
  6. Hi, yes I have a couple in stock
  7. http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/1972-datsun-fairlady-z/ On offer is this Japanese delivered Datsun Fairlady Z with a 2.0 litre SOHC straight six-cylinder engine. This is a very original example. The engine has yet to be run-in after being reconditioned. Details of mechanical work carried out by our workshop; Engine rebuild - new pistons, rings, bearings, reconditioned cylinder head. New water pump, belts and fan clutch Radiator re-core, new hoses, new clamps, new thermostat New clutch - hydraulics replaced Gearbox oil seals replaced All front suspension bushes and ball joints replaced Brake hydraulics replaced or rebuilt, new rubber hoses New rotary style air conditioning compressor Air-conditioning system serviced and re-gassed. This is a sought after Datsun with 2+2 seating and air-conditioning, ideal for a family who enjoy cruising together in something different. Currently historically registered in South Australia, this rare Fairlady 2/2 can be sold without stamp duty (in SA) and annual registration costs are approximately $110. Now on display in our highly acclaimed sixty car showroom. We can arrange door to door delivery Australia-wide. Make: Datsun Model: Fairlady Z Built: 1972 KM: 49,848 Engine Size: 1998cc Cylinders: 6 Transmission: Manual Price: $49,900
  8. Gtv240z

    Kobe Seiko Wheels (Works Rally Rims And More)

    You can get nuts and bolts for Wheels called 'wobble nuts' or wobbly bolts' Punch that one into google and check the images. These are used for example running a 4x100 wheel on and Alfa romeo with 4x98 stud pattern. The taper piece has enough slop around the head to allow for the. 1mm diffence of radius. These bolts might suit what you want
  9. Yes 3 pins on the back
  10. No problem, I'll keep you updated
  11. On Monday I am doing an order from the US and on the order will be multiply Fairlady Z badges. At this stage I am going to put 5 on the order, 1 for my spoiler and a friend's. The other 3 will be listed here for sale and/or on ebay.. Just wondering if any one wanted 1 or 2or 3? These are brand new, genuine Nissan items. 1 will cost $80 delivered to you via Australia post and any additional units an extra $70. To my knowledge these are currently an out of production item, however can be purchased from a host of suppliers but at a greater cost and only from overseas. I dont need payment up front so if you are keen let me know. I am also getting some early hatch vents these are $130 a pair posted..
  12. Thats brilliant! These led globes appear 5-10mm taller, does anyone know how much room is behind the lense?