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  1. I have another on next order, I sold the couple already in stock pretty quickly. The keys in the pic a readily available out of Thailand on ebay, usually around $10 delivered for 2 keys.. The original zed keys are available in repro but are about $100au sadly There is LH and RH key groove orientation to be aware of. (I learned this the hard way)
  2. Here we have a Genuine Nissan Key Wallet Holder as used by all the cool people back in the 70s and 80s ! Look the part with you Nissan/ Datsun Keys tucked away in this wallet ! Also wont scratch your iphone with the keys safely tucked away inside. Suits all Datsun / Nissan owners and was originally supplied with the purchase of many Datsun vehicles and also sold through the spare parts/ merchandise department . Free postage Australia wide KEYS NOT INCLUDED, if you have any questions about keys let me know happy to help $25
  3. Here we have a rear housing gasket for the R180 Diff found in WRX STI and 240z and other datsuns.. this is a genuine SUBARU part. it is a high quality metal gasket and has a built in guard to reduce oil out the breather And included a new diff breather vent cap assembly to suit r160, r180 and r200 diffs . This is a new genuine Nissan part. Free postage Australia wide $40
  4. Datsun 240Z 260z 280zx 1600 Bluebird etc Radius Rod Rubbers Bushes Genuine Nissan 4x bushes included (1 set for 1 vehicle ) Free postage Australia wide $32
  5. Here we have a brand new OEM Nissan / Datsun tool kit bag. Perfect addition to the boot of your pride and joy, replace that worn out, tatty tool bag with a new one , or start fresh and collect up the Nissan tools available through Ebay . for reference , your tool kit should have 2x spanners , a screw driver, pliers and your wheel nut wrench. these are not included in this listing. Free postage Australia wide Any questions please let me know Please note my original tool bag with my 240z has Nissan Motor or something similar embossed in it which these new ones don't . They are however genuine Nissan , black with the white buttons and are are pretty much the same as the original one $25
  6. Here we have a brand new OEM Nissan / Datsun 5 speed shift knob. Perfect addition to your pride and joy, replace that worn out, tatty shifter with a new one and at a fraction of the price of some of the genuine wooden alternatives. Would look great with matching black steering wheel especially a Nissan Competition steering wheel! Has the regular 8mm thread as found on your original Datsun shifter so will screw straight on. If you want an 10mm thread I could probably cut one in for you. 60mm high and about 45mm diameter Any questions please let me know $60 Free freight Australia wide
  7. bump , i have the thermostat housings with gaskets available again I also have the other side lower radiator hose coolant housing that screws to the timing cover , with gasket. $30 for timing case coolant housing and top themostat housing $60 for lower thermo housing $10 freight genuine nissan parts
  8. Here we have a distributor refresh kit for Datsun 6 cylinder points type Hitachi distributors. It consists of Contact points set Condensor Rotor Wiring insulator And the cap All items are genuine Nissan parts with the exception of the cap. Genuine Nissan caps are about $75 which I can get if you desire. This alternate cap is made in Japan by Yamaguchi. $65 all up Free postage Australia wide Any questions please let me know
  9. CraigZ

    T-C Bushing Washers Rear [2x]

  10. CraigZ

    T-C Bushing Washers Rear [2x]

    Hi, can get new ones ex Japan, I do an order each week $25 delivered to you for 2x Or for 4 x $35
  11. CraigZ

    240z Tool kit

    And can anyone sell me the 2 spanners and screwdriver?
  12. CraigZ

    240z Tool kit

    I have a couple of pieces missing from my 1973 240z tool kit.. 2 spanners and a screw driver I believe. I am going on some vague info collected from the net. The USA market may have received different tool list, early and late 240z probably different too. On top of this the paRts catalogue lists a whole host of extra tools including a complete socket set! Bet they're rare... And expensive! Anyway, just wondering if anyone can confirm official tool kit list? This is what I have come up with but possible wrong. 1973 toolkit: 8x10 spanner 12x14 spanner Pliers Wheel nut wrench 1x Screw driver with reversible shaft, Philips one end flat other end {I have seen 2x screwdrivers also, flat and Philips in other Datsun/Nissan toolkits} Chocks x2, mine are fold ups but have seen fixed types also Jack with 2 piece, red jack handle Please note my photo of toolkit has wrong spanners and screwdrivers, 1 spanner is Toyota other is Suzuki, don't know brand of screw driver I am also wondering if a 17mm spanner should be in the official set?
  13. CraigZ

    240z horns... Repair/overhaul

    Fitted and tested! They sound good as new ones! Couldn't upload a video here so posted on Facebook.. See here.... https://m.facebook.com/groups/740335446098903?view=permalink&id=1472531162879324
  14. CraigZ

    240z horns... Repair/overhaul

    Haven't mounted both of them on the car yet for a test run, only bench test individually, hopefully this weekend I'll fit them.