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  1. I am unlikely to supply any more of these so thought I would put some info here for people on the look out for one: These fans can be found in 88-92 Honda's approximately. These models are: Ed civic BA4 prelude DA9 Integra And a concerto model of the same vintage. Some of these models (concerto and integral I think) have a extra plastic cover on the back of the motor which looks a little nicer..
  2. I've not seen either but USA parts catalogue does list and early Sump part number upto April 1971 11110-E3021 early 11110-P0100 later and used on L24 and L26 also
  3. You forgot the option box and R190..
  4. Bump all mentioned in stock currently These are great for correction of speedo after wheel size changes and diff changes , If you need help calculating let me know
  5. CraigZ

    Shift boot retainer clips.

    If you get stuck and can't find any, I can order 8 new, genuine Nissan ones on my next order from Japan. This takes 3 weeks usually but with end of year shut down in Japan and Australia probably 4 weeks $35 for 8 of them delivered to your letterbox
  6. Here we have a genuine Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel purchased from Tas Autosport back in 2014. Part number is 6069.33.2093. I took it off my 240z in 2016 and went back to the original look when i tracked down and original 5 speed wood shift knob. Would be lucky to have done 1000km with this steering wheel.. Comes with a boss kit to suit zeds but the boss kit is not a genuine Nardi . it is a solid quality unit from a previous steering wheel and at the time i turned up a sleeve to knock into the centre of the boss to retain the Nardi horn button.. These Nardi wheels are still available new from a host of suppliers at around $430-$440 without boss kit Here is the link to the Tas Autosport: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genuine-Nardi-Steering-Wheel-DEEP-CORN-Perforated-Leather-330mm-6069-33-2093/131867413594?epid=633393655&hash=item1eb3e90c5a:g:NXUAAOSwOVpXednP:rk:4:pf:0 $300 with boss kit and matching style gear knob, (gear knob is a momo knock off I think) I love this steering wheel but want a Datsun competition steering wheel so here it is for sale..
  7. Datsun nissan Shift Lever Bush & Pin Kit These are all genuine Nissan parts and suit the 71b gearbox as found in: 240z, 260z, 280zx, 720 ute, Bluebird, Skyline, 240k etc Free postage Australia wide $35
  8. Thats what I thought! It's a brilliant ratio! I need to turn things over quickly and happy to move on to the next thing
  9. I have the ra gc8 Lsd in my zed currently. This one is 08-13 G3
  10. It is a great ratio! Got an Lsd one in the zed currently. I bought this from a wreckers and have taken the Lsd out for another diff I have
  11. It is a great ratio! Got an Lsd one in the zed currently. I bought this from a wreckers and have taken the Lsd out for another diff I have
  12. Here we have an R180 Diff with Nissan open centre that suits 240z bolt in outputshafts. Ratio is the Subaru 4.44 . Subaru LSD no longer inside and setup with an open centre from a 280zx R180. Also has the Datsun companion flange on the front to suit the Datsun tailshafts , Rear cover from a Nissan R180 with Nissan breather and original length & thread studs. Gearset and housing originally from a 08-13 Subaru WRX $300 postage with e-go / Hunter Express usually between $35-50 , Melbourne, Sydney , Brisbane. contact me for a freight cost Located Adelaide and pick up available Thanks