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  1. Reaper-Zed

    Scammers hit the car market

    I had a good one from a ebay experience for a Val Charger I was looking at, Apparently the guy was selling a replica R/T for 8k buy now, I shot him a email asking if I could see the car, as the address on ebay was for melb. He said he was originally from melb and was in Africa and had taken his charger over there, blah blah blah, the guy was asking for down payments from the first email hahha also through paypal i think, I give him this, he told a good story. Should of been a Author instead of a scam artist.
  2. Reaper-Zed

    paint removal

    The problem I have with soda blasting as it can get into places where it was once painted but then when its all down and cleaned out its bare metal but these hard to get places are impossible to paint unless you dip the car in a vat of primer, so it might look all good but it might be eating itself inside out. I have used a sandblaster of my friends he had a 10ltr pressure pot and lets just say WAY WAY WAY to messy. used a stupid amount sand and was SUPER slow got hand cramps. I paint stripped my house mates ZC fairlane only 2 weekends ago just the doors and engine bay, took about 8-12 hours I think "was up till 4:30am Sunday morning". I also had just got plastic sheets from bunnings but just to lay on the shed ground because it makes a mess of blotches on the ground that dries after about a hour then its real annoying getting off these color spots off the ground.paint stripper is great for the price its annoying in hard places that has alot of curves such as a engine bay but I find it great on outside panel stuff like doors, I only used about 2 liters for all doors and engine bay but that was stretching It I thought, but yeah Sandblasting is messy I'm talking my car was about 50 meters away and it got caked in dust, and you go through a stupid amount of sand to do little work. also can warp panels. Just get some cheap paint stipper from super cheap auto its what I did worked a treat end of the day its just stipping paint doesnt need to be anything fancy in my mind. Personally if it was me I would paint strip as much as I can then hand sand the rest. I have heard the shocking stories of blasting with sand and just that soda removes paint in places you dont want to take off. Sorry for the big post
  3. Reaper-Zed

    Indy's 260Z

    Awsome, Maybe early to mid next year depending what happens around here with work and what not I'll keep in touch for sure wanting to know the decent areas to rent and what not and what places to avoid if you know what i mean
  4. Reaper-Zed

    Great Ocean Road Tour Cancelled.

    If I had a z on the road I would have for sure, seeming its just down the road from me.
  5. Reaper-Zed

    Ferrari - AKA 260z

    Big fan of 250GTO ferrari's have a little match box one, to bad only 39 were ever made one went for 15.6 million pounds last year I think, Yonks ago I thought of doing the same thing to a 260 but have long since changed my mind, would be cool to own all the looks you would get, 40k is a bit off what id pay maybe 20-25k. All round still a cool car. would of been a pain to make all that chopping and roof mods.
  6. Reaper-Zed

    L28 and 5 speed box for sale

    I'm keen for both together PM sent
  7. Reaper-Zed

    Step by Step how-to: Auto to manual conversion

    Ruffly, How much would it cost to do a 5 speed manual conversion??? we talking about 1k? I understand it depends what parts you get and all that, but im thinking a decent 5 speeed nothing to trashed maybe re-cond. with all the rest being new parts as you recommend??? From what I can tell you can pick up a box for about 400ish in good cond. 300 if your lucky. how much does the other parts cost ruffly?
  8. Reaper-Zed

    new to z cars

    I'm all for the original style Z also as mine is, but seems this guy wants a muscle type car hence why i said maybe look to LS1, I also agree it seems to be more popular with doing skyline engine converging rather than V8. i still think if you want a muscle car, get a torana or camaro or falcon? all look good in the 70's to me, nice v8's sound great with the right set ups. and some wont set you back anymore than 10k, just what I would personally do, also Quandary I love the sound of my straight 6 to, turns heads most people think its a v8 "if they have no clue about 240z"
  9. Reaper-Zed

    Hood scoops?

    How much it set you back from Nissan I presume it was cheap as minimum chips at a fish n chips shop?
  10. Reaper-Zed

    new to z cars

    I agree put a V8 in it if your after the muscle car sound/thing LS1 are a good option in my mind if I was going to V8 mine its what I would consider they are cheapish and still newish, saw a LS1 for sale for 800 bucks not to long ago, though a lot of mods would need to be done for it all if its what your after do it. Your options are endless but if your after the muscle car thing than "Never late in a V8".
  11. Reaper-Zed

    Indy's 260Z

    nice one indy, any pics of the inside? seems you got a good find, I just brought a 240z that needs a bit of work and might be moving to perth soon so might come pay you a visit.
  12. Reaper-Zed

    new to z cars

  13. Reaper-Zed

    SOLD - Selling my 240Z with L26

    Sad times, hopefully the money can bring you some happy times like the zed did. all the best
  14. Reaper-Zed

    Changed my mind

    HAHA REALLY thats awesome id consider one for humor factor sure would get some looks, nice gt stripes, some nice 10 inch mags and a bonnet scoop *dreams* look up mighty boy ute there is a new bad boy in town! P.S. I got told by someone not sure if its true but the mighty boy ute is the most prone car/ute to cause fatality in a crash. I know its a useless fact but hey what else do I do on this forum.
  15. Reaper-Zed

    1934 BMW R7 - Holly Mother of Batman

    I did know this! Also told to me on my course, the crazy thing that threw me at the time was of people in accidents 1 out 50 accidents in a car resulted in death and like 1 out of five on a bike .... thats fair scary. I just remember its 15 times more likely to be in a crash I think its in the manual you can download from the vicroad site. Has those kind of stats. vicroads also sends out a fair bit of stuff about how they are trying to improve roads and what not, which i think is nice to know they are doing something with are tax moneys. I agree Mr240z subject closed Just I personally took a bit of offence to the comment even if not intended I still think it was poor words to me a little dark seeming most bikers know people who have been killed by riding and what not. Little more consideration is all I ask. No more from me will be said on this, cheers