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  1. cracker


    Cache cleared, problem apparently solved (chrome ios)
  2. cracker


    chrome on ios mobile is a problem, chrome on mac os not a problem for me. fyi
  3. cracker

    Wanted Carb Cable Clamp

    Still looking for one of these if anyone has come across one in their travels (or garage fossicking)
  4. cracker

    260z body parts

    Keen. Pm coming
  5. Post some pics and the gang here will give you plenty of reasonably accurate assessments on price. Edit: Wouldn't be worried about the chassis number thing - looks very much like a typo at motor reg to me.
  6. Typo Gav? More like 21XXX
  7. To suit 240z (K type). Please message me on here or on 0403527398 if you have one you'd consider selling. I can collect from Adelaide or close by, or otherwise can pay for postage from elsewhere. Thanks, James
  8. Yep. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!
  9. It sold for $42k + buyers premium
  10. cracker

    Early Girl differences

    Early carbs are 4 screw Gav! and are Hitachi manufactured, not SU
  11. Anyone know what this “one owner” sold for?
  12. cracker


    Depends what is the offending part of the engine (ie the reason it won't close). If it's the air cleaner, I'd say modify the air cleaner before the bonnet... but sounds like it's something else as well? IMO as soon as you start doing non factory mods of the bonnet, you start to lose the nice clean 240z look.
  13. cracker

    DreamZproject 240Z #365 build

    Haven't heard this before. Why?
  14. This appears to be the car sold via ebay not too long ago - for $21k or so? Now with Isaac after a quick tidy up for $35k
  15. cracker

    Maserati Compound - 240Z Parts

    I've purchased parts from this site before and was left very underwhelmed. I bought a part that comes in pairs (and was advertised as such) and received only a single. The site owner eventually acknowledged his error and then offered to send me the other half at full price, plus shipping from the US () I would not buy from them again, but if you choose to, I'd make sure it's abundantly clear what you are buying before committing (especially given some of the prices!).