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  1. cracker

    Parts to do a 5spd conversion?

    I should be able to help - have a choice of spare boxes I'll need to start offloading soon. I'll drop you a msg.
  2. cracker

    Distributor wanted

    Original points style or 280zx type or _____?
  3. Hi All, Per the heading, I have 4 brand new koni yellows to suit a zed, up for sale. Purchased about 4 weeks ago for use in my own car... before I lucked on another car that already had these fitted. These are brand new, unopened units and will have their receipt provided to the new owner. $1000 + postage at buyers cost PM or 0403527398 if interested please James
  4. cracker

    Knock in suspension in one corner

    Because you've said the knock is over bumps, I'll assume it is NOT going on or off throttle, which probably rules out diff/half shafts/uni joints/stub axles. I'd suggest your gland nut may have come loose on the top of the strut - I had the same issue a few years ago on an old zed - dropped the suspension out, tightened up again and away I went, sans clunk! Good luck
  5. cracker

    260z- Factory Seat Height

    When I ran FD seats in my 240z I used the FD rails on custom mounts which I had bolted to the stock mounts - so I could reverse it later. Not very ADR compliant but preserved my originality. Because I had bolt heads to account for, I ended up mounting 10-20mm higher than I needed to (if I just welded adaptor mounting plates, for example), but because the FD seat itself wasn't as "tall" as the stock seat, I ended up sitting at a reasonable height.
  6. cracker

    14 x 7 Watanabe wheels + tyres

    Still available, plus a picture of similar wheels fitted (14 x 7 konig rewind with more appropriate tyre choice for a zed - 215/60)
  7. cracker

    New Koni for 240z/260z & 280zx

    You can buy them locally. I was researching in the last fortnight any and all struts from Koni to see if any were more suitable than the 1060 but they are the pick of the bunch by far for closest body length with good travel etc. I actually bought a set of 4 and then by some fluke have ended up buying a car with them already installed (unexpectedly!). The brand new in box set of 4 will go up for sale shortly, or drop me a message if you want details.
  8. cracker

    Mca! Have You Used? Experience?

    @Riceburner how did you go with other options?
  9. Depending on who you talk to... my understanding is that even 98RON fuel is only good for about 3 months - so you'd be on the edge of needing to drain it anyway. At the least, use as much of it as you can so that when you're on a fresh tank on your return there is very little old stuff in it.
  10. cracker

    Wanted: 71b gearbox bellhousing (found)

    Update - found.
  11. cracker

    Wanted: 71b gearbox bellhousing (found)

    Tailshaft sourced - still looking for a bellhousing if someone has one spare.
  12. As the title suggests, looking for a bellhousing for a 71b gearbox. Happy to pay for post to Adelaide. Please Pm or phone/sms 0403527398 Cheers James Update - found - thanks all
  13. Are you joking about the cheap part?? (I have one of these NOS in box and certainly wouldn't have expected to get $650aud for it...)
  14. cracker

    14 x 7 Watanabe wheels + tyres

    Price dropped.