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  1. cracker

    coin tray for early 240 console

    I'll take it if aircobra doesn't
  2. Includes everything pictured Complete except for alloy drum covers. $200 Pick up is probably the only feasible option but if someone will collect for you that's fine too... Located 5mins south of Adelaide CBD. James
  3. cracker

    Wanted: 71a gearbox bellhousing or complete gearbox

    Hey Matt, That sounds great - I'll pm you. James
  4. As per the heading I'm in need of a bellhousing for my 71a gearbox (to suit 1970/71 240z). If you have a complete gearbox that you don't want to separate I'll happily consider buying that. Semi-urgent in an attempt to have the car ready for an event this coming Saturday! :| Cheers, James 0403527398 or PM ps. I'm in Adelaide and happy to collect locally or to pay for freight if interstate.
  5. cracker

    coin tray for early 240 console

    FYI https://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7734053
  6. cracker

    Big order from the states

    I'm out a couple hundred to Warren as well. Admitted to incorrect advertising on a part but wouldn't provide a refund. Would love to support him on the same basis as Leon but find it very difficult to go back to someone unreasonable or stubborn to the detriment of their customer.
  7. cracker


    Cache cleared, problem apparently solved (chrome ios)
  8. cracker


    chrome on ios mobile is a problem, chrome on mac os not a problem for me. fyi
  9. cracker

    Wanted Carb Cable Clamp

    Still looking for one of these if anyone has come across one in their travels (or garage fossicking)
  10. cracker

    260z body parts

    Keen. Pm coming
  11. Post some pics and the gang here will give you plenty of reasonably accurate assessments on price. Edit: Wouldn't be worried about the chassis number thing - looks very much like a typo at motor reg to me.
  12. Typo Gav? More like 21XXX
  13. To suit 240z (K type). Please message me on here or on 0403527398 if you have one you'd consider selling. I can collect from Adelaide or close by, or otherwise can pay for postage from elsewhere. Thanks, James
  14. Yep. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!
  15. It sold for $42k + buyers premium