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  1. As above, 4 off, with tyres fitted clean, black and no rust. located Brisbane North. Can arrange freight $700
  2. dat2kman

    air box for triple webbers

    BOBits Of Italy, do a proper height airbox, for Z cars, you can fit 50mm high trumpets inside, and airflow is not compromised. have fitted a couple, the supplier, Phil Bugee, will require your outer carb flannge bolt spacing, so he can accurately drill out the base mounting plate. BOI is in Vc, iirc.
  3. dat2kman

    How Much Ground Clearance?

    Sittheengine uphigher, so only crossmember hits first. dry sump kitwill do that.
  4. dat2kman

    Front Apron and Grille for 280ZX

    Have a grille insert, god cond, no cracks. can pack n post.
  5. Gav, where it says "time period" and the dot, "since last visit" i attemt to select that dot, but it wont accept that selection. as far as all the other chouces there,,,,, way to complicated!
  6. Gav, attempted the activity streams thing to "since last visit" however, it wont accept my request. i CBF'd wading through "unread content"
  7. Where is the "Activity menu"- "Activity streams" etc?
  8. Can we get back the button that says " Show new posts since last visit" or whatever it was. Can only see "unread posts"
  9. dat2kman

    Halda Twin Master

    Lots of familiar names! I navigated for most of them! Bob Beckham, Frank Christensen, Trevor Bartyn, Mick King, Simon Prince, Bob Halfpenny, Andrew Sosimenko, anda few others!, and finished with Steve Cox, where we won the NSW State Champs. Was inducted into the Killer Mullet Rallye Team ( Mexican Mullet !), and if not sitting in a rally car, was conducyting some of their amazing stage controls! I am still in contact with Matt Sosi, and George and Judy are still going well, living in Qld, now! Paulo, i probably know you! ( Ellis?)
  10. dat2kman

    What Radiator For Rb25 240?

    Be aware that relocating an inlet to same side as outlet , unless the rad is a proper bypass rad, will have your engine overheating quickly. Bypass rads are designed so that the coolant has to pass through all tubes, before it can exit. If you are going to purchase, get a new one, not a Nissan, but a HX/HZ V8 Holden unit from AdRad, they will be more readily available, than an AdRad original Nssan unit.
  11. dat2kman

    Halda Twin Master

    You ran in the old Group 7 series! So did I, also with the DDC, when George and Jdy ran it, and got Colo up and running!
  12. dat2kman

    2+2 Armrests- Black Gc

    No dea, they are in a box, with all the other boxes of Datsun stuff Do we have a measurement, of say, a steaight line of frontmost to rearmost screw holes? I can check then. They are clean, black and in vgc
  13. dat2kman

    2+2 Armrests- Black Gc

    Got a pair left and right, sell together
  14. Have a few sets of 15x8's that fit stock struts , to lessen possibility of tyres fouling, 205/50x15 or 205/55x15 tyres may be needed. Currently have 225/50x15, and rear guard lips needed trimming only. No flares required.
  15. dat2kman

    Repro Mk63 Calipers

    The Toyota S12's are a straight bolt on. If you reckon these need engineering approval, then, so will the MK63's! BTW, both the S12 and MK63 are made by Sumitomo, and bth come in vented and non vented rotor varety.