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  1. Riceburner

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2019

    Anyone else received anything? Are there entry forms available? Sandown is a bit of a drag circuit, It can be a bit boring, but with so many Datto's in one place it'll be a great event!
  2. Riceburner

    Nissan Datsun Nationals 2019

    Have they released any info yet? I joined the mailing list at the start of the year but haven’t received any info yet. The link isn’t showing anything yet either.
  3. Riceburner

    R33 brake shim

    It’s a long shot but worth a try, anyone got a spare?
  4. Riceburner

    Mca! Have You Used? Experience?

    I never got a reply back from them and I’m in the middle of changing brakes so I haven’t chased them up. Either way I’ll DIY as I can control the $ a bit more. I’m still thinking of going the bilstein inserts and custom rate king springs on standard perches. I don’t need height adjustment or any fancy stuff. Offset bushings and roll centre spacers do all I need.
  5. Riceburner

    WTD Various engine parts

    I’ve got the crank timing chain gear, free to good home, head has no towers sorry.
  6. Riceburner

    WTD Various engine parts

    I’ll have a look over the weekend, think I have the crank gear and a spare head with a full set of towers.
  7. I got the book Bruce, I can loan it to you if you like, PM me. It was a very good idea by Peter and it’s a great read. Car is looking excellent Peter, I love all the extra details you’ve done to make it look correct.
  8. Looks as good as new, What prompted the respray Peter?
  9. Riceburner

    The Build 73 240Z

    Cozza’s correct, turn the rear bar around. Very funny! I’m the same I never read instructions.
  10. Riceburner

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    LCR always seem very busy, good to see plenty of Lgata love still about.
  11. Riceburner

    Hot Street L28 build

    Looks great Enzo! Anymore details on the sump setup. Looks like a nismo style, did you add the cooling fins?
  12. Riceburner

    Spotted (Vic)

    Is that Freddy from Topstage? Nice bonnet!
  13. Riceburner

    The Build 73 240Z

    See if you can find another shop willing to finish off someone else’s work before taking it away.
  14. Riceburner

    The Z31 Project - Race Car

    That would look great!