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  1. Riceburner

    Classic car bubble

    Looks to be the same car as in this Petrolicous video, it is a very cool story!
  2. Riceburner

    R180 LSD centre

  3. I ran a 4.11 with a 260z .864 5th, now with a Rb20det box with a .833 5th I pull the same rpm at 100kph with the 4.375. I’d say go for it if you don’t plan long highway drives at 100 for hours on end.
  4. Riceburner

    The Riceburner 3.1L

    Old Torsen diff centre out and sold. Came out in very good condition, magnetic drain plug was spotless and no signs of wear. OS Giken super lock installed and lock wired. I used a bearing heater to install new bearings, so much easier than pressing them on, new seals and the special Subaru diff cover gasket with the baffle in front of the breather. All wipe patterns and specs checked out. 1.3L of OS-250R oil. Short test drive, you don’t even know it’s there!
  5. Riceburner

    R180 LSD centre

    Sold pending payment
  6. Riceburner

    R180 LSD centre

    R180 K series Torsen LSD diff centre, suits 115mm crown wheel with bolt in axles. Very limited use, professionally setup, magnetic diff plug spotless. $1450 when new. $550inc post Aus wide. More info http://members.optushome.com.au/amaxeng/five10/diff.htm
  7. Riceburner

    R180 Side axle orientation

    Picture shows OS Giken with bearing fitted. The order from inside to outside is bearing with rollers, inner bearing race, Diff centre bearing hub. So the bearing doesn’t have direct contact with the axle. The smooth inside of the OS Centre hub has no holes or grooves and that’s where the flat from the side axle will sit. Perhaps is an oil relief path from the diff centre, either way with the Giken centre it doesn’t seem to matter which way the flat is facing does it?
  8. Riceburner

    72 240Z Historic Group S

    What a flog!
  9. Riceburner

    R180 Side axle orientation

    I couldn’t find any reference to it in the Yellow Nissan service manual. The Torsen just has two crossing groves in the side of the carrier, kind of like an ‘X’. Not sure what the OS Giken has yet.
  10. In the photo you’ll see a ‘flat’ on the axle shaft. Does this mean the axle flat should be facing a particular direction in the diff centre? The axle will go in anyway you want it providing the splines are aligned. Wondering if the flat is an oil feed or something.
  11. Riceburner

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Oh yeah, looks great. What a garage, a sweet 240 or the Porsche to choose from!
  12. Riceburner

    What nice door mirrors are about?

    +1 for a nice aluminium raydot mirror
  13. Riceburner

    OS Giken super lock LSD

    Already got the crown wheel and pinion isotropic super finished. Makes for a whisper quiet diff. Ok WPC not required then, let the install begin, thanks chaps!
  14. Riceburner

    OS Giken super lock LSD

    Anyone have experiences with WPC coating parts? Would it be worthwhile getting the diff plates WPC coated before installing?
  15. Riceburner

    The Riceburner 3.1L

    @hmd Chris is an engineer, he has machinery in his shed and works from home. He does plenty of Datsun stuff. If you want his details PM me.