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  1. PeterH

    Bound for South Australia - 'heave away, haul away'

    Have a great drive Peter....be wary of happy smiling foreign visitors driving on the wrong side of the road.
  2. PeterH

    What's The Blinking Story?

    The seal / gasket locates over the edge of the housing. One seal fits both sides. I hope this helps Peter
  3. PeterH

    240z Tool kit

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DATSUN-1000-1200-Tools-Bag-Genuine-For-NISSAN-120Y-240Z-510-B10-B110-E10-Ute/221577192875?epid=1623440051&hash=item339707a5ab:g:RS0AAOSwU9xUPydm They still list them but now the bag is incuded.
  4. PeterH

    240z Tool kit

    Hi Craig My 1973 car tool kit came complete with missing spanners screwdriver and pliers......I bought this kit from B Projects in Japan quite a while ago ... My wheel chocks are the fixed type...the car was a one registered owner car so I'm pretty confident that they were original. Pete
  5. Getting a bit off track from the original post here... Gav...is this the pipe you are referring to? on the two carbie manifold stets that I have the " pipe" is 10mm OD tube.... I bought some from a hydraulic shop in town and it was zinc plated. There is no flaring but a rubber ring is used part number 14013-73400 and this would allow for expansion. I cant find the two rubber rings at the moment...must be in super storage aka lost . I hope this helps.
  6. The mirror stem will most likely be of more interest than the turn signal housings. I've posted before and after photos ..the mirror stem was in a particularly bad state after some one else had a go at it and left a hole in it http://www.aclassmetal.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Class-Metal-Finishers/133288193385505 I won't post the cost on here because it can vary a lot depending on the original condition. I sent some photos and they offered a best and worst price to me and it came to a bit above half way. They did about four different processes in the job. Strip and polish, repair and fill and a couple of plating processes. There must be a lot of mirrors out there that would benefit from the process. Hope this is of interest Peter
  7. PeterH

    Original Tyre Bridgestone Or Dunlop?

    Just another one Gav...this one is from April 1971 Modern Motor and the car featured in the test was Victorian registered KNL 127 The scan loaded upside down maybe you can help Gav
  8. Having had a lot of dealings with a powder coater here, I was told that powder coat had a relatively low tolerance to heat. Does any body know more about that...just thinking about the proximity to the exhaust manifold.
  9. PeterH

    260Z Airconditioner

    Change of plans .....still available...
  10. For sale, 260Z air conditioner parts as shown in the photographs. No hoses, lines or drier. I bought this from Warren at All-Z-Parts a few years ago with the idea of grafting it into a 240Z. In the interest of originality I'm not even going to try that now. I payed $435 for it and that is my asking price. I have no idea which model 260Z this came from. I'm in Tamworth but travel to Newcastle sometimes. Happy to take more photos etc if any one is interested. Peter
  11. PeterH

    Original Tyre Bridgestone Or Dunlop?

    This won't really help you much but the 240Z That I bought new in early 1973 definitely had Bridgestones fitted. From memory they didn't look much like the RD150. I also have a road test of an early 240Z which states that it was fitted with Aquajets.
  12. PeterH

    Seat Belts

    Thanks for that...you've answered my question.
  13. PeterH

    Seat Belts

    I realise that there have been many posts regarding seat belts and I have read most of them with great interest. I dug out the seat belts that were in my car when I bought it about four years ago ( 1973 , delivered new in Melbourne ) and the buckles don't look correct for new seat belts of that era. Has any one seen this type of belt fitted to a 240Z ?. obviously I wont be using them ...I just wonder if they were the original fitment. I bought a new 240Z in 1973 but at the age of sixty eight and a half I don't remember the belt buckles...lots of other fond memories of it though.... Thanks to all who have contributed information previously to the seat belt topics. Peter
  14. PeterH

    External Mirror Id

    These photos are the heads of my original 1973 car right side mirror and a left side mirror that I bought from the US. The right side mirror is on the right hand side of both photos. The head is held in with a screw ....you need to remove the glass to access it. I managed to ease the glass out of one and broke the other one ( seven years of bad luck ) and had a couple of replacements cut by the local lead light glass man.......less than ten dollars .... and he also beveled the edges for refitting. Hope this helps Pete