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  1. Welcome Maddie, My 2+2 is approaching completion, so if you need bits and pieces yell out. I was a uni student with a Z car back in the day and benefited from the generosity of so many folks.... Probably time for payback. Looks like a great car... Good luck with it. Ross
  2. AussieZed

    280zx convertible

    Really impressed by the work on the bootlid, it is a great look - Alfa Spider meets Triumph Stag meets 280zx...
  3. AussieZed

    Anyone Using Feal Suspension?

    MCA Blues are made in China and aren't as Lurch says, that much more expensive. So the assessment of 'shit' is based on...?? What is actually wrong with the Feal units?? Does any one have real life experience with them. (Cue rant from Lurch).
  4. AussieZed

    40Mm Solex Carbs

    Purchased. Thanks Dave.
  5. AussieZed

    40Mm Solex Carbs

    Pm sent
  6. AussieZed

    260Z 2+2 Rear Seat Base Mounting

    Hey there... All my 260s have had Phillips head 10mm bolts through the loops with plastic caps on the bolts.
  7. AussieZed

    Fs: Technotoytuning Rear Strut Brace

    Hi mate... It was sold and is sitting in my garage.
  8. AussieZed

    Ross T's 'mercury' 240z

    Birthday presents installed... Rota-RBs 215/60/15 front 225/50/16 rear
  9. AussieZed

    Ross T's 'mercury' 240z

    Subtle aerodynamic enhancement.
  10. AussieZed

    Ross T's 'mercury' 240z

    I know!! This thread is older than some members!! The colour is a 350z colour boringly called Platinum Silver. The bonnet is still in the first coat but will get the big orange GT stripes too...
  11. AussieZed

    Ross T's 'mercury' 240z

    A while ago I looked for a swap for the 240z... And got an almost running 2+2 in return. A couple of years later... Panel work is done, paint 90%, mechanical done... Reassembly time...
  12. AussieZed

    Ross T's 240Z/250Gto Tribute

    A few pics ... The car is currently off getting its headers fabbed and exhaust fitted...
  13. My 260z is on the final stages of a resto with Daniel at A+, good bloke, a real car nut and a qualified mechanic and panel beater. Strongly recommend. 0406495365. Based in Belconnen, Canberra.
  14. Having been beavering away on the 260z 2+2, I am taking a break from that project to work on the GTO ... Will post some more interesting pics soon...