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  1. imackz

    Carbon and fibreglass parts from Restored (Japan)

    Still able to get the fiberglass hood for the 280zx ? Price ?
  2. imackz

    Datsun 450zx

    Datsun @ Mount Dandenong #Datsun450zx
  3. imackz

    Datsun 450zx 2017

    Datsun 450zx 2017
  4. imackz

    New Member

    welcome aboard
  5. another good place to look is import monster
  6. imackz

    Experiences With Zfactory (Vic)

    Rob has done work on my car, he is top notch
  7. imackz

    Sakura Picnic: Bundoora Park 10/04/2016

    i am going with The NDSOC
  8. imackz

    Left Front Fender Indicator Light For 280Zx 1982

    let me know if you need a non-cracked lens
  9. imackz

    240Z + Chev

    Yes, the engineering costs are quite alot, but worth it for the fun produced.
  10. imackz

    240Z + Chev

    What about keeping it Nissan at least ? vh45de motor ? vk56 motor ?
  11. imackz

    --- Back up --- 280Zx / S130 2 Seater For Sale

    Glad your not selling, thanks for the address & yes all fixed
  12. imackz

    Wtb: 280Zx Chassis Rails And Other Stuff

    I agree, it is a shit of a job but worth doing ( i have done it to mine) but have to get the car back to bare metal, tidy up the floor pan , drill out the spot weld & use the old rails as a template for the new ones, that way you know they will work.