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  1. 240 is gone and I dont think ill be getting another one for at least a while so if anyone is keen on this used once and i think the only imperfection is a greasy finger print on the brake drum page if pickup in campbelltown ill throw in a new valve cover gasget tht i never got round to using $20
  2. (Locky)

    280ZX wheels in China

    dont be cheap ..... buy genuine fakes ruin the industry ie a set of 2nd hand ssr meshies can be had for just over a grand landed 2nd hand good condition from japan why pay that for dodgy new fakes ??
  3. (Locky)

    71 240z with a L28

    sold another 240 going down to victoria
  4. i got mine 23 months ago now and they had them in stock
  5. (Locky)

    thinking drift and my 260 2+2

    wow some of the views on this forum emphasis some of the close minded attitude of some of the "more classic" view on motor sport maybe it is the more varied age of uses of this forum though yes drift is a spectical sport, maybe thats why i like it because its not about making the car .001 second faster buy spednting rediculus amounts of money on it, you can have a brash "look at me" car uber low with stupid wheels and streched tyres, yes it may be form over function but that is essentail to making it a spectical. the fact that if you see 2 drift cars, one with a more traditional motorsport set up (hieght/ wheels combo) compared to the car that has 10mm ground clearance and wheels with decent offset streched tyres and knowing the fact that if he stuffs up they are going t leave most there bodykit and exhaust int he sand trap makes t look so much better my car isnt a powerhouse (s14, basic power mods 180kw but lots of suspension gear) but i walk away with a smile when i go to oran park, swearve towards the base of the bridge at about 5k in 3rd (so about 110/120km/h) kick the cluch and proceded to manji doent te straight ect and link the whole track sideways, the comments i get when people say it looks good ct, tbh i couldnt care, because drifting IS SO STUPID but makes so much sense of trying to control a car out of control it could be a empty track with just me on it , i still hae the time of my life because its not about how fast you can get from a-b, its about haveing the most fun on the way there "I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but the most exciting way." -Keiichi Tsuchiya (former JTCC/Le mans driver, now D1GP judge) end rant (sorry )
  6. (Locky)

    thinking drift and my 260 2+2

    i actually drift my s14 and as cool as it would be i wouldnt do it to a 240/260 vid of trackday in the wet best quote i heard when i was starting drift was from alexi at initial drift "if you can go out and hit your car with a basball bat alot , and still love it afterwards. Drift is for you" basically its a quick way to rape a car, and if you are worried about damaging the car, you wont get better (alot of friends have a problem with this) also drift cars need alot of steering lock silvias have decent lock and i wet from spacers to aftermarket rack ends, to modified knuckles, now im looking to get the LCA's modified in the quest for more lock and the 240 doesnt een have close to factory s14 lock might be fun to chuck some sway bars in and a locked diff and hae some fun/ learn car control at a skidpan but wouldnt build a s30z as a "drift car"
  7. (Locky)

    71 240z with a L28

    floor pan has been redone and it looks like rails may have been redone or something hard to get a pic though, has been sprayed over with body deadener but all looks legit, only issue with the floor is a slight surface rust near the passanger seat (only noticed it when i took the photo, nothing majo though) has had a rust repair in the past behind the drivers door at the sil bit of rust coming up near the battrytray/firewall join section in the boot floor above the fuel tank hole about the size of a 20c coin, cut a 3inx3in square out and weld in a flat peice of metal and it will be long gone no rust on the tailgate ect that is a honest aprasal of the rust in the car and is everything i have noticed, was one of the least rusted ones when i was looking to by
  8. since the 240 is up for sale the rims are going as well ssr meshies one pair might be formula mesh, the other revers, im not sure exactly both black centers first pair is 15x9.5-6 4x114.3 have a step in the lip took me ages to find in japan, rare in these kind of sizes and arnt cheap no tyres looking for $900 2nd pair is 15x7+5 4x114.3 flat lip have toyo tyres with a bit of tread left no heaps though not 100% on tyre size but are to suit AE86/ke70 looking for $400 would do the set for $1200 located south of campbelltown, freight at buyers expense
  9. (Locky)

    71 240z with a L28

    come to the realisation that i cant have 2 play cars and cant afford a 3rd as im still keen drifting the 240 has to go unfortuently pm replyed rev
  10. (Locky)

    71 240z with a L28

    car 71 model genuine 240z (series 2 i think) originally a red colour bought it as a unfinshed resto car was a running regoed example till owned buy a nsw z club member taken off the road for a resto floorpan has been redone recently, and body deadend has the least amount of rust of nearly every z i have seen, doesnt have it in the usual places drive train L28 out of a 280zx manual box (pretty sure this is a 280zx item awell) round top SU carbs of a 240 (getting a bit rare and the best of the standard carbs) carbie trumpets aftermarket radiator and thermos full service done (changed all fluids, inc diff, new plugs, leads, coolent, thermostat, all hoses replaced ect) suspension unknown shock and spring combo exterior pressure pack satin black urathane front lip (flexable like facory bumpers on modern cars, wonk break like cheap fiberglass lips) stock wheels interior retrimed dash, no cracks ect big $$$ to get done woodgrain wheel overall good nick for age, seat is a lil worn and few lil bits and pieces missing as i bought it as an unfinished project there are a few things missing - all these things can be found and i will pass on where to get them to the new owner front and rear chrome bumpers few interior bits exhaust, has extractors but stops around the gearstick position fuel flap passanger window frame wiper arms parts i have yet havent installed replacement d/s window replacement d/s window regualtor new boot lock to my knowlege i have everthing else besides what is listed above, just needs to be put on, the car drives/brakes/turns ect and i have driven it around my house on a few occasions (obviously at low speeds) rear wheel cylinders have been removed atm to be rebuilt for peice of mind, but i havent got it done yet, can be reinstalled if you want before pick up ssr meshies not included but a set of 15x7+5 and 15x9.5-8 can be included for extra after $7500 or Swap for a MX5 Located south of campbelltown NSW
  11. REAR WHEEL W/Cyl LH 10/1970 - 08/1971 240Z MODEL JB2028#(NLA) REAR WHEEL W/Cyl RH 10/1970 - 08/1971 240Z MODEL JB2027#(NLA) im in need of these and ATAP can only get the PBR stuff (where most auto joints get there brake stuff from) any ideas where to sorce ??
  12. about 200m a few laps around the house had it since may 09
  13. (Locky)

    Jesse Streeter - Awesome!

    yeah ive bought about 4g with him, no probs
  14. ok, after mucking around with the brakes it looks like the wheel cylinders are dead, so looking at my options to get them done. this looks like it may be the bigger hurdle to getting the car on the road basically PBR only have a listing for the 260z, if they are the same i can get them through work for cheap, but im not sure if they are 240z wheel cylinders from swmotorsport http://www.swmotorsport.com.au/index.html?lang=en-us&target=d93.html but at $120 each i dont like the sound of that or rear disc conversion from reading quite a few write ups i would need bigger master cylinder (280zx) bias adjuster ? calipers rotors adaption stuff im particually interested in the s13 rear brake conversion, mainly because i have some laying around (i think mine are s15, but i have about 4 sets of s13 ones through mates ) but the adapter plates are US$165 + postage but its a good exchange rate atm alos need new brake lines which ether get made up here or US$75 from the same people so it basically looks like i can get the rear disc conversion minus rotors, master cylinder and bias adjuster for the same as just new wheel cylinders if i can get away from it with just a cheaper wheel cylinder ill go with that (balling on a budjet :'() but am i on the right track with the conversion
  15. (Locky)

    Locky's 240

    its slowly coming together the clear indicators came with the car i had a set with all clear (only 1 bulb) but they were in really bad nick and cracked, lucky it came with the spare 1/2 orange ones, at least it looks more like a blinker now so less hassles