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    funzies 240Z

    Love the way both murals are looking towards the Z :-)
  2. Oh, I think I have met this guy a couple of times. Nice guy. He gave me a 240z dash mat :-)
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    Lakeside Classic 21-22 July

    I think noise restrictions are an excuse. MG have held three sprint events at Norwell with no sign of any noise restrictions. I competed at 2 of them, the most recent being Feb this year.
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    Ol Yella, Sushi's 240z

    That camera angle is a typical POV post zombie attack shot. But usually you would expect to see blood ooozzzing out on to the concrete and a zombie crouched over taking his fill.
  5. 13 Km over I'm sure you could do better. But you need to see how you go through a perspex window in the side of a minivan. :-)
  6. So I received some hard copy spam in the snail mail the other day. It was from an organisation that offers photos of your car in return for a payment. It seems the payment amount varies depending on the speed of your vehicle. They provided an example photo of my car in the SPAM. Seems a bit expensive at $250. Do you think I should take them up on it or ignore it?
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    Choosing an oil cooler system

    I am no expert, but I am of the belief a cooler for a performance engine needs to have good flow to reduce the risk of impeding the oil flow. For this reason I would opt for the first option as it seems to have a good sized inlet and outlet to allow good flow.
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    The Journey of the 270ZX

    You are getting famous :-) http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/113140-good-article-for-us-22-guys/
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    Panel Vents.

    Count me in. When are you thinking of going?
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    Toowoomba Sausage Run

    I like that pic of us at the lookout. Looks like Matty is picking a fight and Aubrey is saying "Calm down, calm down" of course none of this is true. It just looks like there is more going on. :-)
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    Toowoomba Sausage Run

    Ditto. It was a great day. I decided to come home via Highfields, esk and Mt Glorious. Unfortunately the rain was too heavy to allow the usual enjoyment of those excellent roads. There was also a new M5 that had come to grief going up the west side of Mt Glorious....What a mess.
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    WTB alloy drums

    Darn the service at Street Weapon Restorations is way better than Greg's crapper dismantlers :-D
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    Something different

    I agree. Too much going on. He's trying too hard and in the end he's detracted from the original lines. But there are some elements that would work.
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    How long did it take?

    My first Zed was exactly 20 years ago. I still have it. At the time I didn't know I would end up with a zed. I just knew I wanted a straight six sports car. So it wasn't a long wait it just popped up and fitted my requirements. While I agree Dave is technically correct finding pre-done Zed will save time and money, its not for everyone. For some its not so much about driving a completed car as driving a car they completed. That satisfaction is worth a lot to some people.
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    WTB alloy drums

    I did have some. I'll need to check if I still do. I'll let you know later in the week.