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  1. Sirpent

    Heater Hose Connectors

    Hydroponics shop's David
  2. Sirpent

    Spotted (Vic)

    Agreed I'm not aware of who the owner is, and most probably is on this forum, so please don't take offence to this statement. The body was very straight and it was a good paint job however there were a number of defects still visible in the way of dust inclusions. The interior looked tired although complete. Concourse, I'm afraid not, a great clean example with a high level of originality, Yes. My pick of all the car's there apart from the Gull Wing Benz would have to be the Barn Find Survivor XK Jag pictured. Last driver in 1985 and stored in a garage for 31 years, it was just a shame that everyone had to rub their fingers over the thing wiping away the dust on it. Cheers John
  3. Sirpent

    Spotted (Vic)

    Motorclassica at the Exhibition Buildings today
  4. Sirpent


    Stunning !
  5. Sirpent

    Sirpent "Z"

    No going down Kato's route with the KBS I'm afraid LOL
  6. Sirpent

    Sirpent "Z"

    Just some seam overwelding and linishing back today and boxed in the lower tosion bar mount points leaving boxed in access points for the torsion bar nuts. Cheers John
  7. Sirpent

    Jeff's 240z build

    Prick ! LMAO
  8. Sirpent

    Sirpent "Z"

    Just thought the last thing I wanted was to be driving and the find one of the LCA's decided it would freewheel because the mount gave way LMAO
  9. Sirpent

    Sirpent "Z"

    While waiting for the rear diff cradle to return with the new LCA's............... Decided that the front torsion bar mounts needed some reinforcement.
  10. Sirpent

    Sand her back or just blast?

    Yes you are correct Alen Also, heat helps the process, so having the car or panels out in the sunshine will help, the bags contain the chemical evaporation of the stripper allowing it to stay wet for a lack of a better term and act quicker and more effectively. Have fun P.S. When preparing the paint for the stripper, the more scoring of the surface the better and we used to use a scew driver to get through the paint in random long scratches (taking car not to leave a dent) to reach metal, this allow the stripper to reach the metal quicker the work from under the paint.
  11. Sirpent

    Sirpent "Z"

    Not conventional at all Dave, much thought, great execution, preservation of the shell and delivering a great powertrain. If anything, we have similar standards and aspirations and you have set a bench mark for my build
  12. Have to say, with the engine being predominantly alloy, those lines look a perfect match along with other alloy items like the booster etc, my 5 cents
  13. Sirpent

    Hello From The U.s.

    Welcome Chris Looking forward to some commentary and direction from a "Beater" as we call Body Guys down under. Information and insight is king so dont go shy on us. Which outfit do you work for State Side? And last, post some pics of your 260 as from what I understand they are the rarest in the S30 series in the States. Cheers John