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  1. RB30X

    Ls1 240Z, Resto Mod Project Car

    Hi. I used to own this car. Got any more pics since you owned it?
  2. I did, and replaced it with this. Uses a hell of a lot more fuel, but the family get more out of it than my old zed.
  3. RB30X

    Recommendations for photo storage site?

    Congrats old fella. You'll be using a smart phone next.
  4. RB30X

    Recommendations for photo storage site?

    Ive used Photbucket for the last 10 years Peter, never paid a cent and I've got 1000's on there.
  5. RB30X

    A Sydney get-together is on - Sun 23rd March 2014

    Wow what an awesome turn out Peter, I've been to cars shows with less quantity and quality. I'm glad you got to show off your beast too without having to take it anywhere. Should be a bit of a pick me up.....
  6. RB30X

    Engine Swap V8 - LS1 or LS2

    My engineer was Lynsay Stone Engineering in Townsville. Not sure if he's still in the game or not though. You could probably pick up my old car (currently for sale on the gold coast) for the cost of parts and engineering alone, and keep yours with the L6.
  7. Go for it mate, its better I just answer your questions then try to remember everything at once. I included a folder full of parts receipts/rego slips/dyno print outs, history etc that came with it when I bought it. Stuff like the special seven sided wheel nut socket, that you'll only misplace when you need it. I'm pretty sure I left a daft punk cd in the player too
  8. Hi Tim here, I was the 3rd 'known' owner. That makes you the 5th. I heard the 4th owner bought a whole heap of new toys for it. But I'm surprised to hear he actually purchased the 7L after I told him it barely got a mod plate with the 5.7L. Honestly mate its bloody fast as it is with that engine, box and diff. It needed new suspension and brakes which it sounds like its got/getting so drive it like that for a while. Hopefully you got all the receipts and info on its previous lives. The earliest story I heard about it was that it had a 400 chev in it with a 2 speed powerglide and used to black track the entire quarter mile up in Townsville. An old fella told me that the first time I had it at the strip, he recognise it and came up to me. Then Ken bought it and after showing up a few 'hot' cars out on the street he pulled it off the road and started the LS1 conversion. Never got it running properly or driving under its own steam though. Then I came along and thats where the build up thread (link above) starts. I'd love to hear about how its going mate, keep us updated. Cheers Tim tim.cheetham@glng.com
  9. Is Country and Western just like DubStep?
  10. Where did you get your fittings and hose from? With a build like yours it would pay to find a cheap dealer such as those through ebay and it could save you hundreds. I know I used a guy with an ebay business, who was at least $5-10 cheaper/per fitting than most local stores.
  11. Another great read http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/09/project-z-new-revelations/