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  1. stranger candy

    260z 2+2 sports

    thank you all soo much..i feel very warmly welcomed, i'm really looking forward to fixing it up... it's a amazing car and i hope i can do it justice... (it's actually my first car) i'm very lucky i'm really learning alot from these forums.. thanks again...
  2. stranger candy

    260z 2+2 sports

    sorry lurch did i offend?
  3. Your 2+2 is going to be amazing i wish i could come thing like that with mine.. but mine belonged to my pop and he wanted it to be original.. how it's up to me to restore... what engine does yours have?
  4. stranger candy

    260z 2+2 sports

    lol all good (doctorZ)... thanks tho..
  5. stranger candy

    260z 2+2 sports

    thanks all for your support ... will keep you's all updated on the 2+2 ... just for the record I'm a girl...
  6. stranger candy

    260z datsun 2+2 sports

  7. stranger candy

    260z 2+2 sports

    hey all i just got a 260z 2+2 sport but i don't know alot about them .. it's in almost working order... has been sitting in one place for years .. but shouldn't need to much work .. needs new paint job ( get rid of the rust and paint a real red) , and new tires, new hoses for the engine, new battery, gear box needs a service, and there's a clunk in the diff, i don't KNOW but this was the stuff i was told. I'll attach some pic' and if you could tell me a little more about it that would be great,. the car was my pop's and he was restoring it, he left it to my mum but she never drives it .. and now it's mine ... Thanks guys